Tested Ways to Increase Cyber Security

Tested Ways to Increase Cyber Security

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An organization has to take lots of steps and spend thousands of dollars to ensure the safety of its employees, data, and other assets. You must be aware that every organization hires a cyber security testing company every year once or twice to ensure every security check is intact and healthy. However, due to the lack of some effort and ignorance from the organization or its employees, the security of the whole organization is jeopardized. If your organization has faced some cybercriminals in the past even after putting up walls, you must have gone wrong somewhere. Here are some of the best and tested ways to help you increase the cybersecurity of your organization.

Information Security Department

A lot of companies believe that once they have paid a testing company, their part of the job is done. This behavior gets these companies in trouble. Due to such experiences, software houses have felt the need to have their own information security departments to keep an eye on all of the security-related activities going on in their network. If you do not have an information security department of your own, it is time you consider having one.

Teach and Train Your Staff

It is important for your employees to be aware of security threats as well. Make sure to arrange a few teaching and training sessions where you invite experts from a cyber security testing company. Make these sessions a part of your 6 months to a year plan where you can discuss different ways to increase cybersecurity with your employees. Taking this step can benefit you in a lot more ways than you imagine.

Apply Rewarding System

A lot of studies have shown rewarding can encourage your employees to become your teammates and think towards your benefit. Encourage your employees to pinpoint the issues they find on your website, software, or security checks. This would help you discover the loopholes before anyone else finds about them and use them against you. All you have to do in return is to praise your employees and give them a few rewards.

Add to Your Security

Add to your security strength by adding a few antivirus software to your belt. Do some market research and buy the best security software available in the market. Make sure to keep this software updated all the time. Also, we would suggest that you assess this software every 8 months or a year and change it if needed.

Keep Backup

Let’s imagine the cyber security testing company you hired failed to protect your organization and cybercriminals get their hands on your data. There is no guarantee of them returning your data even if you pay the ransom. You need to have a plan B for this situation. Make sure you always keep a backup of your data so you can recover it in case your system is compromised. A lot of the companies are using different platforms and ways to back up their data, which one do you have on your mind?

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