Key Principles of International Publishing and How to Apply Them

Key Principles of International Publishing and How to Apply Them

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Publishing is never an easy feat, especially on an international level. There are a lot of things to juggle, including searching for executive or entry-level professionals and employees, hiring an editorial team, journalists, editors, and proofreaders, producing authentic content regularly, and analyzing readership demographics. Not to mention all the management that needs to be done when you distribute content daily in different countries and time zones. 

Whether you want to get into this business or seek a career in publishing, it’s always beneficial to understand the ins and outs of the industry. In this article, we’ll write about what international publishing is, what it involves and list the main trends. 

Major trends in the publishing industry

International publishing has undergone revolutionary changes in the last couple of years. The focus shifted to the digital-first experience and more meaningful, informative, and engaging content.

The most prominent trends that will shape this year include:

  • Diversification of the distribution platforms. Being an active publisher across many platforms is a viable promotion strategy. Just keep the stable sources of traffic and leverage others for better growth.
  • Storytelling, as a new format in media. According to the Go Globe research, when data is combined with a story, information retention increases from up to 67%. Indeed, storytelling strengthens communication by evoking laughter, envy, and empathy in them. Therefore, publishers should produce and tell more meaningful stories.
  • The content quality is beyond everything. It’s not rocket science. If the user finds the content compelling and valuable, it becomes more and more shareable. That is to say, the audience sticks only with those publishing companies that implement the best practices of delivering relevant and trustworthy content.

What does a successful publishing company look like?

AmoMama is an entertainment media publishing platform and is a bright example of how the publishing network functions. It is actually one of the units of the international IT company AMO, which deals with global projects and content production. 

As a traditional publishing company, it creates and distributes written work of high quality and accuracy. AmoMama writes exclusive and fascinating stories about your favorite icons, musicians, authors, and historical figures as well as updates you on the most recent news in the celebrity world. 

Their mission is to share wonderful stories to the world that matter and interest people. As AmoMama writes: “We believe that through stories we can make our readers’ lives better.” Publishing is about a lot of grunt work and competition, but the output and feedback from the audience allow us to go through all the challenges. And more than 1 million readers from different parts of the world strengthen their faith in creative publishing every day.

The importance and power of words

Following the example of AmoMama, we should outline the importance and power of words. It is such a great honor to see how readers can be touched by stories. Even, if they are not very serious and more entertaining, you can make it sound like food for thought. In international publishing, stories are the most effective instrument to change someone’s life, inspire, motivate, or simply put a smile on someone’s face with a joke. 

A team fully engaged in the process

Another vital component of international publishing is a committed team that truly cares about its end product and readers. The AmoMama editorial staff works from all over the world. Our editors and writers are located in many countries, and therefore it is so important to manage it in the most responsible way. To run a successful publishing house, not only do you need to source talented individuals but also provide them with clear direction and give them something to aim for collectively even if they are on different continents or time zones. Publishing at least 30 articles per day and covering various topics can be one of such aims. 

Respect toward the intellectual property

Last but not least, in international publishing you need to strive to protect all intellectual property, whether it belongs to you or to someone else. As a company, AmoMama aspires to provide balanced, transparent, and accurate information across all of its platforms. So, they follow stringent guidelines to ensure the creation of high-quality entertainment content.

Respecting the intellectual property of others involves obtaining authorization and licensing agreements before using any proprietary information and strictly adhering to the terms of use. Allowing the misuse of information or plagiarism will contradict the core values of honesty, caring, and integrity, which are so worshiped in the international community.

To sum up

International publishing encompasses a large audience and requires great knowledge of the industry. You need to deal with different projects, manage digital content, set up printing workflows, and collaborate with other media platforms or apply for sponsorships, let alone the content itself. 

Working in publishing also involves design, review, distribution, and publication of content across multiple channels including websites, newspapers, magazines, or other media. So, you really need to be invested in the product you create and deliver value to your audience.

Undoubtedly, running an international publishing house is a notoriously hard business to get into, but it definitely pays you off with reading time and response.

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