12 Simple PR Tactics to Help You Get Press Coverage

12 Simple PR Tactics to Help You Get Press Coverage

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It is not easy to get the attention of the media for a large company, small business or a startup. Gaining exposure, awareness and credibility can be very difficult if there is no media coverage for your business. For any business the foundations that are vital as well as for the public relations, the cornerstones are basically these three things as mentioned above. However, it is not easy for small businesses or startups to use PR methods for getting exposure to the media. But you can do it by using your creativity. Here are the 12 simple PR tactics to help you get press coverage.

1. Assume that you are a reporter and then start your work – Having a to the point and interesting press release can help you a lot. The details of your contact need to be included in it and in the end tell the history of your company in a few words.

2. Make better use of your online presence – For reaching the end users your online presence is very important in today’s time when most of the people are connected digitally. Reaching people will be very easy for you if you will use various mediums like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so as to enhance your presence on social media. In publishing content, making connections and making announcements these mediums can help you a lot.

3. Create content that is compelling – If you take interest in building the reputation of your brand then it is necessary that the right people get the right information from you. They may like or dislike certain things, have some desire or speak a particular language. It is necessary for you to know about all this. The content’s topic needs to be right. Along with this if you will add emotion, value, relevancy, urgency and curiosity in your content then these elements will make your content more compelling.

4. Grab the attention of the media – Things that are creative, different and new can become news for the media. For getting a huge impact, you need to use your creativity and craft a marketing message after having a clear understanding of it. If you will provide a tempting story to the media then this will help you in grabbing the attention of the media. In order to give your information to the press it is necessary that your engagement is consistent with the TV station or local paper and for this, it is essential to develop healthy relations with them.

5. Give importance to promotion – You may be aware of how one thousand ads can grab the attention of the customers. To attract the customers in the same way, you need to do promotion. If you want to draw the interest of the customers towards the efforts of marketing communications that you have made then for doing this it is necessary that the visibility of your PR is better. For doing promotion you can take the help of posters, T-shirts, merchandising and freebies.

6. Add an element of humor – If you want that for your organization the customers should have a positive feeling then you need to use an element of humor. An advertisement that is full of humor will definitely attract a lot of customers towards it. Focus on those things that include a lot of humor and can make the target audience happy.

7. Holding media events on various occasions can benefit you – If you want to spread a message then you can take the help of a medium known as media. For announcing an important thing, holding a media junket or a press conference will be a good idea. Your event will generate interest in the media if it is based on reality. If it is not like that then the media will not take any interest in running it and consider it as useless. So, we can say that announcing only that news which is real can help you.

8. Take stunning photos – A stunning picture in your copy will say a lot more than the content itself. Less effort is required for taking a photo that looks nice. Along with this less space is taken by a picture that has a striking appearance. If you want to generate interest in the media so as to publish your story then it will be good for you that in the event you bring photographers. Along with this an invitation sent to the crews of television news can be advantageous to you.

9. Present stories – In order to make documentaries some ideas that are interesting as well as good are always the requirement of the media. The interest of the human may be so much in certain types of shows. These types of shows are always liked by the media. Whether it is tragedy, human interest, humor, a feeling of being present in the community or a humble start, everything is purposeful for the media.

10. Leverage your advertising by linking your PR with it – Mostly a superficial linking of the advertisement and the PR is done by a large number of companies. It is better to use several techniques of communication in a combined form in a campaign that any company can create. If required, a technique can boost the other technique.

11.Use a service of press release – If your company takes interest in reaching the media at a broader scale then you can benefit from the opportunity provided by the services of press release. As per your requirement from the services they may charge price or may be freely available. For a proper matching of the services with the PR it is necessary that your PR’s vision is solid.

12. Leverage LinkedIn – In businesses of all types you can get help from a site of social networking known as LinkedIn. For raising the profile of your business as well as its networking, this site will assist you. You will not get any help in product selling but your reputation can get built up with this site. But how? Here is the explanation. On the site you may be contacted by various people. You have to help each and everyone of these.

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