Convert EML to PST Using Easy Techniques: Complete Guide

Convert EML to PST Using Easy Techniques: Complete Guide

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Introduction: Are you searching for ways to convert EML to PST? Nowadays many users search queries on how to convert EML to PST. If you are also searching for the best method to convert EML to Outlook then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will mention the various manual techniques to export EML to PST. If you want a quick solution then you can use the professional EML Converter tool that we will also mention in this blog. It will help you to convert multiple EML files into PST format. Before moving to the manual methods we should know why users need to convert EML to PST.

Reasons to convert EML to PST

There are various causes to convert EML to PST,  Some of them are given below:-

  1. EML files can be easily corrupted due to malware attacks.
  2. EML has a small space and it takes most of the space to store the EML data.
  3. There are very few email clients that support the EML file format.

These all are the reasons to convert EML to Outlook format. Now, we will know how to convert EML to PST manually in the next phase. 

Manual methods to convert EML to PST 

In the manual methods, we will mention three manual processes. To convert EML file into PST format follow the given steps that will mention in these techniques. 

  1. Drag and Drop technique
  2. Using Outlook Express
  3. Using Windows Live Mail

Method 1. Drag and Drop Technique

 If you have a small number of EML files, you can drag and drop them into an Outlook folder. For this method, you will need to install Microsoft Outlook. Follow the given steps to drag and drop the files.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your system.
  2. Then, move to the folder where you have saved EML files.
  3. Select the single or multiple EML file.
  4. Drag the selected EML files.
  5. Drop them into the Outlook PST file.

Method 2. Using Outlook Express

To use this method, the user must drag the EML files into Outlook Express, then configure them. Follow the given steps to complete the process.

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook in your system.
  2. Go to the File menu and then select Open and Export.
  3. From the list choose the Import/Export option.
  4. Select Import Internal Mail and Addresses and then Outlook Express.
  5. Then tap on the Next button.
  6. Finally, Click on OK button to import the EML file into PST.

Method 3. Using Windows Live Mail

  1. Open Windows Live Mail on your system.
  2. Go to the File menu and Click on Export Email. 
  3. Choose Microsoft Exchange as the program where you want to export your emails. Click Next.
  4. Click OK to export messages from Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange.
  5. Choose the folder you want to migrate to Outlook. If you would like to choose particular folders, you can select a different option. Then click OK.
  6. Now, messages have started to export. You can press the Cancel button to stop the process. 
  7. Export has been completed. Your messages were successfully exported using the Microsoft Exchange format, according to the success message. Click Finish.

By using these all methods you can convert EML file into PST file format. But using these methods you may face problems during the conversion. The manual methods have some limitations. Some of the limitations are given below.

Disadvantages of using manual methods

In the following list, we have outlined the challenges that can arise from utilizing these methods:

  1. To complete the process you need to give lots of time and effort. 
  2. The process is so difficult for beginners.
  3. May you lose your data during the conversion process.
  4. By using these methods, you can only convert a limited number of emails. 

Because of the above limitations, manual methods are not secure. Therefore, you need to use any other method for converting EML to PST file format. 

Professional method to convert EML to PST

To help you, we provide you with advanced techniques using a tool named EML Converter. It is a professional utility that helps you to import EML to PST. It has a simple and interactive user interface due to which you can easily use this tool. You can also use this tool to convert EML to PDF format. It does not harm the data while converting EML files. Let us now view the whole article in a few words. 

Final words

We discussed the helpful methods to convert EML to PST. It contained the three manual and professional methods. We mentioned the step-by-step technique to convert EML to PST manually. However, the manual tricks are not safe, and it’s difficult for novice users. So, I suggest you use a professional way to import EML to PST for easy and safe conversion. 

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