Top 10 SEO hacks- How to get your website on Google

Top 10 SEO hacks- How to get your website on Google

Last updated on February 6th, 2022 at 05:27 am

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Modern-day needs modern solutions, the era has made us witness an ever-increasing technological growth, businesses, industries, firms, and other institutional departments have taken over their imagery to the digital world. 

In this article, we will discuss how you can take your website to the most influential search engine of our time, the one and only Google. 

Fasten your seatbelts as we will be discussing the top SEO hacks to launch your website in Google’s search list. 

  1. Enhance the usage of potential keyword 

SEO services work better when you enhance the potential keyword of the content you are catering to. For instance, assume that you are a web developing company and you want to place your website in the google search. 

Usage of keywords like “coding”, “developing”, “web” “designing” etc. on a priority basis will help your content become an SEO natured content. In contrast, people looking for a website developing company may encounter your company on the list provided by the Google search engine. 

So make sure that you enhance your content in such a way that you use the word synonymous with your service.

  1. Use trending/most searched words in Google

Generating content for SEO purposes is an art in itself, the writing should be cleverly done such that the content looks unique.

 Make sure to have the knowledge of which words are highly used by the people while searching on google. Start playing with those words in your content smartly so that the reader should feel that the word is a part of the content just like any other words.

 For instance, Facebook holds the record of being the topmost searched keyword in Google. Based on this idea, you must use such words to set up your website in the search list. 

  1. Balance your planned keywords 

Google gives high priority to those websites which have keyword searches at the top of their web page. 

Here is what you can do- make sure that you use the keyword in your title first, it should also be noted that the title must grab hold the attention of the one searching for it.

 Moreover, make sure that the planned keywords are used all over the page. From the beginning, all the way to the middle and then ending of the web page, make sure to fill your keyword everywhere on the web page possible, this way you will be on the safer side. 

  1. Combine your content by using another top-ranked site 

Writing unique content is really tricky, but it is worth the try. Unique content has the potential to grab a place in the search engine lists as well as it may be adored by the viewers seeing its uniquely written content.

The best possible way to write unique and original content is to search for the site or blogs which is similar to your topic or services, quote them by using their contents and keywords, in this manner you are set to take a seat in the search list. 

You can also choose to combine the contents of two or more other sites, further increasing the chances of getting placed in a google search.

  1. Social Media Marketing 

Marketing your web page in all of the celebrated social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp and many more will allow you to get numerous traffic on your website.

Google places the list of searched keywords on the basis of high traffic as well. So one thing you can do is to publicize your blogs or services in all the mediums.

 Publicizing your website on social media platforms may help drive a good amount of traffic on your website which will ultimately become worthy of getting placed in google search. Make sure you make your site public with the help of social media marketing strategies. 

  1. Location 

Location is a tricky aspect of generating SEO-friendly content for your website. This further can be divided into two topics and is an easy location and difficult location.

Location is nothing but the place, city, or state you are launching your website. 

Within the Location, the place where your website is new and unique and no other site has launched the same initiative as you are known as easy locations, the keywords are not being used much and you can take the advantage of owning it. This way you can benefit from getting easily placed on the search.

Hard locations are those places that are developed and the keyword uses are massive and it becomes difficult to get placed. The trick here is to develop such keywords which were not used by your competitors. 

  1. Keep your URL short and crisp 

URL looking packed and stuff is a bad way of doing SEO, keeping a big URL for your web search will confuse google or it may take time for google to understand the topic of your content.

 For instance, a URL that says SEO hack/blog/top ten hacks-google is a short and crisp URL, the URL is readable and can be able to make out that the topic is all about Top 10 hacks to get placed in google search. Otherwise, if the URL is large, then it takes much time to understand what is the topic of the website.

  1. Name your images properly 

Along with bundles of typos, websites must also make usage of images to enhance the complete look of the web page.

 Images are used as a visual representation of the typos or explanations of the contents. Images play a great role in SEO.

Images can also help in making your page reach the top. Whenever the images are added to the webpage it comes with an alternative name generated by the computer itself. Rename the images and make sure you name them keeping your topic and keyword in mind. Therefore images also give great help in getting a place in search lists. 

  1. Update new content every day

Make sure you are actively updating your site with fresh and unique content every day. Updating potentially searched keyword content each day will increase traffic on your website, as your site will be one among those sites which have covered a vast area of topics.

 Make sure you cover different topics each day to grab hold of the attention of different interested people, henceforth your website will be able to magnetize strong traffic enabling your webpage to be placed amongst the top list on the search engine.

  1. Monitor your reach regularly 

Lastly, each day makes sure you monitor your website’s reach. Based on the information of monitoring you will be able to fluctuate your traffic by using more statistics and strategies, deriving more traffic to your website.

Monitoring your website reach will help you analyze the traffic of the day and gives you the power to edit the contents based on more SEO hacks and strategies. 


In conclusion, make use of all of the above tricks to enhance your content reach and get placed in the top list of google searches. Enjoy the process!

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