Top 10 Software Development Companies in the USA

Top 10 Software Development Companies in the USA

Last updated on April 8th, 2024 at 06:36 am

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If you are looking for the best software development company in the USA, then this blog post is for you. The software development service providing industry is among the most thriving business in the USA. Already, there are thousands of software development companies and freelance software developers in the market, providing reliable, quality, and affordable software development services to their clients all across the world. To find out the best software development companies, we have short-listed here the top 10 software development companies in the USA. The listing that we have prepared is based on a comprehensive market survey and client reviews. 

  1. SumatoSoft

SumatoSoft is a leading and highly trusted name when it comes to custom software development. Founded in 2012, the company has been providing a wide variety of software development services which include prototyping, business analysis, quality testing, MVP development, web development, etc. SumatoSoft is well-recognized for custom software development and delivering turn-key IT solutions to enterprises of all sizes and types. SumatoSoft upholds strong expertise, technical skills, and wide experiences in providing specialized software solutions for diverse business domains such as transport & logistics, healthcare, financial technologies, education, and many others. SumatoSoft charges about $30 – $49 per hour. 

  1. Agile Engine 

Agile Engine was established in 2010. Initially, the company started as a very experienced, skilled, and dedicated team of software designers and developers. In the client portfolio of Agile Engine, you can find all types of client companies ranging from new startups to global giants. Software solutions developed by Agile Engine are loved by millions of users from all over the world. Agile Engine has the best developers from Ukraine, Argentina, and the USA. They have a track record of creating successful apps for Facebook, Google Play and Webby Awards, etc. The company charges about $50 – $99/ per hour. 

  1. Apparent Technologies

If you are looking for a next-generation company, then Apparent Technology could turn out to be an ideal option for you. Found in 2016, the company is producing innovative solutions in digital marketing, designing, and development. Although, Apparent Technologies is a small company, still, you can find a complete set of expertise and skills under one roof. The company charges about $20 per hour. 

  1. Code Creators Inc. 

Code Creators Inc. (CCI) was established in 2010, and it immediately becomes one of the leading names in the industry. Code Creators Inc. is well-known for its exceptional expertise, cutting-edge technology stack, and a team of a highly-skilled team of professional software developers. CCI is outshining the competition by providing customized, high-=ly-functional, and affordable software solutions in diverse domains. CCI has experience of over 10 years in Web Development, Custom Software Development, Cross-Platform App Development, E-Commerce Development, Quality Assurance, IT Consulting, and Cloud Solutions. Mobile App Development, Power BI and SharePoint development Services, etc. The company charges around $50 – $99/hour for its consulting and development services. 

  1. Unified InfoTech

Working with multiple global business enterprises, Unified Infotech is an Award-Winning Software Development Company. Unified InfoTech has remained the top choice for innovative SMEs and large enterprises, as their IT partner for customized mobile and web applications. Through a perfect combination of smart planning, a forward design thinking approach, and the latest technologies, Unified InfoTech is serving its clients to improve their business productivity, efficiency, and profitability. The company charges around $25 – $49 per hour. 

  1. Archer Software 

Archer Software is a subsidiary company to Crime Groups and it is widely known for its custom software solutions and innovative IT services. The review of Archer Software has been great and it is well-recognized among its clients for providing creative digital solutions in automotive, healthcare, and finance domains. Archer Software Services charges between $50 -$99/hour. 

  1. Artelogic

Artelogic is a great option for small and medium enterprises, but it is equally helpful to large companies and start-ups. Founded in 2021, Artelogic is a well-reputed software development company that provides product development and resource augmentation services along with very high-quality solutions and reliable commitment. In their 8 years of service, they have successfully delivered over 200 projects within 15 main business domains including Microsoft, JavaScript, and PHP. Artelogic services can cost you between $50 – $99/hour. 

  1. Nine Hertz

Nine Hertz is another name that you can trust when it comes to software development companies in the USA. Nine Hertz is serving the industry with its unique digital software development solutions for more than 11 years now. Client companies for Nine Hertz are mainly from the USA, India, Australia, and UAE. At Nine Hertz, you can find a wide range of IT services including Custom Software Development, E-Commerce Development, Cloud Solutions, Quality Testing, Cross-Platform Development, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, and much more. Nine Hertz’s rates vary between $25 – $45/hour for their consulting and development services. 

  1. Viftech Solutions

Viftech Solutions is another trusted name within the industry for providing quality IT consulting and development services. The company is well-versed for its dedicated, skilled, and professional team of web designers, software developers, and quality experts. Viftech Solutions is marking a prominent place in the competition, despite being a small software development company. Still, you can find all kinds of latest development expertise and latest technologies under one roof. Viftech Solution is taking pride in providing reliable Mobile App Development, UX/UI development, Power BI Development, E-Commerce Development, SharePoint Development, Web Development, Custom Software Development, Cross-Platform App Development, Quality Assurance, IT Consulting and Cloud Solutions for more than 10 years now.

  1. Zealous Web

ZealousWeb is a leading digital service provider that is known for providing innovative software solutions. The company is known for providing the best technological services and digital solutions in the market. So, if you are looking for an affordable, yet reliable company for IT Consulting, Mobile App Development, E-Commerce Development, UX/UI development, SharePoint Development, Web Development, Quality Assurance, and Cloud Solutions. ZealousWeb is serving a large clientele base since 2003 and generally charges between $30 – $45/hour for their IT consulting and development services. 

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