Pen Testing Challenges in 2020

Pen Testing Challenges in 2020

Last updated on February 1st, 2022 at 01:34 pm

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No industry around the globe has managed to remain untouched by the technology and its uses. The most common form of technology easily observed in every business is the software. Technology has become such an irreplaceable part of our lives that we are using software for almost every other task we have on our list. Let it be booking an appointment at the hospital, buying grocery, ordering a cab, or just having fun at your home, some sort of software is always there to company you and make things somehow easier for you. 

However, to keep all these software safe and secure for you to use, a whole industry is working at the backend making things smoother for you. This industry is known as the software testing industry. Whenever software is made, it goes through a pen testing company that checks its security checks from every angle. This is done to make sure that the software is working up to the mark, is secure for the users to use in their routine, and will not break under the burden.

Pen Testing Challenges in 2020

With the changes in the market trends, the needs of the customers, and demand for the changes in the software, pen-testing companies have to face a lot of challenges. It is due to these challenges that these companies learn to grow beyond their expectations and keep the businesses and their users safe. Here are some of the challenges pen testing companies will have to face in the year 2020.

Remote Working

A lot of pen testing teams work from office for better results and delivery of secure software. However, with the COVID-19 situation taking over the world, a lot of teams have to work from home since the offices are closed to maintain social distancing. This has made it difficult for the team to stay in touch and communicate the details of the project or the issues faced. The pen testing industry has overcome this challenge until now but no one is sure what future is holding for the industry.

Growing Cyberattacks

With a lot of offices being locked, businesses are failing to safeguard their online presence to their best. This has open an opportunity for cybercriminals to attack businesses and overcome their defense mechanism easily. However, you would see every pen testing company trying its best to offer their services even with work from home model. Moreover, they are working really good to keep your businesses safe so what is your excuse for not trying to make your business safer?

Shortage of Manpower

Even though the world is aware of the need for the penetration testing services and they agree to its importance as well, sadly we do not see a lot of pen testers working in the field. This is one of the challenges pen testing companies are facing almost every year. They have to deal with a huge number of projects with just a few professional and trained pen testers. So it would not be wrong to say that 2020 is not so different as the challenge is still there.

Limited Budget

Unfortunately, pen-testing projects fail to capture a good amount of funding for their projects. Research showed only 30% of the pen testing companies managed to gain executive sponsorship for their pen testing projects. With this reality, it is a lot difficult for a pen testing company to provide exceptionally good services to the market as it requires some research, continuous courses and certification for growth, and some of the best tools in the market.

Manual or Automated

With the advancements in the technological world, we have automation testing in the market doing some miracles for the companies. However, not every company is well-equipped and skilled to perform automation testing so they find it hard deciding between automation testing and manual testing. This is something every penetration testing company has to work on.


The importance of pen testing companies can’t be denied as they are protecting a lot of businesses all over the globe. They are the only companies standing in the middle of the companies and the cybercriminals. However, they face their fair share of challenges as well. For this year, the challenges are going to be a little harder to achieve but the companies are trying their best to deal with them. We can only wish for these companies to perform well for the online security of all of us depends on these companies one way or another.

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