Calculating the ROI of Performance Testing

Calculating the ROI of Performance Testing

Last updated on May 29th, 2020 at 10:34 am

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Evaluating software applications is not a simple task, yet it is one of the most daunting ones ever. However, it is a decision that needs to be taken with extreme care. It is important to keep  in mind a few important factors when choosing the right performance testing company for a business. The most important value associated with performance testing platforms is that they fail to meet the criteria. Testers spend less time on test creation and its maintenance, due to which they fail at identifying the performance bottlenecks and also understanding the root causes. Thus, they need to come up with solutions that help in making it to the market faster and ensuring an application’s reliability. 

Following are a few ways performance testing can help meet the bottlenecks and improve software quality:

Script Creation and Management

When QA teams work with performance testing tools, it is important to see how efficient they are.  They should be able to generate scripts and maintain them, which can inform QA teams about how much time and cost they would be saving.

While moving from traditional to DevOps testing environment, the software testing tools should be able to meet the skills of the teams and client requirements.  QA teams create test scripts with a graphical user interface (GUI) drag and drop, or simply just as a code.

The Multi-layers of Costs 

It is extremely important to consider the cost of infrastructure when choosing how to perform load testing for a software application. Testers do this by generating loads that simulate the real-world user behavior that requires specific hard generating load that simulates real-world user behavior requires substantial hardware. Some performance testing platforms need more equipment than others, for the same tests under the same load on devices. Each performance testing platform requires different equipment, even for the same tests under the same load. A performance testing company ensures it can set up the required testing resources when required, which automatically free up the resources as a test is complete. 

Careful Cost Analysis

Make sure you have done all your cost analysis research including enterprise support, customer relationship management, software deployment and upgrade expenditures. With the help of the right performance testing tools and strategy, QA teams can achieve better results for response time. 

How to move along with DevOps?

Well, if there is one thing that companies have focused on switching to, over the passage of time, is their shift to DevOps. It is the best road to take when a performance testing company is using tools that meet the pace of transformation. 

Summing it Up

It is not easy to take upon a decision especially when it comes to loading testing the ROI of a business. It is important to evaluate the time and effort associated with software implementation, scripting tests, deploying updates, product readiness, etc. When conducting performance testing, it is important to have performance benchmarks on which the entire testing activities and processes would be performed and measured. 

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