Is Linking Building the way Forward for 2020?

Is Linking Building the way Forward for 2020?

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Undoubtedly, link building has grown to be one of the most practiced ways for boosting a site’s ranking on search engine results pages. Although Google’s algorithm has undergone several updates, it still recognizes backlinks as criteria for assessing a webpage’s relevance and niche. 

Although Google frowns at buying links, there is a need to get the services of a professional to help in building links for your website. This is because they know the appropriate white-hat practices to follow. A reliable way to go about link building is by using the Guest Post Service from Rackup. They ensure all links are gotten from trustworthy sites and blogs, as well as provide teal traffic. 

Nonetheless, if you are still wondering whether link building is the way forward, then you’d need to read this article.

What is Link Building? 

In the simplest terms, link building is the means of improving and increasing the quality and number of a web page’s inbound links. Search engines make use of the number of people directed to your sites via external links to rate their relevance and trustworthiness. Consequently, search engines like Google use this factor in ranking your site on its results page. 

Reasons why Linking Building is the way Forward for 2020

  1. It Increases Your Site’s Ranking

One of the significant importance of link building is that it helps in increasing your site’s ranking. As a result, it is almost impossible to rank without quality backlinks. 

Although people are likely to link to your website if it contains valuable and informative information, you might have to do the work yourself pending when your site becomes popular. 

  1. It Increases your Website’s Traffic

Asides from gaining improved ranking, link building also helps to drive more traffic to your website. This is because once links to your website are available on several other sites, it helps to give you organic traffic or better readership. 

Even more, link building improves your ranking on search engine results pages. Since people tend to click on the first few links on the results page, your site will enjoy more visits. 

  1. It Increases Your Brand’s Exposure

One of the goals of any business is to become an authority and household name in their chosen niche. Interestingly, link building does not just increase your site’s traffic but also grows your brand’s awareness which in turn makes you the preferred choice for most potential readers and customers. 

When several external sources link to your site or increase both your branded and non-branded organic traffic which translates to making your brand popular. 

Points to Consider Before Building Links. 

  • Your Competitor Links

It is essential to analyze your competitors to see the types of links they use and their linked websites. This will help you to build links that will outrank their sites. 

  • Search For The Best Perspectives

It is essential to ensure that you follow the best practices when carrying out link building for your website. Even though it is safer to employ the services of an expert if you choose to do it yourself, make sure you follow white-hat practices when doing so. 

  • It Is An On-Going Process

Links building is not just a one-time or one-day task. It is a gradual process that requires consistent effort until the desired result is achieved. New content is being published every second on several websites, and you will have to compete with them to rank your page. Hence, if you stop building links, your content may become obsolete.


All in all, it is clear that link building does not only help to increase your website’s ranking but builds your brand’s awareness and drives more organic traffic to your website. As a result, more businesses are beginning to utilize link-building practices in growing their businesses. Even more, link building is not just the way forward for 2020 but also for the future.

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