How Livestream Selling Can Boost Your Shopify Store?

How Livestream Selling Can Boost Your Shopify Store?

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Want to set up a live stream for your Shopify store? Here is why you need to install this feature on your site. 

The e-commerce industry dominates the market and so are the technologies that help in driving sales. Not every customer buying online is a shopaholic but people do enjoy shopping once in a while. Surprisingly, those who love online shopping do not consider it a necessary task. For them, shopping is just another way of life. The enthusiastic shoppers move the e-commerce industry ahead and demand features to streamline purchasing opportunities. Livestream selling is one of the hottest trends in e-commerce through which customers buy in real-time when product presentations or video streams live. 

With platforms like Shopify that are making it easier and simpler to represent brands to a wide range of audiences, live streaming is all set to gain momentum. So, don’t forget to hire professional Shopify website development services to change the two-dimensional experience of your e-commerce website. 

Reasons to use Live Streaming for your Shopify store

Studies reveal that the popularity of live shopping has gone up by over 70% since the days of the global pandemic. Businesses that have already moved to the live selling option have already recorded a massive increase from the existing sales. So, it’s time that Shopify sellers should know that the actual sales do not occur on social media but through mobile apps or on the website. Broadly speaking, platforms like Facebook account for nominal sales which is a mere 4%-5%, and websites account for higher sales. 

Reasons to use live streaming sales in Shopify 

Live streaming or shopping when enabled on your Shopify website can drive sales a few notches above. So, here is why you must harness the power of live shopping on your Shopify website:

  • Reach newer target markets and enhance engagement

If you have already alerted a few Shopify development services to create an e-commerce website, don’t just sit idle. Think of ways to reach newer target markets and ways to increase engagement with the existing audience. The sooner you jump into action more effortless it is to stay ahead of the competition. It is estimated that it will be easier to engage viewers with live videos, especially those who may turn away from e-commerce sites that include formal or scripted videos. The reason why people prefer live videos is their spontaneous nature. 

  • Makes the brand look more human

Live shopping has gained popularity due to another reason and that is its ability to make the brand more human. Live streaming replicates the physical interaction between a consumer and a salesperson in retail stores. So, typically it is like supercharging the brand to make the interactions more interesting. First, you need to give shape to your e-commerce setup with Shopify store development services and then take the plunge to sensationalize the shopping experience with live features. 

  • Experience-based shopping 

From TikTok to Instagram reels and YouTube shorts, vertical videos have emerged as the most popular means for the audience to consume content on the Shopify website. When you host a live stream on your Shopify website, you can communicate with the audience through their comments and responses. Furthermore, you allow your audience to interact with specific content in the kind of format they prefer. No wonder live stream shopping creates an unbeatable experience for the shoppers and the website owners. 

  • Building trust and personal connection 

As live selling takes place in real-time, the connection you build with your customers and prospects is more authentic. While the audience comes to know about your business at a personal level, your business gets a real makeover and gains the loyalty of customers. Your brand is viewed as more trustworthy and customers are more likely to recommend your offerings to the people they know. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity of hiring a web development outsourcing company to develop a user-friendly website and integrate the live shopping feature. 

  • Generate enormous sales quickly

The best part of installing the live shopping feature is that it helps in generating huge volumes of sales quickly. All you need to focus on is marketing the installation of live-stream shopping. If one audience feels interested in the live shopping feature, they would want to share the experience with others as well. People feel super excited and experience a sense of belonging with live streaming and eventually feel motivated to purchase from the store. 

Live selling feature on your Shopify website can give you a headstart to tackle competition in the e-commerce industry. The earlier you begin, the better it is to plan your strategies for success in the e-commerce industry.

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Mitali Purkait is a veteran digital marketer who has been pivotal in increasing brand awareness and revenue for many popular names in the industry. With over 10 years of experience under her belt, she has been a key component in the online success of leading brands through her full-service digital marketing agency in India, Digital Concepts. With a specialization in Shopify website development services, her articles are always highly informative and full of authenticity.

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