How An Explanation Video Can Increase Your Conversion Rate

How An Explanation Video Can Increase Your Conversion Rate

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Explainer videos are engaging in marketing videos that are made in order to give a brief about the products and services of a company. Using explainer videos can help you in getting outstanding rates. Embedding an explainer video in the marketing strategies had increased the rates by up to 80%. Customers are more attracted to buy the products after watching an engaging video. It has been reviewed as a good option and most of the clients have shared a positive response for the explainer videos. However, it is not the only explainer videos that need to be done for promoting the business, but it plays a significant role in that. There could be various pros of the explainer videos. It can help in getting more potential customers with an explainer video.

How to get more potential customers with an explainer video?

In this competitive market, it is very difficult for companies to survive. To get success in your business, you need to increase the outreach of your product. The companies that provide the solution to their customers about the proper information of their products are preferred by the customers.

An explainer video is generally of 90-120 seconds and it attracts more customers to buy the products. A good explainer video should cover all the key services of the business. It should be having the benefits of choosing your product or services. As customers are more interested in making their lives simpler using your products and services. These should offer a clear cut explanation of the products and the services. The script should be simple and attractive to engage more customers. The explainer videos should be made in such a way that the people feel more connected. In just a single minute, you can give an explanation of your business in an innovative and effective way. Visuals are always remembered more as compared to what we hear and read, thus creating a positive impact on the customers. The various reasons why these videos are good for marketing:

  • These videos help in paying more attention from the visitors

An exciting video full of colorful shapes, faces and beautiful content capture the heart of the customers. For watching the video, a customer has to spend more of his time on your website which will further increase the chances of your product or services.

  • Bounce rates are decreased.

To sell your products on the internet, it is important to get more attention from the users. It helps in increasing the average time of the visit and thus, decreases the bounce rates. It is required that a customer does not leave your site and gets to know about your brand. Videos are a great option for serving this purpose. This would help in getting more purchase or products and services.

  • They make people understand about the business better.

A video helps in demonstrating the business better. Therefore, the videos are kept short and attractive. These help the customers in understanding the business and how would that benefit them. These are powerful tools to increase the conversion of your targeted audience into customers.

  • People love to share videos.

In this socially connected era, people love to share the videos that they love with their family and friends. We as people have more trust in the reviews and suggestions of other people that we know as compared to the ads. The more the video is shared; the more customers are attracted to the video.

  • Helps in search engine optimization

Search engines like Google show the content to the users that may be relevant to them in the top search results. As a lot of videos are being watched daily, search engines take them as important and most search content. It is possible only when the video is impressive and is watched by a large number of customers. Coming at the top position will increase the reach to audiences exponentially. This could help in getting more sales and customers for your brand.

How to get a great explainer video?

An explainer video has become a must for every type of business irrespective of its size. Here are a few of the tips that would help in creating a good explainer video:

  1. Choose a good thumbnail: An attractive thumbnail will help in getting more views from the customers. It will catch the attention and will force the users to watch the videos.
  2. Use colors of your brand: For the promotion of your business or the brand, you should always keep using your images and colours of your company. This will create a positive impact on the viewers.
  3. Keep it simple and short: The shorter and simpler it is, the more customers will watch. A video or larger duration is not seen by the users as they find it boring sometimes.
  4. Make a call to action: Call to action will boost up your conversion to a higher extent. Better placement of the action button will be more helpful as it would make it easier for the viewers to contact.
  5. Innovative ideas: A video that is unique and has innovative ideas is always attracting the users. Customers love the videos through which they feel connected to the business and the products.


In case if you haven’t used any audio-visual mode for promoting your business, then it is the time to go for the explainer videos. These are very helpful in increasing the conversion rates, it is a fantastic tool for doubling the marketing ROI. People have more trust in what they see as compared to what they listen to. This is the reason why videos complement sales.

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