Top 12 Best Android launchers in 2023

Top 12 Best Android launchers in 2023

Last updated on June 23rd, 2023 at 02:23 pm

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There is no requirement to embed your Android device or install custom ROMs to give it a new look. However, downloading one of the best Android launchers is an easy way to do it, if you are tired of the dereliction UI or just want to add a particular touch. Principally, a launcher is an app that displays your home screen, contraptions, and app hole. The dereliction launcher on your phone is generally relatively limited in terms of customizability and features, which is where third-party options come into play. These Android launchers give a quick and simple way to make your device feel like your own, and utmost of them are free to download. Whether you want commodity minimum or largely customizable, there is an Android launcher for you.

Keeping this scenario under consideration, we are presenting to you the list of the 12 best android launchers for 2023.

Best android launchers for 2023.

1. Wide Launcher

 The Wide Launcher is another intriguing home-screen relief app. It’s trying to be different from other launchers by offering a home screen that is three times wider than standard, so you’re not limited to your typical home screen size and grid. You also get lots of customization options, including the capability to elect icon styles, themes, scenery stickers, and more. Also, the Decorate mode allows your creativity to run wild.

 It also comes with mini-apps called Applets that give colorful functions and can be added to the home screen. Overall, if you are planning to try a different commodity, give it a spin. The Wide Launcher is free to download and use.

 Customizing your Android home screen is a no-brainer with the best Android launchers. With so numerous options available, there is sure to be a launcher that fits your unique style and needs. However, Niagara is a good option, If you are looking for a minimalist launcher. For those who want to mimic the look of iOS, Launcher iOS 16 has you covered. BIG launcher is excellent for the senior, and Lawnchair 2 gives you a Pixel launcher- suchlike experience with added customizations. Eventually, Microsoft Launcher can help boost your productivity, while Nova is an each- time classic that will delight you with its expansive range of customizations and features.

 2. Lynx Launcher

 Lynx Launcher is a fairly new launcher in the Android world. With over,000 downloads, it may still be changing its bases, but that hasn’t stopped it from formerly gaining an addict following. The Lynx Launcher offers a clean-looking home screen with easy-to-flashback gestures to navigate around it. According to its inventors, the launcher has been inspired by Gnome Desktop Environment, which is relatively clear from the wharf on the home screen.

 It comes with lots of customization options, including the capability to download new themes from the launcher’s website, although I only set up four themes to be presently available. also, you can get custom-made icon packs from the Google Play Store, change the wharf’s position, elect dark mode, and more. Gesture-grounded navigation is relatively quick and smooth and can be tweaked to your relish.

 Lynx Launcher is free to download and use, but there is a Pro interpretation that gives you access to screen transitions, further desktop runners, advanced theming options, and a lot further

 3. Launcher iOS 16

 still, this launcher will help you out, If you want your Android to mimic iOS’s UI. Launcher iOS 16 features an iOS16-esque design from the cinch screen to the control center, robustness, wallpapers, and contraptions. You can hide apps and customize several layout aspects, analogous to what’s available on iOS 16.

 There’s a wide range of options to help you act the iOS 16 look as nearly as possible. Features like the cinch screen, Control Center, and Assistive Touch bear downloading separate apps. But once everything is in place, the launcher comes enough near to suggest the dereliction iOS launcher. And that’s the beauty of Android, isn’t it? You can witness numerous different smartphone skins and UI flavors by simply downloading a launcher.

 4. Big Launcher

 BIG Launcher is a simple-to-use Android launcher for seniors. Icons are large and have distinctive colors that insure it’s easy to separate between a sprinkle of apps featured on the grid-style home screen. It also prioritizes essential apps for seniors, including the dialer app, dispatches, gallery, camera, and an SOS button. There is a button that takes you to the app hole as well.

 The heavily contrasty home screen is also ideal for druggies with sight issues. BIG Launcher offers several customization options, including textbook size, full-screen display, navigation bar, safe borders size, and others. It keeps it simple, so it does not get inviting for the senior. A one-time figure unlocks fresh ways to customize the launcher.

 5. Poco Launcher

 Poco Launcher from Xiaomi is the best aroid launcher that includes a slightly customizable home screen. That might not sound like a lot compared to other options, but the launcher thrives for its royal yet familiar UI. It consists of an app hole that is just a swipe down, and you can fluently find apps by swiping through the different orders. Poco Launcher allows you to customize the background, app translucency, icon size, and app hole, while also helping you manage app orders.

 It also supports icon packs, so you can use custom icons if you prefer those over Xiaomi’s icon style. Poco Launcher is free to download and is announcement free.

 6. Smart Launcher

 Smart Launcher has a sorted app brochure that categorizes all your apps into six major orders communication, internet, games, media, serviceability, and settings. This categorization, plus the available hunt button atop every section, makes it easy to set up and search for apps.

 It also has a” smart hunt bar” at the bottom of the home screen that offers a one-stop shop to search your connections, apps, the web, and indeed Google Play apps. Smart Launcher provides several customization options, from fountain styles, themes, icon appearance, colors, and more.

 The decoration interpretation includes the capability to customize app orders, an ultra-immersive mode, multiple home runner contraptions, custom icon sorting, and pop-up contraptions.

 7. Action Launcher

 Action Launcher is another third-party best android launcher that has been around for a while. With further than 10 million downloads on the Play Store, the launcher enjoys a strong stoner base and addict following. Over time, Action Launcher has gone through numerous makeovers. In its early days, it offered a design and feel that was analogous to the stock AOSP launcher. But now, it takes alleviation from the

8. Google Pixel Launcher

 In terms of features and customization options, it can fluently rival Nova Launcher. From Material You-style theming and a completely customizable hunt bar to smart flyers and contrivance heaps, Action Launcher packs a boatload of features. The launcher also has an important hunt function called Action Hunt that lets you search the web and phone right from the home screen. Meanwhile, the Smart size Icons automatically resizes app icons to Material Design’s recommended icon size.

 9. Microsoft Launcher

 Microsoft Launcher is a productivity-concentrated launcher packed with customization options. You can customize your home screen, gestures, app hole, icon shape, visibility of the status bar, and more. One name point is the smart card, which can be penetrated by swiping left and includes sections for tasks, sticky notes, a timetable, constantly used apps, and screen time operation. It’s a handy way to keep up with your rearmost tasks if you are in the Microsoft ecosystem.

 Microsoft Launcher also includes beautiful wallpapers, a dark theme, backup and restore capabilities, and bettered performance. It also offers customizable gestures, similar to swipe, pinch, and double valve to help druggies navigate the face. The app uses Availability Service authorization for voluntary gestures, including screen cinch and recent app view. This is the launcher to check out if you use a lot of Windows apps in your everyday life.

 10. AIO Launcher

 AIO Launcher does effects else than typical Android launchers. rather than a standard home screen, it features an information-packed layout on a single screen. It includes colorful orders, similar to frequent apps, announcements, a dialer, a mailbox, and a control panel, each fluently accessible with just a swipe.

 The system information section at the top lets you snappily check important system details. Meanwhile, the hunt button on the bottom left allows you to search for apps, connections, and indeed information on the internet. Holding the hunt button opens the settings, and swiping it’ll open the quick launch menu. The decoration interpretation unlocks fresh features, including Android contrivance support, themes and UI tuner, icon packs, and custom fountain sizes.

 11. Niagara Launcher

 It is a fairly new launcher, but its new approach has made it climb the species. Niagara launcher has an ultramodern, minimum UI, and satiny robustness. Developed by XDA Member 8bitpit and XDA-honored inventor Maxr1998, this presents apps on a perpendicular, scrollable list. You choose your favorite apps that will live on the home screen and navigate to other retired apps by tapping the ABC- style navigation menu that’s easy to reach with one hand. Announcements from your favorite apps are integrated into the launcher, allowing you to reply without opening an app.

 Niagara is customizable, but your options are limited given its minimalist nature. It supports contraptions, bedded announcements, gestures, and a couple of options to customize the look and sense of the launcher. The app also supports Android 12’s dynamic color, allowing numerous rudiments of the launcher, similar to the hunt bar, Niagra Button, and the background, to match the color of your current wallpaper.

 Utmost extras like timetable and rainfall contraptions, advanced customization options, and pop-up contraptions are locked down behind a paywall. To balance it out, Niagara is completely announcement-free. Hit the link below to give it a pass.

 12. LawnChair 2

Still, you should check out Lawnchair 2, If you fancy commodity minimum. It features a clean and satiny stoner interface inspired by the Pixel Launcher, but it also offers expansive customization options that aren’t available in Google’s immolation.

 While not as point-packed as Nova Launcher, Lawnchair 2 has the utmost of the rudiments you need to epitomize your home screen to your relish. You can change the look of your icons with custom icon packs, acclimate icon sizes, customize desktop and transition goods, play with different gestures, and change the layout and style of the hunt bar. also, there’s a plugin Lawnfeed that lets you spark the Google Feed panel. In addition, the app also supports adaptive icons, malleable icon sizes, announcement colophons, and an adaptive dark mode.

 Lawnchair 2 is a perfect option for anyone who likes Pixel launcher- suchlike UI but with added customization options and extras. It’s fully free without any in-app purchases or advertisements. It’s available for all bias running Android 9 Pie and over.

 13. Nova Launcher

 Nova Launcher has come synonymous with the best Android launchers for quite some time. It’s heavily customizable, letting you change nearly everything from app icon style, icon size, app hole, and much further. Add in support for icon and theme packs, and you open up a whole new world of customization possibilities. Indeed with so numerous features, Nova is presto, feather-light, and easy to use.

 It has everything you could ever ask from a third-party launcher, including a customizable app hole, runner goods, custom icon pack support, and more.

 It’s also one of the most supported Android launchers, with new performances coming out presto and a vibrant customization community. Also, you can back up your customization settings for an easy restoration when you switch phones or reset your Android device. The decoration interpretation gives you indeed more ways to customize the launcher to your preferred look and feel.

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