Top Benefits of Having a Fleet Management Solution

Top Benefits of Having a Fleet Management Solution

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Fleet management (as the term suggests) is management of vehicles like Heavy Good Transporting Vehicles (HGV), Heavy Trucking Vehicles (HTV), Light Good Transport Vehicles (LGV), Light Trucking Vehicles (LTV), and several other commercial vehicles anyone can see running on roads, railway tracks, on-air, or water.

Fleet management helps organizations and fleet services teams/providers get connected to these vehicles. Development team leads at numerous app development companies based in the Greater Toronto Area explain that the fleet management process is rather a rigorous one. 

If adequate solutions based on the latest and useful technologies are not created, used and deployed; then the process will be prone to poor fleet monitoring and poor operations management.

Hence, companies need robust and state-of-the-art Fleet Management solutions that can help cover all aspects of fleet management. This also helps raise productivity on a whole new level. Hence, it is now time to see how fleet management solutions raise the overall productivity of components used in the fleet management operations cycle.

Proper management of asset tracking

Whether an organization’s fleet size is large, medium or small, or whether it is commercial, long-haul, short-haul, local city delivery and vice versa; a suitable fleet management solution has an important feature known as asset tracking.

Regardless of whether the assets are movable or immovable, their real-time movement can be tracked through the fleet management solution based tracking display. The latter can also be useful in storing critical data and history of all these assets and their connectivity with each other. This proves to be valuable for the business purpose.

This also works using the live version of Google Map through a great combination of smartphones and GPS technology. This helps in smooth tracking, providing both detailed and clustered view of goods, sensors, vehicles and sensors on the map.

Preventive and predictive maintenance

Any fleet business can escape from several types of unseen losses through an exceptional fleet management solution that can equip their business with a predictive maintenance tool. How? Simple: each time the vehicles are completely serviced, no firm has much time to maintain a manually written/typed record for them.

Rather, a proper and certified fleet management solution as it is equipped with a predictive (preventive) maintenance detecting capability. THis can track the number of times vehicles lied or meted out service along with their previous maintenance records. Longevity details are also noted.

The entire solution is programmed in a manner that it sends notifications and prior alerts to your mobile phone regarding the due dates of vehicle service and maintenance. These details eventually manage to take timely maintenance actions hence saving firms from unpredictable losses.

Among those losses are preventing breakdowns during the middle of an operation, downtime, accidents or any other untoward incident.

Warranty and replacement of vehicles and their parts

Another advantage a fleet management solution brings in is the prediction of a vehicle’s life through constant monitoring and analysis of their features. This sends fleet management division and teams alerts for suggesting the right time for selling the vehicle or replacing certain parts in the vehicle.

This solution also notifies them about the status of warranty periods of vehicle parts, duly displayed on a screen thus saving fleet management teams from undesired expenses and costs.

This is how a fleet management solution gives firms the technique of availing higher returns through selling vehicles or getting their parts replaced (repairs done and the like) at the right place at the right time.

Moreover, fleet management teams and companies are hence able to maintain the life and quality of the vehicles as well as ensuring that they meet top standards, especially when the fleet size is large.

Order schedules and dispatch tracked and monitored

A large business has a constant and consistent flow of orders as well as monumental scheduling (commercial shipment, cargo delivery etc.) on a daily basis. This is where a fleet management solution comes in handy as it can schedule all these operations in a timely and organized manner.

Moreover, a systematic flow of orders being received from clients or end-users, dispatches, realizing or termination of dispatches and the like are managed. Keeping track of different vehicles busy or free at particular times are also managed evenly through fleet management solutions.

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