Nature vs Technology – How Are We Taking Some Key Risks?

Nature vs Technology – How Are We Taking Some Key Risks?

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Are We Combining Nature and Technology or Praising One More and the Other Less?

Technology is something which we all not just love, but we are dependent on it and are constantly relying heavily on it to get most of our works done successfully. Technology is widespread while we find it in our homes, in the neighborhood, in our vehicles, and everything one can name. Technology in the 21st century is believed to be the most powerful thing on earth. Technology can shape anything, give or take fame and lead an individual or an organization to its desired success levels.

However, the only thing superior in power compared with technology is nature. Technically, if there hadn’t been nature, there would have been no signs of technology. Technology is the invention of humans, while humans are the invention of nature. Hence, it is important to acknowledge that for sure, we are going the wrong way. Instead of encouraging the ones who have made technology possible for us, we have been praising the creation rather than the creator. Similarly, there is no comparison between the creator and the creation. It is the idea of the creator which has materialised positively.

Just to explain how many of us still remember Thomas Edison, the creator/inventor of a light:

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Comparing Nature and Technology – Which Do We Prefer Justifiably?

They had individuality. Technology is what is needed today to survive; for example, to travel far away, we need vehicles and transportation rather than travel through camels and horses because they are not even faster than a car. Similarly, in the case of medical and health issues, we need advanced medications and well-equipped machinery for surgeries. Technology is now a part of our life, so many tasks are incomplete without it. The world is facing disaster and difficult situations which become worse if we did not improve the technology like without e-commerce, we cannot get our essentials on our doorstep and stepping out to get them during even dangerous pandemic.

Nature had its values and core importance because, without nature, technology cannot even be started. For example, technology is working through electricity, and electricity comes from the solar system and many other electricity generation techniques. These solar systems absorb sunlight through solar panels, which are then supplied to many areas and regions through wires and technology so they can be used appropriately.

Technology is also widely used in skincare and haircare methods. New high definition facial, keratin treatments, and Spa are most preferred above all. These methods rapidly and visibly show results and instantly improve the skin problems and give a glow. But on the other side, natural treatment organic products may show results slow, and they give more long-lasting effects and give skin a boost without damaging it. Whereas technical and technological treatment makes skin older before it supposes to be.

If we have seen the other side of the picture, technology does destroy nature and human beings also because after the technology getting advanced and rapidly spreading everywhere and making everything automated, human beings are so much dependent on it. In future, technology will replace drivers, cook, call centre, pilots, teachers, gardeners, and human beings stick to the houses unemployed and useless. Physical activities and games are being replaced with video games, PS5, and other games.

After closely analyse the merits and demerits of technology and nature, we can now interpret that too much dependency and reliance on technology will ruin the generation to generation and swallow all the job and employment opportunities within five to six years. While nature gives the whole peaceful and refreshing vibes and makes human beings healthy and determinant. It is important to balance the both and involve equally in life to get all the benefits like technology makes life fast and easy while nature boost up the energy and health and gives a peace of mind which can cause reduction of depression and anxiety.

Taking a Solid Decision Ahead

Hence, we need to understand and come forward with a robust solution that can change the perception of the global population. All these initiatives require awareness which can only spread through a decision that is surrounded with cooperation from everyone and which has been agreed upon mutually.

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