What is the best way to download Pinterest videos for free?

What is the best way to download Pinterest videos for free?

Last updated on May 21st, 2022 at 10:42 am

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Hello everyone! This is the guide to the best way to download Pinterest videos for free. We know that Pinterest is an interesting platform where we can share our photos, videos and everything. People who use a couple of social media platforms know how interesting Pinterest is than any other place. It is because of those unique and surprising media collections. Although we can collect them for Pinboards, it will be more interesting if we can save them offline as well. In my opinion, saving files offline is more interesting and useful than creating Pinboards. Because pinned posts can only share among Pinterest members and still we have to use mobile data or Wi-Fi to watch them another day. Therefore, hope sharing the most excellent method of Download Pinterest Videos would be helpful for you all. Once you will capture something interesting, you can use the tool and download it to the smartphone or PC.

Download Pinterest Videos for smartphones and PC

The tool we brought today as the best online downloader can help you to Download Pinterest Videos on both smartphones and PC. It is because of its way of approach as a web-based tool. You can open it using your browser on whatever device running whatever operating system. Pinterest Videos Download using Pin Downloader is very easy. You only have to open the tool and submit the related Pinterest post link. Then the tool will perform through CDN servers and download the file for you. Apart from Download Pinterest Videos for Free, this can download any type of media file that you will see on Pin.

However, the developer of the tool designed it only as an online tool that cannot download. Since this is not the official method of downloading media, you may doubt if it is safe. The tool only performs via CDN servers of the platform. Moreover, you do not have to register there. And even it is just a downloader and will never collect info of its users. It downloads Pinterest Videos from one to uncountable for free.

What’s more?

You can never encounter the very own download option of Pinterest unless the Pinterest team announces that they decide to add it. Until then, you can use the Pin Downloader to download any video or picture from the platform. Often the tool will download videos in mp4 format. But, you may wish to have it in some other format and size. So the tool will give you a chance to download the file of your preference. You will see the suggested table when the preview of the video opened. Therefore, you do not have to use another converter for that. Simply use the direct option of the Pin Downloader and Download Pinterest Videos. After downloading videos, you can share them with friends or use them as you wish.

Step by step guide to download Pinterest videos

Pin Downloader on Smartphone

  • Open your Pinterest app and go to Pinboards
  • Since you have pinned so many video clips there, it is easy to find one to download. If not, search for a new one using the search bar on the top of the app interface
  • After selecting a video, you can copy its URL by using the share icon. It will open the “Copy Link” option. Click it and copy the URL to the clipboard
  • Now open the web browser and search the Pin Downloader and get ready to Download Pinterest Videos Free
  • Open the tool page and go to the download bar and paste the link that you copied to the clipboard there
  • Tap on the Download button and command the tool to download the given file

Pin Downloader on PC

  • Open the web browser on Windows or Mac
  • Search the Pin Downloader tool
  • And then open another tab and visit your Pinterest account
  • On the status bar, you can type and search for the topic you want. All related pictures, videos, and GIFs will be there
  • Select a clip and click the Copy Link option and get the “Copied link to your clipboard to share” notification. If you click the share icon, Pinterest will suggest you “Copy Link” option then. The same notification will display if you continue. Since the address bar of the browser always has the related link of whatever we opened, you can copy it while opening the video that you are going to download
  • Now go to the first tab you opened with the Pin Downloader
  • Apply the URL to its download bar and click the Download button as well


  • After clicking the first Download button on both guides above, you cannot close the Pin Downloader. Before Download Videos From Pinterest, the tool will arrange previews of them as a help for users to make sure that the given URL is correct and they still want to download the same. So there is another Download button to click and confirm. So, do not forget to confirm it to complete the action
  • Before you start Download Pinterest Videos, connecting to the internet is needed
  • Smartphone users should check whether their device can save new videos
  • Download files as much as you want by going through the same procedure

Wrapping up

By the way, share the best way to Download Pinterest Videos for Free with your friends too. Still, many Pinterest members do not know that Pin Downloader can help them to download Pinterest media files. And even it is free and capable to perform uncountable downloads. If you want to download Pin Downloader on your PC or Smartphone, just visit their official page. You can use it without downloading it as an online platform. Download Pinterest Videos, images and GIFs is really interesting than just collecting them on Pinboards. Of course, you can manage Pinboards and even save more interesting media files to the device. Download interesting videos and share them on any other platform. There is no doubt that Pinteresting would be a more interesting place from now. 

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