Why it’s time to embrace Cloud and Mobility Trends to Recession-Proof your Business?

Why it’s time to embrace Cloud and Mobility Trends to Recession-Proof your Business?

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With COVID-19 Pandemic had started since only a few weeks ago the global market capitals have fallen diminutively to its one third and so are causing the trigger and panic alerts worldwide while breaking the confidence of business investors. The World Bank has also performed an analysis on the coronavirus disease pandemic and presented a report on all affected companies that demands recession-proof strategies that superseding all the past records held in eight decades. These adversities have influenced many of the business leaders to move past the shattered expectations dealing with continued uncertainties and then further rapidly shift their expectations based on the future. 

In this economic distress factored by coronavirus, may even trigger a prolonged lead and create the slump in market economy. Indeed, it is time for entrepreneurs, workers and investors to devise plans and adhere to recession proof business practises for handling this COVID-19 pandemic state. We have written this article to give you a clear cut idea on utilizing cloud solutions and mobility trends for to secure the continuity of your business during the crisis.  

Recession Proof your Business amidst the crisis

There are a multitude of Cloud Solutions Providers ready to anytime monitor, manage and update software’s for your esteem able business thus discarding all the additional responsibilities that were taken up by you earlier. Cloud Solutions and Services can be made highly secure instead of the typical on premise solutions with lowered risk borne at managing on premise software during this recession phase. Moreover, businesses can reduce the IT operational cost for their organization through installing pay as you go business model and still enjoy the direct benefits of cloud computing companies.

At present, you get the remote work collaboration software for efficiently managing distant work possibilities and adapt to the new normal. The severity of economic downturn can be quickly overcome by companies through lowering cost expenses and raising the morale of the team to be high. Effectively, enterprises may have to automate their work processes and then change their paper based work environment into cloud based solutions for saving on office space. Otherwise, entrepreneurs may have to face the difficulty of finding the perfect work collaboration tool and launch the communication platform for managing their staff’s proficiencies accordingly.

The unanimity in practising recession proof of business have resulted to building a variety of tools that further enable the option of remote work possibilities On the Go. Some of the versions of Mobile App inherent to these tools have the ability to empower businesses and better collaborate work from anywhere. A few of them are mentioned here:

1. Video Conferencing

The prominent usage of web conferencing tools are getting frequently accessed many a times during this recession phase providing the high interactive Audio Video visual experiences for both employer and employee. It can help in fostering remarkable ideas that relates to the new project and keep you always busy in the loop. In the market there are many video conferencing software’s being made available for businesses to establish screen sharing and video calling facilities. These software’s include InfinCE, Microsoft Teams, Remo and Zoom Conferencing etc.

2. CRM Software

In this economic crisis, businesses that offer telecom customer support service are frequently dealt with the consequences of poorly handling to client queries and therefore are mandate to use the CRM Software and resolve this communication gap. The first thing is to select the right CRM Software and then help teams to closely interact and exchange their ideas in spite of their geographical differences in work locations. The CRM tool for business can give a 360 degree view perspective of your unique customer over the user friendly web page without any fallacy, which can be lightning fast interfaced from the aggregated customer data. This should help entrepreneurs to best understand the customer behaviour and then make informed decisions tackling the recession time efficiently. With numerous analytics tools built-in the CRM Software it can considerably save a lot of time for the sales team to accomplish their marketing tasks focusing on the right business targets. Currently, there are quite a no of CRM Software’s available in the market that includes Odoo, Zoho, Hubspot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics etc.,

3. Team collaboration tools

The managers usually have difficulties over controlling the functions of a remote working team, without the sufficient knowledge on task allocation and achievements. All of these issues can be resolved at ease through utilizing online team collaboration tools and then effectively streamline team communication over a reliable digital space. This team collaboration tool can guide the enterprise owner to get everything updated from projects, files to comments that were delivered from each one of the team members and therein build a catalogued communication channel. Some of the noteworthy features present in this collaboration tool are instant messaging, task management and video conferencing.

4. File Management

File Management tools are gaining huge popularity among organizations that aims to go paperless. It should definitely become a mobility trend for enterprises to scale up their document management system and then swiftly automate and streamline workflows spontaneously. Besides these advantages a file management system can help business secure data, detect changes, store audit trails and design workflows to improvise employee performances within business processes.

Virtual Hiring and On Boarding

The impact of digitization has led to Virtual Hiring and On Boarding processes within many start-up companies elevating their present business value to a high level and then reduce the total working hours of HR Personals. In addition, this procedure of screening process could be used in enhancing the employee engagement level and automate processes to retain the best once. It can help your company to get recession proof and benefit from new hires and on boarding experiences.

Organizations can embrace the power of cloud computing and mobility services to conduct video interview and get digital feedbacks in a record time, centralizing processes and enabling a category of interviewers to take part in the virtual hiring processes. All these HR processes might seem to be a lot challenging task however, with a right set of tools and training any organization can go through the digitization, automation and personalization phases in quick time.

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments are definitely at the top of the digital transformation techniques which came into practise due to this pandemic and may even become the new normal. It has allowed people to stay in their homes and perform their fund transactions more securely using mobile payment facilities. Moreover, there are a plenitude of contactless payment technology readily available for mobile customers to access and get benefitted especially from facial recognition, Near Field Communication Technology, QR Codes etc.,

Generally, the impact of the COVID-19 crisis has left a lasting impression among the many cloud computing companies and so are influencing them to integrate some of the latest mobile trends into their business apps that equal to global standards. It might ensure your business gets recession-proof and certainly attract more customers towards making mobile transactions even during such an un-affluent market phase.


The digital transition trends for business to embrace Cloud and Mobility Services should become the new normal and for no reason, this transition must get abrupted after the pandemic ends. The demand for Cloud Solutions should likely increase within every employer and employee whom are prepared towards adopting this cloud transition and work from home. Inevitably, companies will be forced to make the re-evaluation of their processes and develop business applications to compete against the mighty challenges of COVID-19. In due progress of time, any business should be able to conquer its recession-proof status and become all the more formidable.

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