Top 10 Fintech Startups in India

Top 10 Fintech Startups in India

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Fintech is the future of this world and has become an important part of our global economy. It was almost impossible to do financial tasks without paperwork earlier but now most of those tasks are happening on smartphones and computers without using a single bit of paper.

The technology has made it possible and with the help of the internet and fintech services, people are making financial transactions, doing business online using Amazon FBA etc. even sitting thousands of miles faraway from the recipient. When it comes to fintech services platforms, the names are many and have originated in almost every continent including India.

Today in this post we are going to discuss the top 10 those fintech startups having Indian origin and helping millions of people in easy finance and transactions. Let’s have a look at the list featured below:


This platform is one of the most excellent and unique cloud accounting fintech especially designed for small and medium scaled businesses not having accountants. This software-based solution will help you do all of your accounting in an easier way. It provides a lot of crucial features required for easy accounting such as

  • Creating invoices
  • Recording business expenses
  • Calculating tax savings
  • Tracking inventory etc

This native fintech startup is growing at a very rapid rate having a base of more than 6000 companies. Profitbooks is also emerging as a big player in many foreign lands such as Middle East, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Singapore, etc.


Imagine the plight of a person having the requirement of urgent cash or loan. We all have gone through this kind of particular situation once in our lives and it feels just horrible. Now, this fintech startup names Loanwalle can help you by providing an immediate loan in just 30 minutes.

  • For the instant approval of your loan you will require the listed documents;
  • KYC details
  • A salary slip of two consecutive months
  • A bank statement of three consecutive months

You just have to visit the site, fill the loan application, submit the documents, and boom; your loan amount will be transferred to your bank account in no time.

3.Shiksha Finance

A fintech platform dedicated to education and help students, parents, and institutions getting loans without many hassles. As a student or parent, you can receive a loan amount ranging from Rs, 10,000 to 30,000 with a 6-10 months deadline of repaying condition. This loan can be utilized for buying uniforms, books, paying tuition, and others.

If you are a coaching institution, trust, private school, or any other educational institute, you can get a hefty amount of loan starting from 1 lakh to nearly 70 lakhs. This kind of loan can have a life of repaying from 6 months to 5 years depending on the amount.


When it comes to making online transactions and money transfer, the one name sounds the more is Paytm and it is India’s largest money transferring platform. You can pay your bills, receive and send money online through Paytm in just a few seconds.

The platform was founded just 10 years back in 2010 and it has gained huge popularity in a short span of time. The company has emerged as a global player over time and has partnered with some of the biggest conglomerates and businesses all over this blue planet including Mediatek, AliCloud, Softbank, Berkshire Hathaway, etc.


Another payment app of Indian origin and this time it’s Mobikwik. You don’t need to carry the cash for your daily needs as Mobikwik acts as a digital wallet. You can pay your bills; recharge your DTH and phone, transfer money, do online shopping, and a lot in no time. You can store at least 1 lakh INR in your digital wallet for performing various payments and money transfers.


Paying credit card bills is no longer boring with Cred which offers a reward to its users every time they pay their credit card bills. It’s a software-based bill payment website and app which makes credit card bill paying easier, interesting as well as rewarding. There are a lot of things that makes Cred a better bill paying platform such as;

  • Easy bill payment through various modes including UPI, debit card, net banking
  • Timely reminders
  • Expose the hidden charges on payment
  • Real-time check and stats
  • Multiple credit card management


The Bangalore-based SaaS startup founded in 2018 has made it easier for small merchants to track their business transactions easily and securely. It is possible to note down the dues in a digital form with KhataBook. This app sent automated reminders and messages to the customers having dues which boosts payment and reduces loss.


This fintech startup basically helps enterprises and businesses with their payment needs. If you own a company that enables online payment from your customers then you will require a dedicated solution for easy online transactions and payments. Razorpay makes that easily possible for you and helps you with proper guidance and resources. 


Comparing and owning policies was never that easy before PolicyBazar. This fintech startup is the best-considered insurance aggregator available online. It makes it possible to perform a comparative analysis of different insurance policies based on different parameters including their price, key benefits, terms and conditions, quality, etc.

The startup came into existence in 2008 and has its headquarter in Gurgaon, Haryana. One of the best things about this startup is that it doesn’t charge anything from its users and provide the best possible quality of insurance comparison and analysis.


Here are another credit-giving fintech startup and its MoneyTap this time. It offers easy credit to the borrower and provides flexible repayment terms and an EMI facility. You can repay your debt in 2 to 36 months according to your choice and capability. MoneyTap evaluates its borrower’s eligibility and sets the credit limit accordingly.

Bottom Line

The fintech platforms have increased the flow of money in the market and made it accessible for almost every human being. It has become easier to lend, give and pay money compared to the old days. Now you can do transactions and payments in just a few seconds using these fintech platforms.

The purpose of different fintech firms is different and target a particular community of users having particular requirements. You can do a lot of money things using the fintech services featured above and I am sure this post will help you choose the best one according to your need and eligibility.

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