How Content Writers Can Create Share-Worthy Content?

How Content Writers Can Create Share-Worthy Content?

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Creating share-worthy content is crucial for businesses to attract potential customers and generate traffic. Content marketing and social media have created paths for businesses to attain infinite audiences. Now more than ever, content is impactful. Every day, anticipatively, blog posts, ebooks, newsletters, and social media posts are being posted endlessly.

However, not every piece of content is effective enough to be shareable, provide value, or resonate with the reader and make an impact. In case you want to use any of your old content, you can rewrite it using the free article rewriter tool. In doing so, you can make use of your old article and make it share-worthy.

Writing is an important aspect today for any individual who would like to improve visibility online and bring sales for their services or products. As brands strive to attract more audiences to their websites, it’s important to create and share content that is stellar and share-worthy. In this article, we will focus on how content writers can create share-worthy content.

1. Hook Audiences With Introduction

While there are many ways to write a hook-worthy introduction for your content, utilizing the PAS strategy will be more effective.

  • Problem: Start your introduction by highlighting the pain points of your readers. You can utilize statistics or create a narrative to emphasize the problem and hook your readers to it.
  • Agitate: You have to agitate the issue by targeting the solution so that the readers will be pushed to keep reading to find the solution.
  • Solution: You can highlight what you will cover in your article, a solution to the issue, and how it will help them out.

2. Curate SEO-friendly Content

Acquire common knowledge on technical factors and on-page and off-page SEO aspects of SEO.

  • Conduct in-depth research on keywords that are relatable to your brand. After that, focus on those keywords as much as you can all over your content. By doing so, it will help search engines’ algorithms discover your article and show it to the target readers.
  • Thoroughly watch search engine algorithms and their updates to catch up with the latest updates and trends and curate content accordingly.
  • Make sure that the content you share is relevant and engaging. Top-quality content has a huge chance of ranking in the top pages on search engines.

3. Have a Clear Understanding of Your Readers

Your content is the medium where you and your brand introduce yourselves to your audiences, aka customers. When you share content that your readers expect from you, then it will help create customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Many brands don’t value their readers and ignore their expectations. It is essential to understand what your readers want and what they value. By understanding so, you can write and share relevant content that will provide value and solutions to them.

To make your content reach more readers, then it needs to be engaging. If you come across a great reference source and you are witty enough, utilize the online article rewriter tool to rewrite. By doing so, you can produce content without changing the actual context, and also worth sharing.

4. Customer Retention is Essential

If you acquire a more substantial client base, you know about their requirements and needs and what they expect from the brand’s side. You need to utilize that data to write content for your digital marketing strategy.

Brands spend a decent budget to attract and reach new customers. But only a few witty ones will think about retaining their existing customers. Therefore, it is much cheaper to target your already existing customers than try to reach new ones.

  • Existing customers are anticipated to spend 30% more than new customers. Therefore, they are easier to promote and sell.
  • When it comes to benefits and costs, attaining a new customer is more costly than retaining the existing customers.
  • Regular customers are likely to refer to your brand more than one-time buyers.

Writing a new article might take up your time and effort, but you can also reuse an old article if it is informative enough. If you think it might result in plagiarism using old articles, you can use the free online article rewriter tool to repurpose it. So that you can share it without worrying about plagues or grammatical errors.

5. Write a Solid Conclusion Part

As the introduction, your wrap-up section should also be highly engaging because it will summarize your content to deliver value. Optimally, your conclusion needs to mention CTAs and key takeaways.

Make it concise by cutting out on fluff and being mindful about not repeating what you have said already. You don’t have to write it from scratch. Summarize your introduction section to write an impactful conclusion part quickly.

Summing Up

Content writing is a vital aspect of the success of any business promotion. You have to write in-depth, well-crafted, and valuable content to develop trust with your audience, showcase credibility, and convert them into your customers.

Hopefully, this article helps you to learn how content creators can create share-worthy content. Make use of it and take your writing up a notch!

Author Bio:

Ramkrishnadasan is a seasoned Senior Digital Marketer with over a decade of experience in Digital Marketing, SEM, and SEO. He excels as a ‘Digital Strategist’ and is an expert in Google Analytics and Search Console, consistently delivering successful digital campaigns. If you’re looking for a free article rewriter tool, Ramkrishnadasan can guide finding the right resources for content optimization and creation.

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