The Best Educational Robots For Kids Above 6 Years Of Age

The Best Educational Robots For Kids Above 6 Years Of Age

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Cyber ​​Talk Robot, a cheap robot easy to program

This robot surprises in its characteristics for its quality price. It is a cheap robot that, in addition to 4 game modes, allows you to start learning the programming language for children, recommended for kids aged 8 and above.

Robot Dash, ideal to start programming with blocks

Dash is an extremely thorough instructional robot that is suggested for kids between the ages of 5 and 12. It is one of the best options if you want to give a child a gift and start programming. In addition to having fun programming the robot, you can create music and solve different challenges, such as puzzles.

Among its features, we highlight that it also allows you to program with Apple’s Swift playgrounds.

Robot Edison, the programmable educational car to give away

Edison is one of the best robotics kits for kids. The best way to take advantage of it is from 6 years of age, although it is indicated from 4 years of age. With the appearance of a robotic car, it has a multitude of functions.

  • Follow the lines of a tour
  • Communicates with other robots
  • dodge objects
  • Moves with the sound of a clap
  • It is programmable by blocks and text
  • It is compatible with Lego applications
  • It incorporates light sensors.

The Edison robot can be used as a pull vehicle for other toys. Due to its characteristics and its price, it has become one of the best cheap and programmable robots on the market.

Sphero Bolt, perfect for an introduction to robotics

Your children’s interest will be piqued by the Sphero Bolt, a ball-shaped teaching robot. It’s for kids above 6 years of age. It is a programmable robotics set with a matrix of LEDs that light up in the dark. It has the following characteristics:

  • Light and infrared sensors
  • accelerometer
  • Compass
  • Gyroscope
  • It is also waterproof

The programming method is through drawings, the typical programming by blocks or by text through the use of Javascript. It has its own educational application Sphero Edu so that you can make the most of its possibilities.

Lego Wedo 2.0, one of the best robotics games for primary school children

Due to their characteristics, Lego robotics kits for children attract a battalion of young people eager to learn and have fun. The Lego robotics apps for children aged 6 to 10, elementary school-age children, and older children have been thoughtfully created to support teen learning.

Lego Wedo 2.0 belongs to the Lego Education line and is very complete. It is a robot used in robotics courses and workshops, although of course, you can also enjoy it at home.

The recommended age to start playing with it is 5 years old, although from 6 or 7 is when they begin to get more performance. The price is to take it into account, but if you want your child to have a good tool, you are facing one of the best robotics kits for primary school children.

Lego Boost, a robot to discover robotics with Lego

We present Lego Boost, an educational robotics kit for primary school children designed by Simon Kent among others. The recommended age to use this robot is between 7 and 12 years old. Creating a robot will no longer be exclusively a task for experts in robotics engineering.

The “maker movement” served as inspiration for this Lego-built robot. It allows you to create a robot from scratch in an easy and intuitive way. The assembly set has multiple pieces, sensors and motors (Move Hub), with which you can assemble different figures ranging from a guitar to an excavator and a robotic dog.

  • Scratch-dragging block programming
  • You can assemble 5 types of figures
  • You can add your own voice to the robot
  • Familiarize yourself and install real sensors and motors
  • If you have Lego pieces, you can add them and create your own figures

When you buy it, you receive information about 60 exclusive activities and games for your children to program and have fun. Scratch has prepared its platform to be able to integrate the robot with its application.

Robot Mind Designer by Clementoni

Clementoni robots stand out for being cheap robots, ideal for starting programming. Are they simple? Yes, will my child have fun programming? Of course. This robot is recommended for boys and girls over 7 years old. With Mind Designer you will forget about assemblies, directly to programming, promoting the Steam methodology in which you combine arithmetic and geometric shapes.

Programming is versatile since you can program the robot from the robot’s shell itself, by voice recognition, from a Tablet or from the Mind app compatible with Android and iOs. In the box, you will find two boards, one type of “escape room” and another with which they will practice mathematical operations.

Sphero Star Wars Programmable Robots

For children and not-so-young fans of Star Wars, we introduce you to the robots developed by the robotics company Sphero themed on Star Wars. You can find everything from the endearing android R2-D2 to R001 Row, the spherical robot from the latest trilogy.

The best robotics kits for 10, 11 and 12-year-olds

Without a doubt, we have reached the age where educational robots can be used to the fullest. That is why it is important to give them access to robots and programming with which they can continue developing their projects.

How to learn to create educational robotics projects

Normally within the packaging itself, they bring their instructions, although you can always download them in pdf from the official apps, such as the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Store. You can also progress by picking up ideas from the many robotics videos on YouTube.

Why buy robotics sets for children?

Whether we like it or not, the robotics sector is part of our present and future. Precisely for this reason,we must bring them closer to robots from an early age. Promoting this we offers some futuristic robotics kits for kinds. They are games for children that will favour their creativity and skills, whether to play at home with original gifts or work as a team with their friends and classmates.

If you have the opportunity, encourage them to participate in workshops and after-school robotics courses. There they will develop their learning skills in programming in a faster and more fun way. 

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