Top 10 Places to Buy Used Technology Online

Top 10 Places to Buy Used Technology Online

Last updated on March 24th, 2021 at 12:41 pm

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There are two kinds of shoppers, the one who shop according to their requirements and the other one who shop more than their requirements. No matter if you are the first or second one, one day your shopped items would end up being trash once get old.

Now with the help of online platforms, you can sell your used things including electronics, furniture, outfits, home décor items, vehicles, and almost everything possible. Now when these things are for sale, there are buyers too and buying used things is quite a great idea.

Buying second-hand, refurbished, and old items can help you save a lot of money and you can own almost the same product at a comparatively cheaper price. Here we are to discuss those platforms where you can buy used technology without paying for the base price when it was new.


The world’s biggest online shopping platform lets its users buy used and refurbished technology. You can buy almost every gadget and gizmo from Amazon from their refurbished category. From smart doorbells to TV sets and from smartphones to microwaves, you can shop almost everything from Amazon.

The best part of buying used things from this platform is that you get an assured warranty of few months and all the products are inspected by experts and professionals before putting them on sale. Thus Amazon makes it possible for its users to own near to new used technologies at a cheaper price.


eBay is one of the first platforms for selling items and online auctions. It gets improvised with time and has become the top eCommerce site worldwide. You can still sell your products and also shop the used ones. When it comes to selling old electronics, eBay also provides warranty assurance and those products go under strict verification.


If you are only looking for a used and refurbished smartphone, then Gazelle could be a better place to search for a quality used cell phones. This platform also offers Macs and tablets so you have more choices other than just smartphones. Gazelle lets you buy used technology as well as you can also sell your old cell phone, Macs, and tablets to earn fast and easy cash.

4.Facebook Marketplace

Social media platforms are a great place for buying and selling things especially Facebook. It makes it possible to get easily connect with people and you will get tons of responses once you ask anything about selling or buying. If you haven’t done any buying or selling through Facebook then you must keep few things in your mind such as;

  • Not to share your personal information
  • Your location
  • Contact details
  • Bank details etc


One of India’s first online marketplaces for buying and selling commodities and the name is OLX which stands for Online Exchange. Not only used tech, but you can also buy or sell almost every item possible through OLX and get great deals. It was a lot popular a while ago but people still used this platform for buying and selling things.

With a dedicated search option, large category, and easy user interface, OLX is undoubtedly a place for buying used technology and you wouldn’t regret using this platform. If you are doing it for the first time, make sure to follow few guidelines as not to reveal too much of your personal data to avoid online frauds.


Another great place relevant to OLX and this time its Quikr. Both platforms are almost identical and you can switch to Quikr if you don’t get a good deal on OLX. You can visit its official website or can also use it through its app. It will be a great experience surfing and looking for quality used technologies on Quikr.

7.Best Buy

Best Buy is a fully dedicated online global marketplace especially for used tech and you can shop for tons of used and refurbished electronics whether its smartphone, TV sets, earphones, Macs, laptops, computers, microwave, freezer, drones, smartwatches, home assistants, fitness trackers, and the list goes on.

You can even buy DVDs of your favorite movies from Best Buy and grab a great deal. Its categorized section makes it possible to filter the products you want to buy. The delivery service of Best Buy is amazingly fast and you can get your items delivered the very next or even the same day your order.


A few years back UpTrade was a place for selling smartphones but these days it has added the buying feature too. Now you can make instant cash by selling your old smartphones at the same time can buy refurbished cell phones at a cheap price if needed. UpTrade offers smartphones only after rigorous inspection and also an excellent 30-day warranty.


Another great platform with great features and the name is Craiglist. It offers a huge range of commodities to be sold. You can buy tons of items other than used technology from this site whether it’s antiques, jewelry, car parts, books, furniture, tools, toys, games, and a lot of other things. You can even hunt for jobs on Craiglist and that makes it different from other marketplaces.


LetGo makes it possible for everyone to sell and buy nearly everything in an easier and more organized way. You can sell your sports items, vehicles, vehicle parts, home and garden tools/stuff, movies, book, music, electronics on the other hand you can also buy all the things mentioned above at a cheap price.

Bottom Line:

Innovation has made our life a lot easier and you can do such things nowadays that weren’t possible before. You can buy your things easily and the best part you got hundreds of deals to finalize the best one. Vice versa, you can also buy those used things and technologies at a comparatively cheaper price.

This post about the top 10 places to buy used technology will no doubt help you in owning quality and checked second-hand electronics, gadgets, and gizmos without spending much. The availability of more options makes it possible to choose the best one according to a particular’s requirements.

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