How to Fit an Electric Shower?

How to Fit an Electric Shower?

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If you have a building with low hot water pressure or have multiple bathrooms, an electrical shower is an ideal solution for your situation since it heats up the water itself. This means you can take a hot shower even if the building’s water heating facilities are down. In the following, we explain some major details about fitting an electric shower.

Does an electric shower work like a regular shower?

The electric shower has a heating element embedded in it, that heats up the water on demand by transforming the flow of electricity into the element, heating it up by exciting the molecules. the flow of water determines how hot the water gets. Most common electrical shower models don’t have thermostats, so it depends on you to set the temperature.

Electrical showers can be fitted over most bath settings and shower installations. But make sure you leave enough space around the unit for future maintenance.

How to pick the best electric shower for your bathroom settings?

1)      Consider your water pressure – if your home has low water pressure and/or no water heater, an electrical shower is the right choice for you.  It only requires a cold water source.

2)      To take last minute, hot showers with no prep timesome water heating solutions take quite some time to boot up, and choosing this alternative solution provides with you with hot water on demand with no loading time.

3)      Pick from a range of designs to suit the bathroom– electrical showers come in many shapes and sizes, don’t rush the decision and consider different models.

4)      Its efficiency, energy-wisethe electrical shower only heats up the amount of water you spend on the spot, so there are no extra energy costs from heating up too much water.

If you are considering to replace your existing shower with a new one:

You need to make sure the following specifications match:

  • The power requirements in KWT
  • The connection points for water and electricity

Are you a skilled electrician for fitting an electric shower?

Due to their sensitive nature of operation, installing such a device requires meticulous plumbing and electrical works. Doing it yourself would be risky, especially if you don’t have any experience with the product.

In some areas, only a certified electrician is allowed to undertake repairs and replacements. If you don’t have any electrical certifications, chances are you won’t be able to provide a safe installation.

But if you’re comfortable with regular electric work and plumbing, and your case doesn’t need professional attention, for example when replacing two similar electric showers, you can complete the task with relative ease.

If, however, the settings are too different, such a major difference between the electrical source or water mains, it’s recommended to hire a professional bathroom fitter for fitting an electrical shower.

Are there specific plumbing and electrical requirements involved in the process?

A 15mm cold water supply is the standard variation for the plumbing process of electric showers, since there’s no need for a dedicated hot water pipe.

The electric works are a bit more difficult. The shower itself requires a separate fuse box for safety reasons. You’ll also need a double-pole switch mounted to the ceiling to cut the power at any time during your bath.

The power consumption levels determine the fuse and cables needed for installation. 10sq mm wires are the usual standards in most cases, but make sure you check it yourself.

What will a professional electric shower fitting cost anyway?

 The main factor in the cost of such an installation is the shower model. It determines the necessary changes for the installation. Another point is whether you’re installing one from scratch, or just replacing the old shower. If the models aren’t that far off from each other, it could be as simple as removing the old unit and connecting the new one to the connection points.

The final cost is determined by the electrician based on the details of your case, but for simple mixer showers the price is no more than 200 pounds. A mixer shower typically uses both cold and hot water and is run by electricity.

If you’re looking to spend more on this purchase, a wide variety of power showers can be found online, with some nifty features such as thermostats for automatic water heating.

You can choose a power shower model with a built-in pump that increases water pressure. It can also mix cold and hot water mains in some models.

Power showers are a must-have in luxurious bathrooms, and building with low water pressure. They are more expensive and subsequently more expensive to install. 

A thermostatic electric shower is another available option; it detects changes in the water temperature to moderate the heating process and water pressure. It provides an ideal temperature shower, not too hot or too cold.

The ultimate power shower goal is a digital shower. They’re the classic mixer shower combined with digital controls, and could cost to upwards of 1000 pounds in some advanced model.

Digital showers come fully equipped with a variety of sensors, including thermostats, and LED panels. All of those features increases the cost of installation.

In fact, in  the most cases fee for installation is higher than the price of showers itself. But that doesn’t mean you should take over yourself to save on costs, a simple mistake in plumbing or electric works could lead to disaster, ruining the new shower and perhaps damaging the bathroom infrastructure.

If you don’t own the building, the landlord could also sue you for carrying out inexperienced repairs in their property without a proper certificate. You can of course appeal, but the odds won’t be in your favor in this situation. 

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