How to Get Accurate Readings for Body Temperature?

How to Get Accurate Readings for Body Temperature?

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As a child, everyone remembers falling sick terribly. But what children remember the most is the instance where parents touched the forehead to see if one had a fever. Those gestures were not scientific, but reassuring in many ways. But as logic is searched in everything, everyone has become aware of the fact that the body temperature fluctuates during the day. 

For example, it can drop in the morning and rise again in the late afternoon or evening. Knowing the logic can make one unsure when it comes to taking a temperature. Although there are other approaches to this, thermometers have traditionally been the simplest way to measure body temperature. In order to know more, keep reading until the end.

How to get Accurate Readings for Body Temperature?

In order to get the right reading for the body temperature, here are a few tips that must be considered.

  1. Choose the Right Body Part 

It is essential to select the appropriate body part as the first initial step when checking temperature. You have a variety of body parts to pick from while taking the measurement, including:

  • Measurement of the rectal area
  • Axillary measurement 
  • Oral measurement
  1. Pick the Right Type of Thermometer

In the next step, it is essential to choose the right thermometer. This depends on which body part you will be measuring the temperature from. Some of the types of thermometers that you can choose from are

  • Ear thermometer 
  • Forehead thermometer 
  • Rectal thermometer
  • Digital thermometer
  • Infrared thermometer
  • Bluetooth thermometer
  1. Keep the Thermometer in the Right Place

In the next step, you need to place the thermometer. But be sure to clean and wash your hands with warm water after using one. Then make sure that you have cleansed the thermometer in the cold water as well. When it is finished, put it under your tongue and listen for the beep. You are able to read the temperature now. In addition to this, if you are monitoring, remember to record the temperature beside the time.

  1. Clean the Thermometer 

Once you are done measuring the temperature, it is highly recommended to clean the thermometer for maintained hygiene. For more precautions, you must rinse it using cold water and clean it with alcohol. Besides, if it is a digital rectal thermometer then cleaning thoroughly using soap and water would be a good choice. 

  1. Call a Doctor

For any reason if you’re unable to check the accurate temperature or if something unusual happens, then the best option would be to call a doctor. You can allow your doctor to carry on with the process and at the same time you can clear your queries such as which are the best thermometers or which numbers should be kept track of, etc. 

Different Ways to Take Your Temperature 

While there are many ways to take your temperature, the most accurate is using digital thermometers. To help you, here are different ways to take your temperature using a digital thermometer:

  1. Temporal Artery Thermometers for Forehead 

These thermometers are used to check the temperature of the blood vessels by measuring infrared heat waves. These are best for infants older than 3 months, children, and adults. 

Procedure to Use- 

  • Turn on the thermometer.
  • Follow the instructions given about where to place it. 
  • Now you can read the temperature. 
  1. Rectal Thermometers for Newborns/Infants  

These thermometers are best for newborns/infants and for children under the age of 3. 

Procedure to Use- 

  • Firstly take petroleum jelly or any other lubricant and put a dab of it on the tip of the thermometer. 
  • Now place the infant on their back or place their belly side down across your lap, keeping your hand on the infant’s lower back. 
  • Now insert the thermometer up to an inch into the infant’s rectum. 
  • Next, leave the thermometer in place. 
  • Wait until it beeps, remove it gently, and read the temperature. 
  1. Tympanic Thermometers for Ear 

These thermometers are used to check the temperature from the eardrum by measuring the infrared heat waves. These are best for infants older than 6 months, children as well as adults. However, it is not suitable for younger infants and is also not recommended during an earache. 

Procedure to Use- 

  • Pull the ear up gently and turn on the thermometer. 
  • Next, insert the probe until the ear canal gets sealed off. 
  • Follow the instructions and hold it in place. 
  • The moment it beeps, remove it gently and read the temperature.
  • Remember to check if the ear canal is free of earwax.
  1. Oral Thermometers for Mouth

Oral thermometers are best for children above the age of 4 and are effective for adults. These use electronic heat sensors to check body temperature. 

Procedure to Use- 

  • Turn on the thermometer.
  • Towards the back of your mouth, place the tip of it under your tongue. 
  • Next, enclose the thermometer with your lips closed. 
  • Hold it in place and be gentle.
  • Wait for one minute or until the thermometer beeps. 
  • Remove it from your mouth to read the temperature. 

What are the Benefits of Using Digital Thermometers?

Wondering if purchasing a digital thermometer is a wise decision? The answer is simply yes and here are some of the benefits that you should know:

  • They record body temperatures accurately. 
  • They give readings quickly as they take only a few minutes to display. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for a reading. Isn’t it helpful especially when you’re checking the temperature of a restless child? 
  • Digital thermometers excel in safety as they pose no risk of mercury exposure or risk of glass breakage. 
  • Because some have memory functions to store previous readings, they can help record and keep track of temperature readings. 
  • These are simple to use and you don’t have to try hard to understand how it functions.
  • These are user-friendly and come with clear displays. 
  • Some of them are versatile and can be used for many other purposes too such as for measuring room temperature, food temperature and liquids temperature. 

Get Accurate Readings with the Best Thermometer 

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