5 Ways To Get Rid Of Anxiety During Travel

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Anxiety During Travel

Last updated on July 20th, 2022 at 07:03 pm

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Travel anxiety will prevent you from enjoying your trips and vacations. It affects the means of transport and the distances you can travel. However, there are a few ways to eliminate anxiety when traveling. The following article will look at some ways you can get rid of anxiety during travel. Later, you will find some of the causes and symptoms of anxiety during travel.

Here are Ways to Deal with Anxiety While Traveling


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1. Identify the Cause of Your Anxiety

Understanding what causes your anxiety is significant as you will understand how to address it effectively. Every person has different triggers, and hence means to deal with them are different and specific. You can also give your anxiety a name that makes it more manageable. You should ask yourself what triggers your anxiety every time you travel. Some of the causes of anxiety during travel are directly linked with traveling, while some are indirect. Examples of direct causes include means of transport and planning for the trip. Indirect causes include stress, low blood sugar, and caffeine. Once you identify them, you can speak them out with your best friend or a therapist who can give you a better idea to eliminate your anxiety.

2. Make Prior Preparations

It would be good if you prepared for your trip early enough to avoid confusion, stress, and anxiety that arises due to lack of certain necessities or missing crucial things when traveling. Early preparations give your mind time to relax and be calm as you enjoy your trip. While preparing, ensure that you have booked a good hotel, have your tickets ready, pack all the items you need for traveling, and have someone take care of your pets at home. 

3. Focus On Positive Things

Negativity can lead to anxiety. Therefore, try to focus on the positive aspect of your trip, which will give you a reason to relax and enjoy every part of your journey. You can try to imagine and focus on beautiful sceneries, fun things you will do, and delicious new meals you will try, among other beautiful things that will change your perspective about traveling.

4. Distract Yourself

Engaging your mind on other things will help ease your anxiety while traveling. Having too much time and being idle will allow your mind to think too much about your trip. You can engage in some of your hobbies or activities that distract your mind and stop you from overthinking. It would help if you also avoided activities or things that would trigger your anxiety. For example, you should avoid listening to or watching traumatizing stories such as plane crashes, accidents, or contagious foreign diseases.

A good distractor is watching a movie about our destination, which gives you a positive impression of what you expect. It will also help you change your perspective about traveling. You can also play video games that keep you busy if you love engaging in visual activities. Another good distractor is reading your favorite book or solving puzzles. You can always have as many distractors as possible during travel which changes your focus and helps you get rid of your anxiety. Try to make your trip enjoyable. 

Causes and Symptoms Of Travel Anxiety

Anxiety during travel can be caused by negativity and linking travels with tragedies. A good example is people who have been involved in significant accidents or have witnessed loved ones involved in a tragic accident may quickly develop anxiety. Another major cause of travel anxiety is a panic attack, especially in an unfamiliar area. In addition, some people may develop travel anxiety when they hear traumatic stories about worse experiences while traveling—for example, contracting contagious foreign diseases, being affected by climatic changes, plane crashes, and insecurities while in an unfamiliar area. Biological risk factors can also lead to anxiety during travel. Some people may also experience travel anxiety due to the transport they use.

Symptoms of travel anxiety vary from one person to the other. However, some common symptoms of travel anxiety are observed in people, such as poor concentration, diarrhea or nausea, insomnia, chest pain, agitation and restlessness, and difficulty breathing. Persistent symptoms can lead to a panic attack characterized by frequent shaking, racing heart, feeling weak, sweating, dizziness, and disoriented. So, it is essential to understand your symptoms and cater accordingly.

Wrapping Up

If your anxiety persists during travel, you should seek help from a psychologist or a trusted friend. It would be good if you did not allow anxiety to stop you from enjoying your trip. If you fear and get stressed when traveling, you can also try to look for a company from a friend or a loved one. 

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