Which are the Top 10 Review Scraping and Monitoring Tools?

Which are the Top 10 Review Scraping and Monitoring Tools?

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How do you make product choices while buying online? Most of you claim that you consider the product’s images, pricing, user reviews, and feature comparisons before buying. And you should include reviews as another essential component! 

Reviews aid in our decision-making regarding a product’s user experience. 93% of internet shoppers, according to Dixa research, only make purchases after reading online evaluations. To bolster this, another study by Fan & Fuel found that reviews influence 97% of people’s decision-making. Additionally, it said that 92% of individuals decide against purchasing without customer evaluations. 

The statistics show that every customer reads reviews at least once before purchasing. As a result, businesses must scrape these evaluations to learn what their customers are saying about their brand.

Defining Review Scraping

With bots, you may harvest review content from the URLs you want. You can use various tools to scrape HTML websites and extract the necessary material. Additionally, these technologies enable you to save the gathered data in an organized manner for straightforward data analysis.

List of Top 10 Review Scraping Tools 

1. ProWebScraper

By using ProWebScraper, you can quickly gather evaluations from different websites without having to write any code. You can also scrape large amounts of data with it to get reviews from several pages simultaneously.

The scraping program is easy to use, even for a non-technical individual. You may enter the URL and choose which reviews you wish to scrape by clicking on them. Afterwards, you can download the extracted data in any format you like Now, is it more challenging to scrape reviews?

You may also scrape reviews, pricing, ratings, title, and other information depending on your demands.

2. Reviewapi  

A brand must consider the negative evaluations in addition to the favorable ones to improve its products. And Reviewapi aids in tracking both favorable and unfavorable reviews. As a result, brand monitoring becomes simple. A custom report can be created using the extracted reviews. Making product decisions based on the complete process might change your life. 

3. Datashake 

Duplicate replies are the most significant issue when harvesting reviews. Datashake offers original reviews from over 85 review sites, which you may download in JSON format, resolving the issue. Datashake organizes the dates in a specific way and displays them to you, even though review sites use various date formats.

4. Webz

You must choose Webz if you don’t want to lose any customers due to a language barrier. This program makes it simple to scrape reviews in different languages worldwide. You may also sort the review data according to relevancy and publication date.

5. Feedcheck

Every brand must be aware of what its customers are saying about it. And companies may get aid from Feedcheck doing this. It enables you to collect all client evaluations from online retailers to determine which aspects of your product make customers happy. You may scrape their reviews to learn what is adequate for your competitors. Additionally, this service alerts you to new reviews and allows you to express gratitude to clients for their complimentary comments.

6. Apify

Apify is another web scraping application that you could find helpful in review scraping and monitoring. To organize the data, you may automate crawling and extract the data. Additionally, you may use it to scrape prices for price comparisons.

7. Reviewing tools

According to review trackers, a brand’s success is based on what customers say. Therefore, scraping the reviews and comments is crucial if the business wants to keep its customers. Thus, review trackers help boost your brand’s online visibility, communicate with customers, and collect reviews from various websites.

8. Apify

Automating crawling and extracting the data to obtain it in a structured manner is possible. Another online scraping tool you might find helpful is Apify. You may also scrape pricing from websites to compare costs.

9. Tools for reviewing

Review trackers assert that consumer opinions are what determine a brand’s success. Therefore, scraping the evaluations and comments is essential if the company wants to maintain its clients. In light of this, review trackers allow you to gather evaluations from numerous websites, increase your company’s online visibility, and get in touch with customers.

10. Google Alert

Google Alert might be useful if you are concerned about missing any developments in your profession. In Google Alerts, you must provide the search phrases or keywords. Whenever it checks the search index, it will email you the keyword search results.As a result, you may constantly monitor what the public thinks or thinks about your search phrases.

Use Cases of Review Data Scraping 

1. Gaining Knowledge To Boost Sales

You may receive a close-up picture of the customer’s viewpoint through review scraping and monitoring. You can research what to give customers next and whether to adjust the product’s price to boost sales.

As an illustration, you might offer a product for $101, whereas a competitor might sell the identical item with the same characteristics for $96 instead. One of the factors driving clients away from you and toward your rivals may be the pricing differential.

You may learn more about what discourages your potential consumers from buying your goods by scraping these reviews. To convince potential clients that you guarantee their pleasure, it would assist if you continued to address their queries. So, if you want to boost your sales, you need to check your reviews regularly throughout the day.

2. Determine And Address Consumer Complaints.

By reading customer reviews, you can find out what your customers want. Furthermore, you learn if your product can provide the functionality needed.

Additionally, you learn what features deter buyers from buying your products. You have a good understanding of your clients’ feelings and can come up with a suitable strategy to recognise them and please them. In essence, you learn about your customers’ problems.

3. Competitor Analysis Review

Knowing what customers choice is always a smart move. You must often study evaluations of the competing brands’ items to comprehend this. 

 In this way, you will learn what your customers like about the product your competitor offers, why they choose it, and how you can improve your own product. You discover their assets and liabilities as well as their brand positioning. You should have knowledge about customer’s appreciation regarding your brand and brand quality.


You can learn what irritates them and provide them better options to entice them into your goods.

The reviews show you how to develop and maintain a competitive position.

There are very little possibilities that you will choose incorrectly for your product when you scrape reviews.


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