How To Market Outdoor Posters Effectively for Your Business

How To Market Outdoor Posters Effectively for Your Business

Last updated on July 20th, 2022 at 07:06 pm

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Digital marketing has proven to be far more cost-effective and easier to leverage than conventional marketing mediums. The ability to measure performance on both micro and macro levels with accuracy alone is valuable to a business of any size. It is something conventional marketers would have been willing to sell their souls for. But just because digital marketing is now a major part of most marketing strategies, it would be unwise to ignore certain aspects of conventional marketing. Yes, many such mediums are on the decline right now, but outdoor advertising isn’t one of them. Ready on to find out more.

Outdoor Marketing – How to Make It Work for You 

Humans have the strongest reactions to visual cues. An ad that asks you to call the Spectrum mobile number along with displaying the number is more likely to achieve its intended purpose, instead of expecting everyone to know the number. This is not a mere coincidence. Most people place visual aesthetics as an important consideration in any buying decision. This is also why outdoor advertising still works in the 21st Century.

What Outdoor Advertising Offers 

Unlike the targeting and segmentation that form the core of digital marketing, outdoor advertising is visible to anyone passing by. While this may seem inefficient in terms of targeted marketing, the technique also offers a very large cross-section of potential customers. There is also the fact that you don’t need a very creative copy or a clickbait title to get customers to pay attention. All they have to do is look in its general direction. Of course, outdoor advertising is vibrant and riveting to help this along. But there may also be other ways you can try to improve the results you get. Such as: 

Location, Location, Location!

The first and most important consideration is the location. This is a lot more complicated than buying billboard space next to a highway exit. The location of the outdoor ad has many more variables to adjust for. For example, the price of the product or service as well as your brand’s perception will tell you whether to advertise in a high-income or low-income area. If you have a retail outlet in a mall, you should also consider how to place free-standing posters to capture the attention of any passersby.

Public transport offers mobile advertising space, something that you can utilize to reinforce your brand presence. Buses move around the city all day. Compared to stationary billboards, they offer an even larger cross-sectional audience that could turn into customers. On the other hand, an ad for a cool soft drink right next to a busy intersection could be the perfect place to appeal to thirsty commuters. So, it makes sense to diversify your outdoor ad spend to both stationary and mobile ad space.

Creative But Clear and Simple

The message on a billboard is largely visual, with minimal text. However, these are not rigid standards. The visual message your billboard or poster will display needs careful consideration, including the locations you decide on and how audiences are likely to respond. A long text-based message along a fast-moving highway is probably going to zip by before drivers or passengers can read them. On the other hand, such a sign will work very well outside a gas station or a convenience there. People may even view it as a welcome distraction from mundane chores, provided it is visually appealing. However, the message, while creatively worded, should never leave room for confusion or misunderstanding.

Choose Sites Based on Reach

Most brands reach out to ad agencies that own various ad spaces around town. However, you shouldn’t just rely on your own instincts and hunches. You should also consider the “reach” of the ad space or an estimate of how many people are likely to see it. An ad contractor will be able to tell you the estimated reach of each site, which may allow you to reach a more informed decision.

Brand Your Office and Vehicles

Finally, when it comes to mobile ad space, public buses aren’t your only option. If, for example, you own a construction firm, you likely have some company vehicles like trucks, cement mixers, and so forth. These aren’t just valuable tools of the trade, but also valuable advertising space. Get stickers and signage designed for all your company vehicles, and get your brand out there. People will see your crews at construction sites or traveling to or from them. This not only gets your brand out there but also associates it with an active construction business. Your next call might come from someone who had parked behind your work truck at a red light!

Infographic created by Clover, a retail POS provider

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