Top Features Of Best Phone Tracker App For Android

Top Features Of Best Phone Tracker App For Android

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If you are a parent of a teenager or working in an organization where you are responsible for the management or supervision of a team then you must have already heard about the use of spy app and monitoring software. If not then no need to worry or abruptly check google as we are here to tell you about one of the best Phone Tracker App for android. The app that offers features for parents and employees in a reasonable package is known as TheOneSpy. 

Here are the most salient features of this spy app.

Call History:

Get access to the incoming and outgoing call records of the target person with the track call history feature of the app. This feature is useful to track late-night calls of teenagers and useless long calls of the employees during the official hours.

Call Recording:

Another useful feature that can help the user to know about the call content of the target person is the call recording feature. Any entry or deletion from the call log is also recorded and reported to the user by the phone tracker app. 

Text Log Access:

If your teen prefers text over a call then you can track the text message log of the target simply by using the text log feature. Monitor the message content of the teen and make sure no abusive or foul language is used in the text message conversation. This feature can update all the parents about the new slang and code words and emojis of the newer generations.

Calendar Activities:

This one is for those employers who are sick of the unannounced leaves of the employees and want to get rid of this habit. With the help of this feature, one can remotely check the calendar activities of the target employee through the company-owned device. Know about any planned vacation or birthday holidays beforehand to avoid any problem. 

Internet Browisng History:

Monitoring the digital activities of teenagers is a must-act for parents. All the raw and unfiltered information present on the web can be destructive for the teen mindset. So make sure you are up to date about the online life activities of the teenager. For that, TheOneSpy offer track, internet browsing history feature that let the user know about all the website visited by the target person. Assure that there is no kind of sexual or adult content present in the web browser history tab of the teenager. For those employers who want to make sure that employees solely focus on work during working hours, you can use this feature as well. Track all the sports or online shopping sites and know about the employees who waste time on these kinds of sites.

Access to Bookmark Folder:

Have access to the bookmark folder of the teenager and know about the frequently visited sites in detail. The bookmark or favorite tab of the teen show the basic interest and hobbies of the teen or employees in general. 

Web Filtering:

Block any useless or triggering website that contains adult content from the teen browser. This can be achieved by using the web filtering feature of the best spyware for android. 

GPS Location :

One of the most demanded features by the parents of the teenager is the GPS location tracking feature. It let the user know about the exact pinpoint location of the target person in real-time. So no need to worry about the safety of the teen now you can check their location at any given time by using the location tracking feature of the app.

Access The Video Folder:

Teen likes to save video from real life and the internet on their cellphone. Parents must know about video content saved on the teenager’s device. In case you are suspicious that any weird stuff is being deleted from the target device you can even retrieve and check that by using the web portal of the spy app. The spy app saves everything on the portal so even there is no record of the video on the device you can check the video content. 

Email Monitoring:

Mostly professional correspondence is done through email.  The email monitoring feature lets the user check all the received and sent emails of the target person remotely.

Best Phone Tracker App for android indeed is a full package for all kinds of users.  

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