SEO Writing: Tips on Writing Blog Posts That Rank on Google

SEO Writing: Tips on Writing Blog Posts That Rank on Google

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The thought that consumes every content writer at a certain point is if they are doing complete justice to their content. Undoubtedly, content writing is for potential consumers and that happens when your article or blog ranks at the top of the search engine. So, every content writer’s most daunting task is to write content that lands at a higher ranking on Google. 

There are several content writing services for websites that are in steady competition with each other. They take refuge in the SEO (Search engine Optimization) tools and techniques. But, using SEO to your aid needs thorough knowledge about its proceedings, which many writers are not well-versed with. So, besides producing content, it is important to know what enhances the SEO techniques that garner more traffic to your blogs or articles. 

Professional Blog Writing Services has mastered the art of using SEO techniques and they provide you with the best traffic-driven content. SEO is an extremely cost-effective way to reach your audience. However, there are a few rules to make your articles or blogs rank higher. A handful of such rules are described below.

  • Post Regularly: The first and foremost job at hand is to maintain the continuity of a website’s blogs and articles. Google keeps a tab of the regular posts. Each time you write a blog for your website, the chances of visibility and traffic increases. So, you must ensure that your blog posts are seen at regular intervals. However, intervals are important as well. So, you must not upload several blogs on a day and go missing for the rest of the week. Creating a calendar and scheduling and planning your blogs from before is a vital task.
  • Find interesting and rare topics: Just because you have to post at a regular interval does not mean you can provide low-quality content. Blogs should be well-researched and contain interesting and unique topics. The SEO blog writing services constantly look for interesting and rare ideas for blog writing. This way, repetitive topics and points are avoided and new ideas are delivered. A writer may have a great writing style but if he or she keeps on delivering the same idea, people will lose interest. If people lose interest, they will stop reading and the site will lose traffic. Besides ensuring you use the correct SEO techniques; you also need to present new and interesting content. 
  • Know your target audience: You must know who your readers are. Having a clear picture of who your target audience is will help you find related content that they will enjoy. Since the prime target is to make sure that you reach the mass, you must know your audience. Audience segmentation is very important when you write on the web or plan your webpage. So, you will have a clear idea of when to write long paragraphs and when to shorten them. Accordingly, you will pick the correct words and expressions to deliver your thoughts to the audience. 
  • Use correct keywords: The best way to make your article or blog reach the top is by using the correct keywords in the right density. Listed below are a few tips that you can follow to make your content SEO rich.
  • Use keywords in titles: The title of any content plays a vital role. So, it is a good idea to create a title that has the keyword in it. Since, the title is the first thing that a reader notices, you must make it catchy yet keyword-rich.
  • Keyword Placement: If you place a keyword within the first hundred words, it is easier for the search engine to pull up your content. Also, when you place keywords approximately every 100 words, you can add about 3 to 4 keywords in a 700-800-word article, which is the correct keyword density for enhanced SEO.
  • Using Long-tail keywords: Long-tail keywords are usually topic-specific. So, when you write about any topic, try to figure out the specific point you want to highlight. The basic message that you want to deliver should be the prime focus and accordingly when you choose the right keywords, the stronger is your place in the ranking competition. 

These are some unique ideas that make any content both attractive and keep them in the top run. So, if you are looking for a blog writer for hire, you must verify that the writer is well-versed with these tips. Content Freelancing is where the writers work effortlessly and comply with the techniques to make your articles and blogs reach the prime position of the SERPs.

Author Bio: 

Kalpana Basu is an experienced freelancer who offers blog writing services. Through her work, one can know more about the ways blog writers for hire increases website traffic. If you read her blogs on a regular basis then companies willing to hire blog writers will get a clear picture of their work processes.

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