5 Essential Ways Of Promoting Product And Generating Sales

5 Essential Ways Of Promoting Product And Generating Sales

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There are plenty of marketing tactics on the internet, but a massive mix of different tactics doesn’t make a compelling promotion strategy. You will have to adopt those tactics and channels that are right for your business model and product. It is necessary to understand your specific audience, customers, needs, and product before setting your business’s marketing goals. 

We will tell you marketing goals that increase your average order value, number of customers, and number of orders per customer. All the marketing tactics must work together to support the whole strategy and bring results. For identifying the ways that work best for your business, you’ll need to experiment with different promotional ideas. Here in this blog, we will tell you 5 ways of promoting a product and generating sales. 

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To promote your product effectively, you’ll need to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). It will help you to appear on the top pages of Google. The keyword is an essential part of SEO that describes your product and services. A well-optimized website will help in increasing traffic and engagement and improves your inbound sales leads. Some common SEO tools are Ahrefs, Google search console, Hit Tal, Screaming Frog, Serpstat, and SEO book. 

2. Landing pages

A landing page is much similar to a website but with a distinct purpose. It has a direct and clear CTA (call to action) that will turn your visitors into customers. It is built and used for various reasons such as capturing leads, forms, offers, free trials, new launches, etc. 

If you wish to create great landing pages in less time, it is suggested to use a landing page builder. The online builders allow you to generate plenty of sales through well-crafted landing pages. One of the best marketing software and landing page builders is ClickFunnels. It has ready-to-build templates, easy drag and drop builder, abundant in-app and third-party integrations, and much more. You will find many landing page builders in the market, but finding the right fit is quite challenging. For diving deep into the functionalities and features of the best platform, read the detailed comparison guide of ClickFunnels vs Leadpages – which one is the best landing page builder? 

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3. Webinars

Webinars is an online conference where the presenter discusses a topic related to the sector where his customers live. It allows marketers, business people, teachers, and other professionals to communicate with leads, customers, students, etc., in real-time. 

Slides or interview-style presentation is typically followed in webinars. They are held to build brand awareness, generate leads, and grow relationships with prospects. You can use webinars to demo products, educate customers and even stimulate profit. Some common webinar sites are Webinato, ClickWebinar, GoToWebinar, BrightTalk, and Cisco WebEx.

4. Blogging

Blogging is an old but still popular way to promote your product and services. Content marketing, and a blog, ensure more traffic than any other method. In the 5 ways of promoting a product, blogging is an essential one. In the form of a blog post, you can ask other websites (third-party) to publish your piece of writing with the promotion of your product in it. You can generate sales leads and backlinks to your website through blogging. 

You can also share your new product launch on your blog. Every time you launch a new product, write a short and precise press release and publish it to your blog. The press releases can also be promoted on social platforms. 

The best way to write compelling blogs is to make a content strategy that helps you to cover each corner and perspective of your product. Also, divide them into categories, such as how-to blogs, descriptive blogs, or promotional blog posts. 

5. Video marketing

Video marketing means using short clips and videos to promote your products and services to boost engagement on your digital media and educate your consumers, also gain more customers.

It is a vital part of the promotional strategy of brands. This isn’t a new idea. You can see videos on every platform and channel. They are no longer a small piece of your overall marketing plan. It’s the central part of your outreach and campaign efforts, particularly in your social media strategy. 

4 Different Types of Marketing Videos

You can find short clips, different kinds of videos like tutorials, informative, promotional on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok, and many other platforms. There are different types of Marketing Videos. You will have several options in it; check out these four types and choose what’s best for you;

1. Demo Videos

Demo videos are beneficial for the customers. It shows how your product works. It may be a video of unboxing or a whole tour of your software or putting a physical product to the test. Each minute of video is very significant in the buyer’s journey. 

2. Event Videos

Are you having a business event nearby or preparing for a conference or round table discussion, a fundraiser is happening, or another type of event? You can release interesting interviews or produce a highlight reel from the gathering.

3. Brand Videos

Brand videos are generally produced in an extensive advertising campaign that shows the company’s main aim, mission, vision, or sometimes products and services. These types of videos are used to increase awareness about your company and to attract the target audience.

4. Expert Interviews

Capturing interviews of leaders and experts in your industry is the best way to gain the attention of your target audience. It also helps in building trust and loyalty. You can find the influencers in your industry, select any topic and share their point-of-view in front of your audience. Don’t be afraid to get tactical with your interviews, your audience will grow from your hard work. 

Please don’t panic about making and editing videos, you can easily find beginner-level editing apps like Filmora, Kinemaster, etc and the more raw and straightforward the video is, the more authentic the content seems. And this really attracts and appeals to the audience.

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