Your helpful guide on the basics of key fob entry system for buildings

Your helpful guide on the basics of key fob entry system for buildings

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One of the tried and tested ways to keep your house and apartment complex safe is the key fob access control systems. But a key fob access control solution is not only meant for residential properties. These solutions work in commercial spaces too with same level of efficiency. This range of gate entry solutions is not only safe and reliable but also easy to use. Both home and business owners can enjoy great benefits from these products.

In the following sections of this blog post let us unearth more about these systems. Let us learn how you can use these r best benefit. We will start from scratch so that no one feels left out while reading this post.

An introduction of a key fob access control system – what is it?

A key fob access control system is meant to allow easy access for residents or employees to a certain area that they are permitted to. There are obviously multiple levels of this security system. It can be as simplistic as allowing everyone access to an area with a key fob. You can even set different security levels for different areas with an individual key fob. There is more to it! You can pair it with other parts of the security system like a 2FA or two-factor authentication. There you may include a password or biometric entry.

Now the question is what does a key fob looks like? It usually looks like a small circle that you press and hold up against the control area. The control area is mostly a tiny electronic box, rectangular in shape. It may have an indicator that shows red when locked. The red indicator turns green when access is granted.   

Advantages of a key fob access control system

Let us now explore the benefits a key fob access control system. In simple words you can say this system offers loads of benefits compared to traditional lock and key system. The benefits cover a wide range starting from cost saving to bolstered security. It is certainly capable to make your residential community or business organisation feel secure.  

Costing and expense

A key fob entry system for buildings invariably offers huge cost benefit. The initial set up may incur an expense from your pocket. In course of time this proves to be cost-effective and cheaper. Suppose one of your employees or a resident loses a key. And that key provides access to a certain area of the building. In that case, all the existing keys and locks have to be changed. Obviously this may add up over time. But with a key fob access system all you have to do is replace and re-programme.  

Controlling access 

A key fob access control provides users with ease access as well as denial to specified areas of a building or a complex. It is possible to programme the security system to allow certain people (mainly employees or residents) into a particular area. However you can programme the same system to deny those very people to get into another area of the same building or complex. Your key fob – for example – provides you access to the pool area and obviously your door. It does not open up the door of any of your neighbours, whereas fobs of your neighbours can be programmed for the pool area – which is common – and not your door but theirs. 

One of the best benefits that key fob system offers is it can be programmed to grant more access to managerial employees while entry level employees are given much limited access across a specific area or building. 

Easy setting up

A key fob access control system is a simple and “easy to use” security system. The set-up of this system is not difficult to understand. You can pair up this simple security system with more complex ones. But remember that is not ideal anyway. An easy setup indicates the installation cost is pretty reasonable which a plus point is for both business owners and landlords.

Efficient in tying up with other systems

Key fob access control systems are simply impressive by their own virtues. But those can even be better when you tie up other security tactics with it. These other security tactics include biometric features and punch codes. Using a key fob system you can have the actual key part to the door. But a biometric security system actually confirms your identity. Since biometric is costly, it is wise to select a simple code instead. This makes the situation quite difficult for intruders as now they require both a key fob and the access code to get entry inside a protected place.

Key fob access control systems – how do they work?

How does a key fob access control system work? Once a key fob system is installed, the concerned business or the residential community can give out tiny circulars. In some cases they even give out plastic magnetic pieces. A key fob works on radio waves. In order to allow access it makes use of radio signals to instruct the reader or the electronic box. The fob does not grant access when the waves do not match the programming. Thus the door remains locked. When the waves match with the programming the door gets unlocked. This allows the individual with the fob to enter inside. 

A fob key security system provides sufficient security for both businesses and residential communities. However for some high tech businesses this security may not be sufficient. In those cases the fob key access control system is paired with other security features. These features include cameras that ignite by door entry, alarm systems and others.

Here is one of the best examples of how the programming in key fob access control systems can work. An apartment complex allows residents and members to enter into the fitness centre from 6 am to 10 pm. The fob key is programmed in such a way that after 10 pm no one is allowed entry into the fitness centre.

Installation of key fob security solutions

It is important that commercial key fob door entry systems be only installed by trusted, skilled and experienced installers. This recommendation is not because of the reason that the solution is difficult to install. The range of access control systems is rather easy to install and implement. The reason is these security systems involve substantial amount of money. When you are already spending money on your security the last thing to care for is providing access to the wrong people.   

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Introducing Ramya Shaw, an esteemed authority in the realm of commercial key fob door entry systems for building. Based in the dynamic world of modern access control technology, Ramya at Commercial Electrician London has dedicated their career to shaping the way businesses secure and streamline their daily operations using cutting-edge electronic systems.

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