How to combine digital and traditional marketing

How to combine digital and traditional marketing

Last updated on May 10th, 2023 at 09:53 am

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Suppose you are running a business in the market traditionally and now after the awareness of digital marketing, you are planning to take your business online. Many people will guide you how to take your business online and how to plan a good digital marketing strategy. But, the grass of the other side is not always green, you will face many problems if you stop your traditional business and go online only, because there should always be a plan B. Don’t take me in a negative way but you have to decide what if your business don’t go well digitally. It is an excellent advice to take your business online along with your traditional one. Don’t go individually, you should take both of your business in a one direction so that they can work excellently together.

What are the ways through which you can come mine digital and traditional marketing?

Have a vision

The first thing you need to have is a vision. Yes! you heard it right, before any strategy, you should have a vision of how you see your business in the next 5 years. Also, you need to make a strategy and a good plan that can help you to achieve your marketing goals. Have a vision in a way in which you can see you traditional and your digital business in a same row. Ask yourself questions that why you are doing this. What are your future plans and how you want your customers to see your business.

Balance your customers

You need to think about both your digital customer and your traditional customers if you want to integrate your digital and traditional business because if you are not able to balance them then you would face issues in future in both of your businesses.

 Think about the customers you meet offline how you are interacting with them, what is the personality of your business, how customers are perceiving it and on the other hand have a glance on how your website is meeting your customers need, how your application is working what are the thoughts of your customers about your business and what are their reviews.

Go beyond your limits

Let’s assume that you have a business in one City and you have offline customers there as well as the customers who are beyond your area are your online customers. Now what you should do is, ask the offline customers to reach you online and ask your online customers to reach you offline. So that both of them would have an idea about both of your businesses; traditional one and the digital one. Once your business is known to your customers then your appeal would become clear to all of them.

Integrate your advertisements

By saying integrate your advertisement, I mean that you should combine both of your traditional and digital advertisement by combining their content. Let me explain you with an example, you can add your website URL on your traditional advertisements as well as you can add your address to your website. Now I am sure you are pretty much aware about what I am trying to say. Let me give you another example, You can ask your offline customers to give feedback on your Facebook pages and your website and you can ask your online customers to reach your shop to have a better experience and after that they can share their experience by sharing their thoughts on your website.

You can also record a voice note of your offline customers and you can add their experience video to your website so that your online customers can see how you offer best services in your locality.

Advertise your Offline events online

Whenever you organise an event in your locality, you can advertise it online so that more customers can come to your event and can share their experience on their Facebook and Instagram pages by including your business hashtag. You can encourage them for coming and you can give them a thank you note that can appreciate them for joining your event. Through these event you can meet so many potential customers that are very much curious about your business and they are the one who can fill up your online surveys and can share their experience by mentioning your business online.

As a conclusion I want to give you some points that can make you understand the advantages of integrating both digital marketing and traditional marketing.

  • You save money .
  • It gives you Satisfaction.
  • It can ensure you career security.
  • It makes your Reach easy.
  • It is very much effective in achieving your goals.

I hope you are now satisfied by my sayings. You can try to give it a reach until that, good luck.

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