You Can Count on Lightning-Fast Delivery of Replacement Components

You Can Count on Lightning-Fast Delivery of Replacement Components

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Mazak doesn’t just offer state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions to help you increase production and profits, but they do that too. You can get the most out of your machine tools with the help of their Optimum Plus replacement parts service. They carry over 50,000 SKUs and can ship 97% of orders on the same day.

In today’s always-on, always-demanding, always-just-in-time production environment, it’s more important than ever to ensure maximum uptime. So that unexpected issues may be dealt with quickly and your facility can keep running regularly, they are committed to making continual investments in their spare parts fulfilment. They recently invested around $1 million to establish their North American Parts Center in Florence, Kentucky, demonstrating their commitment to providing one of the largest supplies of Mazak parts (worth over $65 million) in the business. AltParts has been producing quality Mazak parts since its inception, and today, the company stands as a leading spare parts supplier too. 

Let’s dive deep into the Mazak parts for now.

How Far They Are Extended

In order to satisfy your needs, Mazak Canada maintains a $90 million inventory, $65 million of which is in components and $25 million in equipment (such as ATC shifters, tables, spindles, and more). They have about 60,000 different parts in stock, enough to repair any combination of machinery.

Free replacement parts assistance for the life of your Mazak machine is provided, and they have a wide variety of options. This implies that not only do they promptly reply to requests for new components for relatively new pieces of machinery, but also for devices that have been reliably serving their purpose for decades.

Their Components Center now ships out 1,000 aftermarket components each day but can process up to 2,000 orders in a single five-hour shift. The Parts Center is open late to accommodate customers whose schedules prevent them from placing orders during regular business hours. The North American Parts Centre’s massive inventory of replacement components is easily accessible around the clock via the company’s extremely popular ordering platform, PartsWeb.

They Perform a Comprehensive 5-Step Check-up

To ensure the correctness and timely delivery of every customer’s order of replacement parts, they employ a five-step check system coordinated by their warehouse management software:

  • For starters, they keep a substantial supply on hand, so customers can rest assured that their orders will be fulfilled promptly.
  • Barcodes are used to keep tabs on each individual part.
  • A LED strip on each tray displays the stock number and part name of the item(s) a worker must select to fulfil a customer order.
  • When the item or items are placed in the tote, a digital visual representation of the pick order is displayed again.
  • Right before dispatch, the packed goods are checked again against the original order.

In order to choose components with near-perfect precision, they designed a five-step process. Precision like this is important in today’s 24/7, cutthroat manufacturing sector, and the company’s dedication to offering same-day delivery on 97% of all orders enables them to offer their customers the best Mazak parts distribution available.

Contact Them And They Will Handle Everything For You

Any disruptions will have a greater impact as production processes become more refined. Any disruption in the flow of work has a devastating effect on the shop’s efficiency. Mazak constantly and heavily invests in providing Mazak replacement parts to ensure your plant can keep working even when problems arise.

If you’re looking for a single source for components, go no further than Mazak Canada. You can trust that your machine will keep cranking out components because of how easy it is to place orders with significantly less red tape.

  • Informed Counsel

Experts fluent in both French and English are available to offer guidance and identify the necessary components.

  • Transport Simplification

Mazak Canada handles the logistics of shipment, including freight, customs clearances, and delivery tracking, for nearly all orders placed before 3 p.m.

  • Installation Priority of Spare Parts 

They will get in touch with you to arrange a prompt installation once the necessary components have arrived.

  • Swift Action

If you have any questions or concerns about your components, their local service team is ready to help you immediately, either in person or over the phone.

  • Payments Made Easier

They issue a single bill in either Canadian or U.S. dollars for all of your servicing and parts purchases.

Why Do Machine Tool Manufacturers Value OEM Replacement Component Operations?

Service and spare parts departments are crucial to the success of modern manufacturing. This is because the longer a customer has to wait for a service, the longer a certain piece of equipment or system remains idle, cutting into the company’s overall output.

Competencies Required to Thrive as A Parts Department

The success of a company’s parts department depends on its capacity to quickly ship and deliver orders, as well as its ability to service all of the company’s existing equipment in the field, both new and old.

Facilitates The Acquisition of Necessary Components by Retailers

By connecting businesses digitally, displaying an online image of the part along with its price, and allowing them to place orders from Mazak’s stock of over 60,000 unique part numbers, the Mazak MPower Customer Service and Support program streamlines the process of ordering replacement parts. In the future, businesses will be able to register their machine’s model and serial number online, at which point Mazak will compare the two to guarantee that they receive the correct replacement part. These days, all it takes is a quick phone call or email to get the same information.

Mazak’s Remote Assist service, which is part of the company’s MPower program, is essential for speeding up the ordering of replacement parts because it reduces the need for costly and time-consuming on-site visits. With the help of a straightforward smartphone or web app, a technician at one of Mazak’s Technology Centers, Technical Centers, or corporate headquarters in Florence, Kentucky may talk to the shop’s connected devices and give exact work instructions as if they were present in person.

You can save an average of two days of downtime by using Remote Assist instead of waiting for a technician to come out and run diagnostics before ordering replacement components. With Mazak’s Remote Assist, service technicians may coordinate with other experts to identify problems, run diagnostics, and order parts without ever leaving their desks.

Mazak’s Approach to Expediting Custom-Ordered Parts

With a $2 million expansion, Mazak’s North American Parts Center on its campus in Florence, Kentucky can now ship out 97% of all orders for parts on the same day they are placed. The MPower project greatly streamlines customers’ access to the company’s enormous inventory of Mazak replacement parts components by connecting them with the North American components Center around the clock, seven days a week.

The remodelling increased the Parts Centre’s storage capacity by 15 per cent. Two fully automated vertical lift module storage systems and sixteen four-pallet cantilever racks doubled the storage capacity for small parts from 3,000 to 5,000.

Mazak’s Current Capacity For Shipping Spare Parts

Mazak’s Components Center currently ships out 1,000 aftermarket components daily and can process up to 2,000 orders in a single 5-hour shift. Most of Mazak’s customers have other obligations during regular business hours, thus the Parts Center is open late to ensure that their purchases are processed and shipped the same day.

Mazak’s MPower Service and Support Program and other in-house developed technologies, software, and procedures boost the speed, efficiency, and capacity of the company’s machine tool service parts operations.

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