SecureKin Review: The World’s Best Parental Control App

SecureKin Review: The World’s Best Parental Control App

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Raising a child in this digital age is not easy. Parents have to face many difficulties and new challenges, mostly due to modern inventions like social media and the internet. So what is the solution? Making these inventions disappear from the kid’s life is not the answer. However, one simple solution for parents is to take a helping hand from the same technology through monitoring tools or parental control. Many apps are available in the market for parental control, but we will talk about a special one. It is the SecureKin app. 

It is a comprehensive tool designed to facilitate the worried parents of the digital age. You must know some features to seek a trustworthy and efficient monitoring tool. 

Here are the features that you must know about offered by the SecureKin app. 

Real-Time Location

Looking for a way to know where the kids disappear right after school. Well, this is your chance. Get the SecureKin app. It offers location-tracking features. Not just that, feature reports about the kids’ real-time location, making it possible for the parents to track them in case of any emergency. So the next time a kid tells you they are out there for group study, track the real-time location and ensure they are studying. 


Web -filtering or web blocking feature allows the parents to block stuff online from the kid’s device. You can know what they are searching for on the web and find out if something is triggering or suspicious there. In case it is, simply block the stuff right away by using the Web-filtering feature of the app. Make online life a little easier for yourself and the kids by using the SecureKin web filtering feature. 

Browsing History

Browsing history tracking is another excellent feature needed by every parent. Kids these days have the habit of clearing browsing history as soon as they finish it. The SecureKin app saves the browsing history even if deleted from the kid’s device.  

Screen Time

Monitor the kids’ screen time, and don’t make them screen addicts. Screen addiction is very much real and can cause various issues related to physical and mental health. The screen time management feature allows the parents to keep an eye on the overall screen of the kids.  

Activity Report

Get an activity report of how much time is spent on smart gadgets overall and how many apps the kid loves. Some kids, for example, have the habit of browsing dating sites. Others like to play online games. In any case, all the activities are reported to the parents. Feel free to monitor the record and openly communicate with the kids about any apparent addiction or obsession.  

App Block

Block unwanted apps with just a few clicks without letting the kids know by using the app block feature of the Secure Kin app. It helps parents eliminate addicting or useless apps from their kid’s life. 

Location History

Location history is also stored by the SecureKin app, along with real-time reporting of the location of the kids. It makes it easier for parents to track the kid in case of any unforeseen situation, as the parents will know about the whereabouts. 


The Keylogger feature stores the keypad records of the kids. It allows the parents to know if the kids are using abusive language in the chat history or using fake accounts. No need to get worried about the Facebook or Instagram life of the kids just because you are not officially allowed in the circle. Simply getting the SecureKin app can make things easy for you, as you will know about the secret life of the kid.  

User Reviews:

  • Sarah- Working parents: “SecureKin has been a source of peace of mind for me as even when I am at work, I can know about the kids’ location, activities, and digital life.”
  • Mark-Tech Guy: “Being an IT person, I was a little hesitant at first to rely on the app., But once I started using it, I knew this was my life’s best decision.”
  • Jos- Single Parent:” As single parents, it was tough to keep up with the kid’s routine life and balance the work life. But with the SecureKin app now, I can manage both easily and comfortably.”

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