Latest SEO Practices For Website Standing

Latest SEO Practices For Website Standing

Last updated on May 10th, 2023 at 09:55 am

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Let’s just begin with digital marketing, it is a skill that is used to market your brand or company over the internet and its platforms. Digital marketing has many branches suck as SEO, EMAIL MARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, AFFILIATE MARKETING, INFLUENCERS MARKETING, etc. Now since we are focusing on SEO, let me get deeper into it. It is done with a lot of hard work and research. Nowadays every online business company or brand has hired SEO professionals and experts who help them in ranking their website on the first page of search engines. Executing SEO requires a smart and sharp mind which can implement the strategies according to Google’s algorithm so that it can be crawled and indexed easily. SEO is more categorized into two main types

 The two types of SEO are:



 1) On-page SEO

It is the method of positioning your website on the first page of search engines organically. It is also used to regulate your website. ON page helps your website reach more traffic which can be converted into conversions. There are a few approaches through which ON page optimization can be done easily.

 The strategies for ON page SEO are:

 * Keyword-based pages: The pages of your website must be keyword-based because keywords play a very important role in ranking your website. Without keywords, your website can never be ranked properly. Let me explain to you with an example, suppose your website is about technology and you are using keywords related to fashion then there is no use of it and the efforts you have put in will go in vain.

 * Improve your title tag and Meta description: Title tag is the heading of your page and Meta description is a short explanation that appears on the search engines below the title of your page. So both the title and Meta description must be accurate and appealing for the reader which can urge the reader to click on your website.

 * Write user-friendly content: For SEO you also need to write blogs, articles, and guest posts. The content you write has to be keyword-based, grammatically correct, user-friendly, exclusive, non-plagiarized, the density of your words must not exceed 3, avoid too much use of strong vocabulary words. Some tools can be used for performing these jobs. For keyword research you can use SEMRUSH, GRAMMARLY can be used for grammar errors, for checking plagiarism you can use SEOSMALLTOOL, and to check the density of your words KEYWORDENSITYCHECKER can be used.

 * Enhance pictures: Images are the key to rank your website. You have to insert images whether on web pages or in your content because it creates a positive impact on the audience viewing your website and it makes the website or content more friendly and comfortable for the viewer. You can use Google images or there are website gettyimages, this can also be used to insert images.  

 * URLs should be optimized: Optimizing your URL (UNIVERSAL RESOURCE LOCATOR) means the URL must be keyword-based because it is one of the major factors of SEO. It can help you in building links and user interaction. After putting keywords into your URL, make sure it makes sense to the user.

 * Put an internal link on your web pages; First of all, you got to understand what is internal linking. Internal linking is a kind of hyperlink on a web page to another web page on the same website. This makes the user spend more time viewing your website and it is very beneficial for you. This helps in ranking your website on the search engines.

 * Recover your site load time: Your site must not take more than 2 to 3 seconds to load otherwise it will leave a bad impression on the user and might be possible that the user decides to close your site without even visiting it so make sure the load time is perfect. To decrease the load time you need to optimize images, minimize HTTP requests, cache your webpages, etc.

 * The design of your website has to be responsive: It is a style to web design that makes web pages render well on a range of devices whether it’s a mobile, desktop, laptop, etc.


It is the work that is done outside of your website to rank your website on the search engines.

 The strategies for OFF-PAGE SEO are

 * Creating backlinks: Backlinks are the most important factors for OFF-PAGE SEO which persuades Google to crawl your website faster. There are many types of backlinks which are given below.

Forum backlink: There are many forum sites where you can create backlinks with short info related to your niche and add a backlink to your website. You can find such sites on Google.

 Guest post backlinks: A guest post is just like an article but it has to be long. You need to contact the relevant person of a particular guest posting site and request them to publish your article. Keep in mind, the guest posting sites you find must be related to your niche. You have to fulfill their criteria otherwise they won’t publish your article. Most of the guest posting sites are paid but there are plenty of free sites as well.

 Business listings: You can create an account and then mention your company’s information along with the link of your website on business listing sites. This method of creating a backlink is widely used over the world.

 Profile creation: It is the easiest way of creating a backlink, you just have to find sites where profiles are created and build your profile there leaving a backlink of your website.

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