Most 10 Popular Messaging APIs Lists

Most 10 Popular Messaging APIs Lists

Last updated on July 3rd, 2023 at 05:57 pm

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Traditional modes of communication such as SMS and MMS seem like a thing of the past now. Given the present age of technological advancements, the shift towards modern messaging applications has been quite rapid. In fact, several messaging applications have provided developers with their APIs to integrate their communication capacities into their applications. In this article, we shall discuss in detail the 10 best messaging API providers for Android, iOS and websites. 

We digged into various messaging apps on the basis of the following: 

1. API features 

We performed a thorough assessment of several features of every single API and conducted their comparative analysis. 

2. Platform availability 

We carefully observed the different set ups that support the applications. 

3. Popularity 

Not every messaging API is popular. We have conducted each app’s evaluation to understand which apps are worth integration. 

4. Price 

We have estimated each price requirement. 

5. Ease of use

Messaging APIs should be easy to use and embed into applications. We have studied each chat app API in detail. 

Learn About 10 Best In-app Chat APIs 

1. WhatsApp – One of the best messaging API for iOS, android & websites

FaceBook owns WhatsApp. It is a cross platform messaging application. Let us dig into its details: 

  • API features – It comprises an API named WhatsApp Business API. This API feature helps you craft a business profile that highlights your business offerings, real-time chat capabilities, media sharing capacities, video calling feature and much more.
  • Platform availability – Can run on mobile, web and desktop computers. 
  • Popularity – According to a Statista report, there were over 2 billion
    users in January 2021. This clearly shows how useful this API can be for your business. 
  • Price – It is absolutely free. 
  • Ease of use – Get comprehensive documents via FaceBook to integrate the API into your system. 

2. Slack – Popular messaging API

Slack is mainly used for communication among teams. 

  • API features – It provides you with multiple APIs. You can utilize its RTM API to receive real-time Slack events and send messages. You can create files and various communication channels. One can also integrate with third-party applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox and many more.
  • Platform availability – Available on web browser, mobile devices, desktops and Apple watch.
  • Popularity – According to a report, Slack had 12 million daily active users. 
  • Price – You can use Slack for free. However, you shall be limited to 10,000 message searches and 10 app integrations. There is no provision for group calls. To access additional features, you need to pay $6.6 monthly per active user. 
  • Ease of use – It has insightful tutorials that help in API implementation. 

3. CONTUS MirrorFly – Best Real-time messaging API Provider 

Having successfully facilitated 1.8 million+ conversations across the globe, it offers you real time chat, video and audio calling for web and mobile apps. 

  • API features – You can engage in video conferencing, SIP/VoIP calling, screen sharing, live broadcasting, call recording, and much more. You can also perform team collaboration. 
  • Platform availability – Available on web and mobile apps. 
  • Popularity – It has enabled 1B+ conversations. 
  • Price – Fully Customizable Solution
  • Ease of Use – Self hosted chat solution that allows developers to build secure real time chat, voice and audio application 

4. Telegram – Real time messaging API for android, iOS & websites

Get secured and quick communications with Telegram.

  • API features – It offers two APIs, namely Bot API and Telegram API. Bot API helps you create bots that enable you to interact with Telegram systems. You can receive notifications, reply to users and integrate with third-party applications. On the other hand, Telegram API helps you create Telegram apps that enable you to send and receive messages and create groups. 
  • Platform availability – Available on mobile, we and desktops 
  • Popularity – As per a report, Telegram has 400 million monthly active users worldwide. 
  • Price – 100% cost free 
  • Ease of use – Offers you with detailed documentation on API usage. 

5. Facebook Messenger – Can be the best Messaging API 

It simplifies instant messaging and sharing of interactive content. 

  • API features – You can send and receive various types of content, connect with people, receive payments, retrieve IDs and track business performance via Facebook Analytics. 
  • Platform availability – Available on mobile and web. 
  • Popularity – 2.85 billion active monthly users as per the first quarter of 2021. 
  • Price– Completely free 
  • Ease of use – Offers easy to comprehend documentation, templates and tutorials. 

6. Skype – Popular messaging API for apps and websites

It offers real-time audio and video chat across different platforms. 

  • API features – Get customized solutions for your business requirements. You can utilize Skype Bot API for conducting personalized communications with people. Also, the Skype Interview API allows you to schedule and conduct interviews. It also allows you to integrate payment options into your website. 
  • Platform availability – Web, mobile devices, desktops, Xbox One.
  • Popularity – Around 1.33 million registrations as per a report. 
  • Price – 100% free of cost
  • Ease of Use – Get access to detailed developer materials and informative resources. 

7. Viber – Reliable messaging API

It provides safe and protected instant messaging, calling and media sharing. 

  • API features – Send and receive messages, perform video calls and get user details. 
  • Platform availability – Available on mobile devices and desktops. 
  • Popularity – 1.17 billion registered users worldwide.
  • Price – Totally free.
  • Ease of use – Get comprehensive documentation for hassle-free implementation. 

8. WeChat – Trusted Chat platform API

It provides you with instant messaging and audio/video chats. 

  • API features – API allows you send and receive messages, get users’ details such as location, media sharing that includes music content too. 
  • Platform availability – Available on desktops, mobile devices and web browsers. 
  • Popularity – It has 1.24 billion monthly active users. 
  • Price – You can get WeChat for free. 
  • Ease of use – Detailed developer documentation and SDKs for seamless implementation. 

9. LINE – Top Instant messaging API

It allows you to conduct audio and video calls, share images and perform instant messaging. 

  • API features – You can create two-way communication between your application and LINE users. You can send push messages, conduct group chats, retrieve user profiles and enjoy media sharing options. 
  • Platform availability – You can operate LINE on desktops, mobile devices and Chrome web browser. 
  • Popularity – LINE is extremely popular in most of the Asian countries like Japan, Indonesia and Thailand. However, it has started to gain popularity worldwide. 
  • Price – It is 100% free. 
  • Ease of use – It offers easy to follow documentation. 

10. LiveAgent – Popular Messaging API

It is an online application that enables real time communications with website visitors. 

  • API features – It helps you get a list of companies, find reports, register customers, start and delete conversations and many more. LiveAgent also allows you to integrate with a diverse range of third-party applications. 
  • Platform availability – Available on web browsers and desktop computers. 
  • Popularity – It is serving 40,000 businesses worldwide. 
  • Price – You will get a 14-days free trial with LiveAgent. After that, you need to pay to leverage the API features. The plans start from $9 per person monthly. 
  • Ease of use – You will be provided with in-depth developer documentation and code examples to smoothen your implementation process. 


Give way to smarter communications with leading in app chat API

So, this was our list of top 10 messaging APIs. We hope that our list helps you get the best messaging API provider. Leverage the most efficient messaging API and move towards innovative communications. 

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