Top 15 Blockchain Startups of 2023: The Impact of Distributed Technologies on Project Development

Top 15 Blockchain Startups of 2023: The Impact of Distributed Technologies on Project Development

Last updated on January 5th, 2023 at 05:59 am

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Today, blockchain is actively gaining interest among users and developers. Eventually, an increasing number of services are created via this technology, which is pretty successful. In this article, we will look at the best Blockchain Startups that may help you to find inspiration for future products.

FinTech Blockchain Startups


A startup that supports businesses in ensuring transparency of operations. The project uses real-time monitoring of commodities. The technology authorizes tracking of the origin and movement of products by collecting this information. Further, it can be provided to potential buyers. In addition, it will allow you to integrate data into internet services, increasing confidence between sellers and buyers.

BitGive Foundation

BitGive Foundation created the GiveTrack blockchain platform. Its primary function is to track charity donations. The technology provides transparency in transactions, providing more credibility to philanthropy. The startup is non-commercial and plays a significant role in the evolution of the charitable sector, allowing donors to track further actions with their contributions.


A successful blockchain-based startup is now actively used by the government of Dubai. The platform gives the ability to integrate loyalty cards into one system. In addition, the startup operates smart contracts and FinTech blockchain technologies and allows you to organize the management of loyalty systems and multi-brand coalitions effectively.


A startup concentrated on the security of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It allows you to track down criminals in the decentralized finance industry by tracking bitcoin transactions. This solution improves the interaction of official economic institutions with blockchain FinTech enterprises and the possibility of active growth of the latter.


This startup is widely known and has its own ETH cryptocurrency and programming language. It is a whole blockchain platform that allows you to implement many technical solutions, including the famous non-fungible tokens (NFT) and much more. Ethereum also actively uses the technology of smart contracts, which entitles the implementation of transactions to a new level. The project elevated many other startups, which we will also tell you about later.

The mentioned startups are a great example of how the FinTech industry interacts with blockchain technology. Therefore, you may use their experience for your product, expanding and improving it with the help of experts in fintech development services.

Blockchain-Based IT Startups

IT startups can also be improved with the help of blockchain.


It is a decentralized cloud platform that enables solving many of the complexities associated with the security of personal data. For example, it allows you to act with information without disclosing it completely to all parties. Also, more severe protection against server hacking is provided thanks to decentralization. This project, created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, will be helpful for any industry that uses cloud technology in its work.


One of those Ethereum startups that we mentioned earlier. Ethcore intends to expand the maturation of the Ethereum blockchain stack and support partners who want to innovate using the smart contract system. Also, the company received a grant from the Innovate United Kingdom, a British government fund, to build a next-generation distributed ledger foundation system for institutional transmission, empowerment, and consensus.


This startup has a lot in common with the previous one. However, its specialization is solutions for financial systems. Blockstream also provides consulting assistance for firms that want to implement blockchain into their software. The project’s primary purpose is to enhance the safety and trust of financial technologies through decentralized technologies.


Colony is essentially a social network for coworking. It enables quickly and efficiently assembling teams to perform a wide variety of tasks and also allows one user to converge several types of activities in different areas. The startup also created its cryptocurrency called “nectar,” which is used to pay within the platform. The benefit of its application lies in the productivity of process management in the project.


The startup combined wide-used technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain. It also utilizes Ethereum and allows you to enrich the functionality of smart homes. Slokit can integrate smart contract technology with physical objects using IoT. For example, using this software, you can open and close a physical lock with only your mobile phone.

The prospects for blockchain startups are enormous, and the IT industry needs them almost the most, so the number of such solutions will only increase.

Blockchain Healthcare Startups

You may be surprised, but blockchain technology is also actively used in medicine.

Hashed Health

Hashed Health is strategically targeted to start developing in the health field to optimize inefficient care models and address a range of these problems. They are actively collaborating with Martin Ventures, a leader in healthcare investment, and Fenbushi Capital, a leader in blockchain investment. The startup aims to create software based on blockchain technology that will help doctors interact more effectively with patients and improve the healthcare system.


The startup pays huge attention to solving the problem of ecology. They use the blockchain ecosystem to achieve their goal of stimulating healthcare and also pay great attention to studying the situation with carbon offset and its relationship with the blockchain.


MedRec is a startup that aims to transfer medical records to storage using the blockchain. They are going to use Ethereum in the field of healthcare actively. The project involves smart contract technology and will allow patients to manage their medical data. It will also help to establish simplified communication with health care providers.

Blockchain Health Co.

Like the previous one, this startup aims to improve digitized communication between medical researchers and users. The platform will allow patients to share and manage their medical data while ensuring complete security. Using blockchain technology ensures that all information provided by the user is protected from third parties and illegal theft. 


The project touches on a rather sensitive topic of data falsification in medical records. Blockchain helps to solve this issue as it allows you to track each data change operation, which will enable you to quickly calculate when, by whom, and how the information was changed. This will ensure a transparent health care system and provide greater credibility.


Blockchain technology today provides huge prospects for developing various industries. It can be applied in as many ways as your imagination allows and succeed, benefiting people and your own prosperity. So take your idea to an experienced software provider who will help you bring it to life and become a business leader in your field.

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