Grow Your Business With Custom Promotion 1-2-3-Bottom

Grow Your Business With Custom Promotion 1-2-3-Bottom

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We see a large variety of products in the retail market having different specifications, nature, and delicacy. All of them are packed in boxes as per their characteristics and specific packaging demands. Product promotion is the main thing that helps grow retail brands’ business. Custom promotion 1-2-3-bottom is the best solution to marketing the products that help boost sales in the high competition. These boxes are easy to assemble and are helpful for containing products.

In this blog, we will explore the new world of custom bottom boxes and how it is beneficial for brands. That you can use for the shipping process and many other daily products. It is very useful for cosmetics, perfumes, and bakery products.

Key Features Of The Promotion 1-2-3 Bottom Box

Every packaging company wants to grow its business overnight. There are a lot of the key features of the 1-2-3 box style packaging that have many beneficial features that help grow business sales in the highly competitive market.

  • Sturdy And Sustainable Stock
  • Seamless Box Assembling
  • Green Packaging Solution
  • Easy To Customize & Handle
  • Easy To Carry Product Boxes

1. Sturdy & Sustainable Stock

Custom 1-2-3 style bottom packaging is made of high-quality 100% paper material. It makes a perfect box structure that provides extensive protection to the product. You can make it easy to handle the weight of the products. Moreover, it can easily handle over-weight products due to its robust and sturdy nature.

The use of high-quality paper material helps attract customers to the products. Kraft paper and cardboard are the best packaging options in this regard. You can set their thickness level according to the product’s nature. For shipping products to any distance, you can use corrugated cardstock, which is the sturdiest paper stock. It helps keep the product safe and secure during the transit process.

2. Seamless Box Assembling

Custom promotion 1-2-3 bottoms are easy to assemble and disassemble. You also can make them catchy by using stunning printed graphics, die-cut, accurate sizes, and high-end finishes on the surface of the material. Custom-made 1-2-3 bottom boxes are easy to craft for the brand, which makes them the best choice for product sellers. These boxes are also known as snap-lock bottom boxes. They are more cost-effective and secure than tuck-top-bottom boxes, but they take longer to assemble than auto-bottom style boxes.

3. Green Packaging Solution

Custom promotion 1-2-3-bottom style product packaging boxes are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They don’t harm the environment and keep it safe from pollutant elements that are harmful to the living being’s health. They lead to a safe and healthy ecosystem. So, all the materials used in the product packaging are totally sustainable. Consequently, this will make your products safe and secure from dangerous substances and satisfy eco-conscious customers.

4. Easy To Customize And Handle

Custom designed boxes with 1-2-3 bottom styles are highly popular box styles among retailers. Custom 1-2-3 bottom packaging makes your products easy to handle for product consumers. In addition, you can personalize them in any design, color printing, theme design, finishes, and add-on features. This will help to boost your sales in the highly competitive retail product market and attract more customers to your brand.

5. Easy To Carry Product Boxes

Custom tailored bottom boxes are easy to carry and easy to handle for consumers. You don’t feel any inconvenience while using these boxes and do not worry about your delicate products’ protection. The reason behind this is that high-standard materials make your products easy to carry for customers. That way, you become tension-free when handling overloaded and overweighed products. 

Box assembly takes some time, but it is simple. Fold the most important bottom panel first, then the two end panels, and finally, fold and press into the remaining bottom panel. They are also referred to as special folding cartons or boxes. They are stronger than tuck-top snap boxes and tuck-top bottom boxes due to their unique locking mechanism.

Wrapping Up The Whole Blog

In conclusion, the custom promotion 1-2-3-bottom is perfect for beefing up your product’s security measures. The bottom boxes will seal securely to hold the weight once constructed. In this blog, provide shielding and protective casing for your products. From cosmetics and medications to retail sales, multipurpose bottom boxes are the ideal way to keep your products secure and safeguarded from damage.

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