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A Brief Background:

Daily Tech Times is a forum aimed at delivering high-quality content linked with technology to its readers. You can find all the latest, interesting, and revolutionary tech news and blogs on Daily Tech Times. We collaborate with experienced professionals which helps us keep the flow of exciting tech news and blogs all the way to our audience. We also offer help in understanding complex and critical queries that our audience has. We make sure that the content produced through our platform is simple and easy to understand to everyone, instead of tech savvies. 

Our Aim

Being a media platform, we aim to carry on issuing all sorts of content linked with technology by collaborating with experienced professionals who are eager to share every single detail and exciting tech news that they have. The topics that we cover include Development and Testing, Blockchain, Fintech, AI, HealthTech, Startup, and Tech News. Our focus is on covering current as well as emerging topics. To ensure authenticity, we back up our content with facts, figures, and statistics. 

Why should You Choose Daily Tech Times?        

One of the biggest advantages you will get by working with us is your personal endorsement. We publish the author’s bio along with your article and you will get one backlink to a website or blog. With our platform, you can get connected to a potentially massive audience and share your knowledge with them. You can become our partner to benefit from our platform. It’s a win-win for both of us!

Who We are Looking For?

Daily Tech Times is in search of every zealous individual who holds the desire of serving the tech industry by helping people learn and grow through quality content. We believe in capturing the audience’s interest by providing the newest inspiring knowledge and composing it with passion. The best way to provide such news is through passionate tech savvies who are motivated to share their experiences and knowledge. To work with us, you must be able to write valuable content for entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, tech-geeks, and analysts. 

Contact us Now 

If you think you fulfill the criteria, what are you waiting for? Contact us and be a part of our team. To avail of this offer, simply send us an email at dailytechtimes12@gmail.com and we can start working together on the go! 

How to Submit the Author’s Bio?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to the right way of submitting your bio:

·         Write a concise introductory paragraph and tell our audience about yourself. In this brief introduction, you should focus on telling them who you are and what makes you different. It will help to convince them that your thoughts matter and might be helpful to them. 

·         Attach your social media profiles especially LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

·         Attach the URL of your website.

·         Your headshot photograph is a must.

Recommendations for Blog Post:

·         Your post should contain the word count of around 800-2000 words.

·         Make sure the post contains zero grammar errors.

·         The post should be composed in an interesting way to engage the readers.

·         Make sure the post is free from plagiarism.

·         Use evidence such as facts and statistics to back up your post. The sources used for referencing must be credible. Wikipedia should not be used.

·         The post should not represent excessively promotion of yourself and your business. 

·         Using unprofessional and unethical sources like pornography or casino is unacceptable. 

·         Research well before composing the article.

·         Make sure that your article is compelling to the point.

Primary Topics

Delivering brand-new topics is our top priority. After thorough research, we have narrowed down our verticals that concern our readers the most. The verticals include:


Along with machine learning, AI is having a revolutionary impact on several industries. With the help of AI, numerous businesses are capable of providing enhanced quality products with relatively lesser efforts, cost, and time. 


Cryptocurrency also holds the key to the ways the transactions will be done in the future. 

Development and Testing:

As technology continues to modify, we will witness new and unique ways of developing and testing the products which will unfold a number of calls to innovation. 

Health Tech:

Advanced technology can be helpful to tackle emerging diseases. The healthcare sector relies heavily on technology, therefore, we have considered health tech to be our primary focus. Here readers will find information about the latest breakthroughs, developments and challenges being faced by professionals in the Health Tech industry.


Fintech is a potentially important aspect since it helps individuals as well as businesses in the effective management of finances by lesser efforts. Our goal is to enlighten our readers with the latest updates in the FinTech industry, the hurdles faced by organizations and individuals and their possible solutions.


Startups usually require more effort, time, and energy to get them off the ground. Along with all this, the correct use of technology is essential for the sustainability of a startup. If you have just started a new venture, or planning to get started, this is your place to get your daily dose of all the information you need. 

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