Ways to Boost Customer Engagement with Social Media

Ways to Boost Customer Engagement with Social Media

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Many businesses have invested in different online platforms where they have secured a considerable market. For any company operating on social media, a solid social media engagement signifies that you are making an impact in the market. 

Besides, it is not all about being popular on social media; it is about making significant connections with current and future customers. This will help boost your business brand both online and offline in the long run. 

Social Media Engagement 

Social media engagement is the number of shares, comments, and likes on your business’s social media platforms. It is evident that you want to rack up your followers, although the greatest measure at this point is customer engagement. 

Identifying your business’s success on social media starts with the level of customer engagement. As a business owner, you should focus on serving quality and not quantity. Researchers compare this aspect as organizing for a party, and there is no talk, no dancing, and no drinking. 

Customer engagement activities on social media play a crucial role in the success of your online business. It helps build a positive brand experience and create a lasting relationship with potential customers. 

Social media engagement is measured using metrics such as likes, comments, clicks, comments, comments, shares, and many more. Note that your social media engagement grows anytime an individual interacts with your business account. 

Many business owners operating on different social media platforms get it challenging to boost their customer engagement rate on social media. Below are some of the major hacks that you can implement to elevate the momentum of customer engagement on social media. 

Create and Share Valuable Content 

When running an online business, you automatically get a clear understanding of your target audience. This means that you know exactly the type of content they would like to read. Focus on creating content that is vital to the audience and helps solve their challenges. This content could be in the form of text, infographics, videos, images or charts/visuals. As there are some most common chart to show research base analysis to improve efficiency of content. Some of the most commonly used chart are: Bar Chart, Line Chart, Data Flow Chart, Survey Analysis Chart, Different Types of Polar Graphs, Pie Chart, Donut Chart and many more.

Ensure that every content you create pinpoints the daily challenges of the audience. If you focus on discussing your business brand and the stuff you have for sale, you are likely to encounter problems when connecting with the audience. 

If you are operating a t-shirt company and keep posting the latest designs in the store, you won’t make any progress. Posting fashion tips on dressing in a t-shirt during wedding ceremonies offer unique services and wisdom that will help your customers. 

In such circumstances, you can opt to give your followers a chance to share more about their wedding stories. However, you need to understand the best type of content for your followers. Remember to align the content depending on your customers’ interests.

Entertain Your Followers 

Most businesses operating online tend towards being more serious and maintaining a business posture throughout. The research done on different social media platforms has revealed that about 71% of the consumers watch videos online to laugh. 

You can get some time to entertain your audience by using humor in your social media posts to increase the rate of customers’ engagement. Creating this type of content will help you increase the number of followers once your audience shares the content. 

Most business brands avoid the use of humor because it might backfire. You need to find out what your audience considers amusing and likely to offend them. In addition, think about if your audience will be comfortable sharing with your friends. 

Note that adding words to a simple meme is the easiest way of creating sharable and entertaining content for your audience. Also, you can post a video accompanied by a funny commentary to break the monotony on social media. 

Most customers appreciate dealing with business brands that showcase their human side. Tiktok is one of the best platforms that you can use to make your followers get entertained. You need to post content on your account for education purposes and comic relief. 

Besides, you need to maintain the voice of your business brand. Note that all your social media posts should have the same tone and voice to maintain the voice of your business brand. Note that your business brand focuses on speaking to your customers in different ways. 

Sell Your Products 

Analysis has revealed that about 37% of customers say that social media is their major inspiration in making purchases. You need to create promotional posts to increase your selling capabilities. 

Note that the posts promoting your products directly should be a small portion of your entire posts. When crafting promotional posts for your business, remember to incorporate the reasons why your audience should consider purchasing the products. 

One of the primary reasons that you should focus on is the available discounts or encourage your customers to be the immediate people to own new arrivals. Always remember to incorporate high-quality pictures for your audience to view. 

You can also create shoppable posts to enable customers to make purchases through the posts. Create a simple way of making purchases using mobile phones since about 45% of purchases are made through smartphones. 

The photos you post should be sharable in nature to give your audience a chance to share them with their close friends and family. 

Create a Schedule for Your Social Media Posts 

Even though the content you share on social media is essential, the problem might be the time when you post the content. You need to be strategic and have an explicit schedule for making your social media posts. 

You need to craft a strategy to identify the time when you post a specific type of content. You can use different social media tools such as Hootsuite to create your social media posts and schedule them for a particular day and time to go live. 

Note that this will depend on the time when most of your audience is online and ready for an engagement. Spent some of your time and go to social media, create a series of posts and schedule the time when you need them posted. 

Your ultimate goal is to ensure that your audience views the posts and leaves comments, likes, and even shares the content. The time you post your social media content mainly varies from one social media platform to the next. 

This means that you need to conduct several tests on different social media accounts to identify the best when you can post your content. Also, remember that this will depend on the type of business you are operating. 

Once you are done doing tests on your social media account, you can now make a simple schedule to guide you on when you need to make posts. This will greatly help in engaging your customers on social media. 

Ensure that Your Content is more Accessible 

While creating content for your social media account, you also need to think about the people with disabilities. The best way to craft content for social media is to make it more accessible and easy for your audience to consume. 

The best way to make your content more accessible and easy to consume is by adding captions to video-based content and short descriptions to images. This is mainly meant to help those having different types of disabilities. 

Doing this will help you identify the intensity of your business brand and increase customer engagement across all your social media platforms. Inserting short descriptions into images is mainly meant for people with low vision and the screen readers. 

The kind of descriptions you apply should be thoughtful in nature to enhance customer engagement. In addition, the descriptions create a perfect customer experience for the entire social media audience. 

The captions you add on videos are suitable for people with a hearing loss and those with cognitive conditions such as autism. Also, they are good for the people who are not native speakers of the language used in the video. 

Also, the captions are suitable for those who do not want to listen to the audio and only require first-hand information regarding the video. 

Make Use of the Current Events and Trends 

As a business owner, you need to keep an eye on the current trends in the business industry, especially in your business niche. The current events are considered excellent conversation starters when dealing with different social media platforms. 

Focus on the events and trends that impact the success of your business brand. Try and create a conversation that is already trending in the market and give room for your audience to continue with the conversation. 

Also, commend on the ongoing trends in a way that is linked to your business operations. You need to tailor the commends to connect your business brand and your social media audience to make the conversation interesting. 

Wrapping Up! 

Social media comprises a potential market audience for many businesses across the industry. You can only manage to exploit the online market once you have developed means of boosting your customer engagement. The hacks mentioned above can help you elevate customer engagement levels in different social media platforms. 

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