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In case you are new to the field of software development, the hardest piece of picking up writing computer programs is choosing where to start. Many programming languages are present in the web development field, each with its own intricacies and characteristics. Bear in mind, every year the list of web programming languages becomes more abundant as continuously new languages are added. 

Fortunately, when you go deeper you will easily understand that with which programming languages you can start your career as a web developer and become an in-demand professional in the industry. To help you out here we have prepared a list of the top web development programming languages that you can learn in 2021.

1. Swift

Do you have an interest in mobile apps and Apple products? If so, you can start with the Swift programming language. Swift programming language is utilized to develop Mac OS and iOS applications. Apple Introduced this amazing programming language in 2014. 

Remember that, Swift has been upgraded for execution and worked starting from the earliest stage to coordinate with the real factors of present-day iOS advancement. In addition to the fact that iOS runs on each iPhone and iPad, but at the same time, it is the reason for other working frameworks like watchOS (for Apple Watches) and tvOS (for Apple TVs). 

2. Java Script

In recent days, it seems impossible to become a good web developer without knowing Javascript. As per a 2020 developer survey, conducted by Stack Overflow, when it comes to the most popular programming languages, JavaScript holds the No 1 position for the last eight years. Most of the web’s popular websites, including Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, rely upon JavaScript programming language. 

Keep in mind, JavaScript is a front-end language and primarily runs on the browser. However, you can utilize this programming language on different server-side via Node.js. Node.js can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac OS x, and SunOS. Henceforth, you can use JavaScript on these web platforms. 

3. Go

Google prefers this programming language. Go is a low-level language, and will be suitable for engineers who wish to enter the field of frameworks programming. It envelops a significant part of a similar usefulness of C and C++ without the troublesome language structure and steep expectation to absorb information. In addition, Go will be an ideal programming language for creating data pipelines, machine-learning packages, and even web servers. It is an open-source language, and enthusiastic developers can see their own commitments received and appreciated by software engineers around the world.

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4. Scala

Do you have a little bit of knowledge about the JavaScript language? Then let us check out the modern version of JavaScript language- Scala. Scala comes with the top features of the JavaScript language, for example- Object-Oriented Structure along with its JVM runtime environment. 

Keep in mind, Scala permits designers to boost the nature of their code to take after unadulterated math. Scala takes into consideration simultaneous programming, allowing complex methods to be executed equally. Moreover, it is a specific language. Designers can make and modify their own information types, permitting them to find the harmony of the psyche knowing whole areas of bugs are incomprehensible at runtime.

5. Elm

Another advanced language that we put in the list of top programming languages for web development. Elm incorporates JavaScript, making it ideal for building quick executing UIs with zero mistakes at runtime. Elm is an excellent language and permits the web developers to create customer-side interfaces without the revelatory usage of HTML and CSS. 

6. Python

Python is maybe the most easy-to-understand programming language of any on this rundown. It is normally said that Python’s language structure is clear, instinctive, and practically English-like, which, similar to Java, settles on it as a well-known decision for amateurs.

Apart from this, like JavaScript, Python also comes with different types of applications which make this programming language a versatile, and powerful option.  Do you have an interest in back-end web development, like the open-source Django framework? Then python will be the best choice for you. Django is a very useful framework and used in some popular website development, including Spotify, Mozilla, and Instagram. 

Besides, Python language also comes with several packages as well such as SciPy, and numPy. These packages are commonly used in different fields of engineering, scientific computing, and mathematics. In addition, other Python libraries, like OpenCV, TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, and PyTorch are utilized to build programs in the computer version, data science, image processing, and machine learning.

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7. C#

 Another modern programming language that you can learn in 2021.  Like C++, C# is also a widely used programming language. It was initially planned by Microsoft as a feature of its .NET system for developing Windows applications.

C# utilizes punctuation that is like other C-inferred dialects like C++. Henceforth, it is not difficult to get in if you are coming from another language in the C family. C# is not simply the go-to for Microsoft application improvement. On the other hand, it is the language that mobile developers use to create cross-stage applications on the Xamarin stage. 

In addition, developers who have a passion for VR development must start learning the C## language. 

8. Ruby

It is another popular programming language that is primarily utilized for web development. In specific, it is mainly used for the Rails web application framework. Beginners prefer Ruby as it has the most helpful user communities. Besides, Ruby language can also be used on popular websites development, including Shopify, Twitter, Bloomberg, and Airbnb. 

9. Rust

As per the 2020 Developer Survey report, made by Stack Overflow, Rust was the most preferred programming language among developers. The same report also mentions it is clear that more than 86% of developers opt for Rust language. 

Rust was introduced by Mozilla Corporation and it is a low-level programming language. One of the most significant advantages of the Rust language is that, by offering safe code, it provides an extra layer of security and safety. Big Tech-organizations, including Coursera and Dropbox, have already started utilizing the Rust programming language. 

It is Language Time.

As we have discussed earlier, the top programming list will change over time. However, if you learn the above-discussed languages, you will start an amazing career, not only for 2021 but in the upcoming years as well.

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