Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Web Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Web Development

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We are in the digital age and application development web is growing at a rapid pace. 

We all want applications web safe, scalable and full of features. As a user, I look for improved experiences, along with personalised content, and I know that this trend is always growing, it’s not just me. This means that in general users look for applications web smart and full of features with UX highly personalised. Let the complexity begin.

In 1993, the introduction of web browser graph Mosaic gave rise to a revolution in the way the user experiences the content of the web. Since then until today, web application designers all over the world have been working continuously to establish and refine the meaning of a solid user experience on the web.

Over the past decade, we have seen a huge advance in technology and Internet access bandwidth. This allows for more and better multimedia content, which further raises the demand of users, who wait for more interactive and personalised content and experience. And that is why some companies linked to development web are changing their way of thinking, and thinking outside the box, instead of traditional strategies to achieve the success of their services or products.

This is where artificial intelligence comes into play, redefining all conventional application development concepts web and taking them to a different level, where the UX is the only focus. But, before debating how AI is beneficial for web application development, it is crucial to present what AI is.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence is an area of information technology that deals with the creation of intelligent machines that are developed to function and react like real human beings. Some of these activities similar to those practised by humans include learning, planning, voice recognition, and problem-solving. In addition, AI is the ability that a machine or computer program has to learn and think. It is an area of study that tries to make information systems intelligent.  

Why is AI important?

It is said that a system is endowed with Artificial Intelligence when it is specifically designed for you to think and act like a human being. Increasingly, Artificial Intelligence is becoming a crucial part of our daily life. Our life is undergoing changes by Artificial Intelligence because this technology is used widely in different areas in our daily lives.

Why implement AI in web development?

More and more users prefer to search for products directly through the website from Amazon instead of manually searching and analysing in several online stores. Large e-commerce companies are forcing our attitude towards online shopping to change, this is all the result of application development web. Successful e-commerce companies actively implement innovative web development technologies in their work, such as voice research, chatbots and other artificial intelligence solutions.

Some advantages of implementing AI  in the development of websites.

• Make research even faster;

• Provide a more relevant interaction and experience to the customer;

• Making marketing even more effective digitally for specific consumers;

• Further improve interactions with visitors to the website;

• Provide a personalized store experience;

Artificial Intelligence can also be widely used in Web Design & Development

The process of design interfaces includes a lot of creativity and often starts on a white board where designers’ websites share their ideas. Once created, a drawing is usually captured by photography and manually translated into a structured HTML, with the objective of starting the process of development of the front end. This takes a lot of effort and often delays the process of design (and errors) may appear. Instead, you can capture the content of the website in a photo and then upload it to a routine AI, in order to generate the prototype of the application web.

Pros and cons of IA in the development of websites

In the digital age, AI is permeating all industries and web design it’s no different. For small businesses with limited human resources capabilities, the AI allows for quick interactions with customers to provide relevant information. AI in the development of the web can benefit both the user and an organisation.

Pros of using AI

User experience:

If a visitor to your website is not able to use it efficiently and effectively, it will go elsewhere. It is crucial to ensure that your products are easy to find and that customers can buy them easily. Many web customer-centric are starting to trust AI to improve the customer experience.

Custom Content:

Content rules ( blogs, videos or articles ). By implementing artificial intelligence in your website, you can show the public certain content that is intended for them. THE AI you can also suggest new videos, music, and other relevant content for users based on their past behaviours. Users can also feel comfortable discovering new content and confident that they will find it relevant.

Voice search optimization:

One of the fastest growing trends for the development of the web is the optimization of voice research. Since most of your potential customers use their mobile devices more than their desktop computers, websites often have to be optimised for different mobile devices.

AI as an element UX

The first and most obvious way in which artificial intelligence is changing the face of the design modern from websites is in the countless artificial intelligence tools that are becoming standard parts of the design modern. The most obvious example of this is the explosion of chatbots that has become a fixed element in almost all website properties in recent years. In theory, they are intended to bridge this gap in a completely new type of interface website, driven by conversation instead of touching or clicking.

In the beginning, the chatbots were based on little more than simple pre-programmed conversation paths that determined the scope of their usefulness. This leads to some very disappointing results, but the latter chatbots now use sophisticated natural language processing systems (NLP) to create meaningful conversations with visitors who do not follow a guided path.

Artificial Intelligence as designer

A much larger and more consistent way for artificial intelligence to be changing the design of the web is beginning to supplant the designers themselves. A growing field of intelligence tools design artificial ( ADI ) is doing just that and promoting a fundamental change in the way websites are created.  

Information results AI

THE AI is not just used to create elements and drawings; it is also taking advantage of the important process of discovering which designs work best and how to improve them. To that end, a variety of analysis tools based on artificial intelligence have appeared to help creators of the web to get real information about how your drawings work in real time.

This knowledge allows companies like Convincely to provide services CRO centred on data that help the properties of the web to maximise its impact on consumers. In the process, the AI is supplanting long-standing iterative design practices such as testing A / B, which used to be the main method for improving the design to generate results. It is also important to realise that this is an area that adapts perfectly to the AI, since it is pure data and analysis. This must mean that it is also an area where we can expect to see more important developments and advances in the short term.

Cons of the use of AI

A place for human beings

According to a study carried out by the year 2030, up to 90% of all jobs will be at risk of being replaced by smart machines. This can include the design of the web, the design of graphs, and the design of mobile applications. Once the AI proved to be more efficient in terms of content formation to adapt to various devices, will we need to know how to code?

Privacy issues

Since artificial intelligence and machine learning can be built to monitor consumer behavior and interactions online, many consumers are often uncomfortable. Software analysis, when combined with artificial intelligence, has unlimited potential to extract data and ideas from customers. Therefore, it can be scary for consumers because 94% of them want to do business with a web app development company with full transparency.

Impersonal Interactions

Although they created the chatbots and automatic responses, customers can still see that it was sent by artificial intelligence. In the digital age, many users still want personal answers; therefore, by implementing artificial intelligence we are moving away from the much-needed personal interactions.

 Although there are advantages and disadvantages to using artificial intelligence in the design and development of the web, a positive future is expected. By implementing artificial intelligence in Web development and design, we, as humans, can have more time for creativity and to perform other important tasks.

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