Employee recognition Tips – How to Boost Employee Morale Online?

Employee recognition Tips – How to Boost Employee Morale Online?

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The element of celebrating ad recognizing achievement has always been a powerful factor in every workplace culture. As working remotely from home has become an integral part of our lives, there is a raising need for companies to devise strategies to celebrate the achievements of employees online.

Every employee works their best only when they feel appreciated and valued for a job well done. It might seem like a minor thing but works a long way to bring positivity to the work-culture. Even small gestures such as patting on the back are something that should not be underestimated, as humans are always looking for appreciation and acknowledgement. 

Recognition makes every hard-working employee feel noticed, appreciated, and included. Without employee recognition, there is a chance that the office place will become disengaged and disillusioned. What most organizations are failing to understand is that boosting employee morale is needed now more than ever. Just like remote working has been updated, employee recognition needs to be updated too. 

Outdated Methods

If employee recognition is not delivered in an idyllic way, it is a wasted opportunity for both the employee and their colleagues. It seems obvious and simple, but when you closely study details of the recognition programs that organizations have drafted, they are outdated and not spontaneous. 

A good work done by any employee has to pass so many layers to get the approval that by the time the employee actually receives it, people no longer even remember what they are being rewarded for. Thus, it is time that organizations update their performance management system, and with the current circumstance, the best way of doing this is online. 

Use of Social Media for Employee Recognition

Over the years social media has evolved to a tremendous extent and has started helping in optimizing the act of acknowledgement and appreciation. Nowadays, whenever you post anything on your social media feed about your achievements, you get immediate responses, such as a like, share, or comment. 

This automatically encourages a person to do more and get more appreciated. With this kind of capability applied inside an office, acts of acknowledgement and recognition can become quick, transparent, and rewarded easily, giving room to positive vibes. 

Technology can, and certainly does play a crucial role in boosting employee recognition and allowing them to strengthen their bond and loyalty with the organization. 

Virtual Rewards

One of the best ways that exist to give employee recognition an online boost is by virtually rewarding them. This kind of appreciation is not dependent on where the employee stays, as social media connects everyone. 

If an employee has done a good job, the manager can simply put their work online on various platforms such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, etc., with a shout-out, encouraging the others also to do the same. Shout-outs can also be commented on by other employees, thereby strengthening the bond between the colleagues as well and creating a positive work culture. 

Team and employee award nominations are another sure-shot way to reward great efforts. Employees can be nominated for the work they have done and others can be asked to vote the best out of the lot. This can be done by creating a strong performance management system, through which every employee’s work is monitored and they are rewarded accordingly. 

Not only does this improve productivity, but also created a healthy competitive atmosphere. There are also other features available like “badges”. It helps the companies to recognize the work of hardworking employees and provide them with relatable prestigious badges that will show on their profile. 

The badges provided can be categorized into various titles, such as completion of a certificate, attendance of company event, tenure milestones, and many more. This ensures that the employees are active on their profiles and work, and amplifies the process of appreciating a job well done. 

Since many companies have decided that work-from-home might be there to stay for a while, or maybe forever, in such cases a pat on the back has become marginalized. Thus, recognizing employees for their work has become a hard task. Having said that, it is still an important part of every employee’s work-life and should not be neglected. 

What’s in the lesson?

Any employee would want to feel that they are more than just an integral cog machine in the organization. From a management point of view, boosting workplace morale is all about letting the employees know that they are an important asset for the company and are appreciated for whatever they do. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic has made it hard for the companies to create and run a robust employee recognition program as employees are working remotely from home. Therefore, the best way to keep boosting their morale is by using social media platforms, to ensure that even though the employees are working from home, they are still valued and appreciated.

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