These 6 Video Editing Tricks Will Make Your Editing Faster and Your Enjoyable

These 6 Video Editing Tricks Will Make Your Editing Faster and Your Enjoyable

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Here, today we are going to discuss 6 tips for video editing that really helps you to make and edit incredible whiteboard animation videos like a pro. Editing a video is very essential job as it grows your creativity level . As we all know that a good editing can make your video more effective and likable.

So, it is important to create a video that help you to become successful. Video editing plays a very vital role in creative industry if you’re a beginner or learner and if are good in video editing than it would be a great opportunity for you to make career in this field. 

So, in today’s post I am focusing on the best video editing tips that is enough to make or edit a video.

Things that you must keep in your mind while recording

  • Always focuses on products, get close ups and flaunt it.
  • Natural light is good for shooting videos.
  • Swift your mic closer for better results.

Here are some tips you must follow. 

When in doubt, cover it up

If your subject is telling a story and it seems to drag, the good thing to do is to add some b roll or a + b roll to keep it  fascinating, if they’re saying something important, then cut back to the person, but don’t linger too long before cutting away just to break it up. You can cover up all these cuts while keeping the story moving. 

Obey the 321 rule

While using any program, you should practice the 321 rule. 321 rule says that you have to keep three copies of everything you make, in at least two different places, with one of those places physically separated from your other positions. Just like woodworkers learn from the start to measure twice and cut once.

Learn some important terms

In this video editing industry, it is require for every editor to communicate with other video editor or clients, which means that you have to learn a lot of argot. There are lots of terms used in video editing which are critical to figure out without any research, that’s why you have to learn them early on.

Basic terms include the following

  • Jump cuts 

Jump cuts means that cutting out parts or portions to skip boring or foreseeable moments and conserve visual interest.

  • J cut

Audio precedes the video. 

  • I cut

Video precedes the audio. 

  • Montage

Succession of clips showing the passage of time, usually for the transformation or character development.

  • Cutting on action

Cutting when the subject is moving rather than each movement to create a more interesting and fluid scene.

  • Cutaways

Adding transition pieces that don’t include the main subject  to show the surrounding environment and set the mood.

Set realistic expectations

It is important to focus on what you are ultimately trying to achieve before you even start filming, think about what tools you are going to use, for example, shooting in 4K will create great quality footage but that might be at the expense of frame rate, and the resolution will put huge demands on your editing hardware, so that, it could be more defeat if you don’t have the computer to match your ambition. 

On the other side, if this is for work , many clients will not be satisfied with a 1080 p end product and explode lower resolution footage should be avoided. So, consider the strength of your hardware and software and set specific requirement for the end product for recording a single frame.

You should add some effects

Effects can make your clip more wonderful and will make your video more attractive and bring your audience more into your video. But the thing you need to remember is don’t be crazy by using so much flipping and twirling stuffs. Use the most appropriate transitions.

You should have a clean background. 

One thing you must keep in your mind is that your background should be clean. If your background looks messy or distracting, it is totally unsatisfied for the users. Make a professional look in your video by using solid coloured background. You can also shoot your video in a professional environment. 

You should choose a good video editing software

  • Generally what a video editor do? 

A video editor gives the look of your video according to your convenience. Simply, editor gives you the features through which you can easily make it in efficient way and will get successful results by your audience

You must choose the best video editor for your video. A good video editor can have these features mentioned below;

  • Your video editor must have ability to add text to video. 
  • It should have the ability to crop and trim videos. 
  • It should have a feature of adding filters and overlays. 
  • It should have the ability to change the aspect of video.

So, these were the tips you must focus upon while editing a video. Keep exploring and best of luck. 

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