Reliable Ways To Export NSF to PST: The Helpful Guide

Reliable Ways To Export NSF to PST: The Helpful Guide

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If you are searching for an answer on how do I convert NSF files to PST then you reached the right place. Here, we will describe the best available methods to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook. It contains manual methods with easy steps. To make the conversion process easy we are involving the expert-suggested utility. The name of the software is Sysinfo NSF to PST Converter. But before that let’s see the some motives of NSF to PST conversion.

Reasons to Convert NSF to Outlook PST

There are some common reasons to export NSF to PST:-

  1. Lotus Notes is more expensive as compared to the Outlook application.
  2. Outlook smoothly works on all Mobile devices.
  3. Lotus Notes does not access the mailboxes in poor internet connection.
  4. Outlook provides more security features than IBM Lotus Notes. 

These all are reasons to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook. Let’s go towards the manual method to convert NSF file to PST. 

Manual Procedures to Export NSF to PST

In this manual method, we will use the Lotus Notes application to convert NSF to Outlook PST. This method contains two stages:-

  1. Export NSF data to CSV
  2. Import CSV file into Outlook PST

Stage 1 Export NSF file to CSV

  1. Firstly, Open Lotus Note on your system.
  2. After that Go to the File and choose Open.
  3. Now, select the NSF file that you want to export.
  4. To start the process, Go to the File menu and Click on Ok.
  5. After that, set a file name and choose its location. Then, Go for the Comma separated value as the under the option save as type.
  6. Now, appeared as a Dialogue box, select the option as per your need. 
  7. Finally, Click on the OK button. 

Here, we have successfully exported the NSF file into PST format. After that, we need to follow the more steps that are mentioned in the next phase. 

Stage 2. Import CSV File into Outlook PST format

Following are the given steps to import CSV File into Outlook PST format:-

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook on your system.
  2. Now, tap on the File menu bar and select Open and Export. 
  3. Select the Import and Export option to open the Import/Export Wizard.
  4. In the Opened Windows, go for Import from another program file and Click on the Next button.
  5. Now, choose the desired file type for import, specifically select Comma CSV from the available options, and proceed by clicking on Next.
  6. To start scan and find the CSV file in the previous stage. Then, Go to the alternative related to duplicates and Click on Next.
  7. Afterwards, select the location folder to save the Outlook file and Click on the Next button.
  8. Finally, select the given check box in appeared dialogue box and Click on the Next button. 

By following the above-mentioned steps, we can successfully import CSV files. With the manual process, users can export NSF to PST. However, many experts don’t advise using the manual method because manual methods have some restrictions. Let us discuss some of the limitations in the next context. 

Limitations Of Using Manual Methods to Export NSF to PST

The following are some Drawbacks Of Using Manual Steps:-

  1. The manual methods consume lots of time.
  2. It involved difficult and tedious steps.
  3. Users need to have knowledge of both email providers.
  4. It does not allow to convert multiple NSF files at a time. 
  5. The manual technique does not provide data security. 

You can apply another method to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook. The successive method is a professional technique to export NSF file to PST.

Professional Way to Convert NSF to PST

The automated method contains a trustworthy tool named NSF to PST Converter. It helps you to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook PST format. It allows users to convert multiple NSF files into PST at once therefore, it does not take lots of time and effort. Its user-friendly interface makes the process easy even novice users can easily use this tool. The professional method has some special features for quick and easy conversion. It provides data security there is no chance of data loss. Now, let’s move to the next phase to know what we learned from this article. 

Final Thoughts 

In this post, we learned how to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook PST manually. Also, we saw that manual methods have some weaknesses therefore the manual methods are not safe. Therefore, we also include here the professional method to export NSF to PST. So, I recommend you apply a professional approach to ensure a smooth and secure conversion process.

Author Bio:-

Pallavi Kumari is Technical Content Writer at Sysinfo Tools, she writes about Email, Backup, and Email Migration for Linux/Mac/Windows systems. She has over 2 years of experience in the field of Cloud databases, and AI Big Data.

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