Personal Branding in a Digital World: Establishing Your Online Presence

Personal Branding in a Digital World: Establishing Your Online Presence

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Marketing strategies used to include business cards, yellow page listings, direct mailings, print advertising and maybe even billboards. But in today’s marketing world, establishing a personal branding is the way to set you and your business apart from the competition and highlight your skill and experiences. 

In this digital age, building your personal brand can be done through many avenues. The most effective is by utilizing social media and the myriad of platforms that can reach your potential audience. When building your personal brand, you will want to keep in mind the basics for selling yourself. These are as follows:

  • Be authentic
  • Be consistent
  • Be unique
  • Be valuable
  • Be focused

To build a personal branding, you will need to establish an online presence. This is essential to your marketing plan so that potential customers not only find you online, but your business will build brand awareness, reputation and visibility to your products and services. There are elements that are needed to create your online presence.

  • A Clear Market Definition – When you know your target market, you then have a map of how to reach those customers. Having a clear definition of the customer allows for a more direct online marketing strategy.
  • Strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign – This process of identifying keywords that will increase traffic to your website. These keywords create an algorithm that directs potential customers to your site via a keyword search.
  • A Website and Blog Posts – Without the use of a website, it is nearly impossible to create an online presence. Without a place for your customers to learn about your brand, product and services, they will eventually find your competitors and look elsewhere for the same services. Along with a website, publishing blogs via social media and on your site will add to the website traffic.
  • Social Media Marketing and Interaction – Social media marketing is essential to connecting with your target market. The interaction that is established with customers will build a reputation and trust for the product and services that your business provides. Through social media, you will be able to keep customers updated about new products and information that is vital to your brand. Utilizing the technology of a video platform allows your target audience to put a name and voice with the brand.
  • Consistent and High Volume Traffic – The marketing strategy for your online presence (which includes website, social media and SEO) will need to include a strategy to increase traffic to these areas. Be aware of drawing the right crowd with the right content to your sites.
  • Capturing Leads – Capturing leads is the main focus of having an online presence. Your online presence will draw leads to your website and educate potential customers of your products and services. Having effective calls-to-action in place will lead customers through the selling process.
  • Converting Leads –  Once you have captured the leads, it is now time to convert those leads into sales. It is essential to have an effective website that is pleasing to the eye, compelling in content and organized with clear call-to-actions. You are online to create sales.

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