10 Benefits of Using Laravel For Your Web Development Project

10 Benefits of Using Laravel For Your Web Development Project

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For every business, web development is one the most important parts. Especially when your business or marketplace or application is a complex one. However in the beginning, companies hire web developers who code and develop their needs. But this coding process took a huge amount of stress and time. But today due to PHP open source frameworks the tasks that take thousands of lines of coding can be done in a single or two lines. These PHP frameworks solve the stress as well as time issue and prove itself to be the most convenient web development solution. That is why Companies involving in web development services must need this PHP framework for their to compete in speed. 

 If the company or any organization hires a ux designer, having PHP framework knowledge can change the entire process of development. Companies can save thousands of hours of development time, can improve overall security features, and can lead their product to market in half the time.

 However there are following top rated PHP framework platform available in market right now,

  •  Laravel
  • Symfony
  • CodeIgniter
  • CakePHP
  • Zend
  • Yii

But among all these Laravel is the top rated, favourite among all the ux designers over the world.

 Are you curious to know why? Here is the brief that why Laravel is the most loving PHP framework platform among ux designers. But first let’s take a look at What is Laravel?

What is Laravel?

 Well according to Wikipedia, Laravel is the open source PHP framework(i.e. free)Based on MVC(model-view-controller) design pattern based on Symfony. Created by Taylor Otvel.

 Laravel provides a variety of functionalities that affiliate the basic features of other PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, and Yii. Laravel contains amazing features which help in boosting the development process.

 Laravel reuses the existing components of different PHP frameworks to create web or application. Therefore the web or application design is much more organized and practical.

10 Benefits of Using Laravel For Web Development Process

 Well it is obvious that Laravel has a broad range of benefits, leading it to the top most. However, the following are 10 major benefits of Laravel.

1. High/Enhanced Performance

The reason to choose Laravel is the great web application performance. Laravel offers a variety of caching  tools which enhance the performance of web applications.

These caching systems are set by default but you can change according to yourself. You can use powerful tools like non-SQL database such as Memcache, REDIS etc. These tools store data in the form of key-value pairs and do this in server’s RAM. Due to this Data access time drastically reduce providing developers to cache entire page or some part of page. Thereby reduce page loading time. However main thing for the developers is to correctly expose the cache and remove the outdated data when changing it.

2. Security

Laravel is the secure framework which doesn’t allow any malware activities or security threats to enter into your web application. It means that your web application is safe and secure.

 However there are two main safety problems :

SQL injections : Well the framework is secured by ORM which by default eliminates the possibility of raw SQL problems. It normalizes all parameters when they are built.

Cross site scripting : This query is solved through banning of HTML tags and showing screened lines as regular text without executing it.

3. Authentication

 It is the most challenging part for developers to provide authentication for web applications. Thanks to Laravel for providing an OAuth mechanism through which users can be authenticated through forms and social networks. In the end only authenticated users get access to resources.

4. Open Source and Large Community Support

Being an open source framework makes it a preferable choice over others. Laravel has a huge community of committed developers providing their support and efforts to make Laravel more flexible and scalable.

If you’re working on Laravel framework and want to add some complexities you can take support and experts advice and can make the desirable product.

5. Blade Templating

This is the key feature of Laravel. Well this feature allows the developers to use pre-defined templates to write their codes. Although it doesn’t restrict them to make their own codes for added functionalities.

These templates are user friendly as well web friendly, they won’t slow the performance of your web application.

6. MVC architecture

Laravel is based on model-view –controller architecture design. Well this is the factor that most ux designers love to prefer Laravel makes it the best framework among the others.

MVC provides many built-in functionalities which is very useful for developers during the web development process. It enhances the performance of your web application and also it provides better documentation among the other PHP frameworks.

7. Development Speed

Every business is trying to compete in the IT market by implementing new technologies as soon as possible. Businesses using Laravel can speed up their productivity rate and lead their idea to the market in the best possible time.

8. Multilingualism

Business looking for developing web applications which target an audience having different languages. Then Laravel would be the best choice for the developmental purpose. Your product can be translated into many languages easily and quickly.

9. Unit Test

When someone develops a web application of medium and high complexity, the testing process becomes more complicated. Also manual testing takes longer as each new feature is threatened with bugs and in most unexpected places.

It is much needed to automate this process. Laravel provides a feature of unit tests to test components within the system. In these tests you connect the component under test, a function, a class and pass input data with which it should work. Then analyze the output for adequacy.

10. Friendly Code

When developers develop libraries for distribution and reuse they always strive for the idea that code should be written in a way that it not only works as it should be but is understandable to programmers. In this way their framework not only produces material but  moral values.


Above features proved that Laravel is the most top rated PHP framework platform for web application development based on PHP. If someone uses Laravel to develop its web application, then it is obvious that his web application will be competitive and will meet all the expectations.

Well Laravel framework is improving day by day so there is no doubt that Laravel will remain the best PHP framework platform.

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