Top Software Testing Companies in 2022

Top Software Testing Companies in 2022

Testing software is important because development invites errors. Many of these failures are irrelevant, but some are costly or harmful. We must verify everything we build because things will always go wrong – people always make mistakes. 

Since we believe our work can be incorrect, we must all verify our work for ourselves. Some errors are, however, caused by poor expectations and blind points, meaning that we may have the same mistakes as we did when we reviewed our work. So we can’t remember the shortcomings of what we did.

There are a number of reasons why software testing is important and what are the most important things that we can take into consideration when testing any product or application. 

But, not everyone has the time or resources to conduct high-quality app testing by themselves. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top software testing companies that can help you in carrying out expansive and targeted app testing endeavors. Let’s begin!

Here is the list of the Top Software Testing Companies


Kualitatem Inc. was co-founded by two friends who thought alike about entrepreneurship and wanted to excel in the field of Quality Assurance and Information Security. As an independent company with a head office and 3 regional offices established in the USA, UAE, KSA, and Pakistan, Kualitatem is working with global clientele introducing newer initiatives, using contemporary practices, and implementing the latest methodologies to improve software testing and cybersecurity.


Oxagile is a New York-based supplier of high-quality product development tools for its customers since its founding in 2005. The corporation offers a number of vertical companies, including media and entertainment, healthcare, financing, insurance, sports, e-commerce, etc. 

The business is well known for the creative approach of its in-house R&D department to demanding projects. In more than 40 Oxagile ventures, R&D specialists have been actively involved to address unconventional industry problems by leveraging artificial learning, computer vision, big data, IoT, and other emerging technologies.

Impact QA

ImpactQA is the leading independent mobile app development company and tech testing agency. They support small businesses as well as Fortune 500 clients to provide quality engineering, AI-based test automation, performance engineering, and a wide range of automated and ongoing testing services. 

The business has 10 years of excellence in the fields of wellness, e-learning, BFSI, e-commerce, marketing, manufacturing, real estate, medical product research, and more, and offers uneven testing technologies in multiples areas of the market.

Maxtra Technologies

Maxtra Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Is an India-based technology service provider and has more than a decade of experience in delivering high-quality projects for clients globally. The firm employs qualified developers and software professionals who leverage the latest trends in the development sphere to churn out cutting-edge projects.

The firm was named as one of the top mobile app development companies by and has a proven track record of delivering value to its clients. If a one-stop solution is what you are looking for, Maxtra Technologies can prove to be the perfect option.


A3logics is a multinational mobile app development company offering best-in-class services, advisory, and business strategies that enable businesses worldwide to increase their performance. The business is recognized as an Excellence Software center and has developed criteria for professional services and solutions. 

The company emphasizes merging its enthusiasm for excellence with expert ideas for technology to reach the highest levels of customer loyalty, technical advancement, and time to market expertise. They have a high-quality team of experts working with different industrial players of various sectors such as employee welfare, health care, E-commerce, IoT, Big Data, IT consulting services, etc.

Shift Group

In the healthcare, banking, tourism, technology, and e-commerce sectors in Japan and in other countries around the world, the SHIFT Group as a leading mobile app development company and quality assurance organization headquartered in Tokyo supported Fortune 500 SMEs with software testing services. In 2019, annual profits reached $190 million, with YOY rising exponentially. 

SHIFT ASIA has been working in HCMC serving foreign customers with regional growth in greater APAC in 2016. For its quick availability, customized research technologies with high coverage, and reliable services at affordable prices, SHIFT ASIA is preferred by various businesses.


Abstracta was created in 2008 by a team of Ph.D. trained developers, an independent, pure-play software-testing organization, with a passion for testing and a deep presence in the global testing community. Abstracta concentrates on the use of automation to enhance software application performance, stability, and user interface. 

With offices in Silicon Valley, Latin America, and the United Kingdom, Abstracta has experience in designing specialist finance and retail tools and technology businesses, including the BBVA Financial Community, CA Innovations, GeneXus, and Shutterfly, not only with state-of-the-art proprietary and open-source research tools.

Applaudo Studios

Applaudo Studios is a mobile app development company that offers Top Clients in the United States, the Americas, and Europe complete software production services. 

Projects are carried out and the workers of start-ups, Inc500 and Fortune500 firms, the team from Tech Developers, QA Analysts, DevOps, and UX/UI designers promote the development and provision of new products, programs, trademarks, and revenue sources and pace the way from conception to trading. 

You will get all tech covered from your commercial offices in Austin, Arkansas, Charlotte, and Santiago de Chile and their operating centers in El Salvador and Mexico.

Simbir soft

SimbirSoft is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited mobile app development company. Established in 2001, Simbir Soft is a global leader with tremendous knowledge and experience and is excited about developing world-class apps. They build and improve dynamic IT solutions for a wide variety of sectors, including banking, insurance, retail, sanitation, care, and farming. 

In 19 years, over 620 IT solutions were developed, which include: business automation systems, highly charged systems, mobile apps, engine learning, embedded devices, and many more projects.


DeviQA is a software engineering firm undertaking a complete software evaluation cycle covering all the key stages of the project development from software creation to final testing at the product release and deployment phases. 

They make the testing process effective and produce a high-quality product with a highly trained team with a long background in sectors like healthcare, media, and entertainment, business applications, real estate, education software, fin technology & finance, travel software, or cybersecurity.


At A1qa, more than 800 passionate tech testers conduct their job of enabling organizations to adopt a quality environment free from bottlenecks. For 17 years at SQA, over 800 companies and private companies in 40 countries are represented the Fortune 500 List. 

A1qa offers impeccable support and product quality to every SDLC level, as an independent QA and software testing firm. To that end, enthusiastic research practitioners analyze goods of all styles and sophistication, recognize and fix QA defects and build or change software testing to allow consumers to develop their companies on a distinctive and permanent basis.


ThinkSys Inc. is one of the fastest-growing independent software testing firms in the U.S., India, and Israel, with significant experience in Quality Assurance services. The firm has manual, test automation, and QA outsourcing experience with excellence, productivity, and efficiency for many global customers. 

The firm has employed over 300 software testers, over the last 8 years and has developed deep ties with 150+ projects. The company has significant experience in the fields of financials, childcare, dating, e-learning, mobility, publications, entertainment, e-commerce, telecommunications, and BI.


If software products are too sluggish, take a long time to install, or do not include usage details, people may avoid using them and prefer other alternatives. This suggests that a high-quality digital product needs desperately to be developed and will improve the profit of a business. Software testing is highly necessary, as well as the production itself. This is one of the main requirements for a good release of apps. You can get in touch with any of the above-mentioned firms and ensure a high-quality testing environment for your apps.

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