Cost to Hire Flutter Developer: An Estimated Guide For 2024

Cost to Hire Flutter Developer: An Estimated Guide For 2024

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Where we are, the demand for Flutter developers is high despite the fact that Flutter was launched over six years ago. 

Flutter was purposely made to assist developers in creating and launching apps that are natively compiled for various platforms like Android and iOS. This includes mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices, all with just one set of code.

Nearly 46% of developers are currently using Flutter for app development. 

We can easily recall from the above statistics that the demand for Flutter is huge among the group of app developers these days. 

Being an entrepreneur or business owner, understanding how to budget for this crucial hire can be challenging.

But no, that’s not the case.

There are many factors on which the cost depends, and this is the reason why some find it so difficult to predict the exact cost of hiring Flutter developers.

Therefore, we have come up with this guide that aims to provide you with some important things to observe and have a clear idea of the cost of hiring Flutter developers in 2024.

Let’s begin our journey by looking at what Flutter developers do.

Roles and Responsibilities of Flutter Developers

When we speak of Flutter developers, we’re talking about a special tech person who uses Google’s versatile Flutter SDK to build apps that work easily across multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and the web. 

The role of Flutter developers does not stop here. There are many other things they handle. Some of them are as follows:

  • Making the best use of the Flutter UI toolkit to design interactive displays
  • Developing all necessary code and scripts in Flutter using Dart language.
  • Performing cross-platform development
  • Debugging and bug fixing to improve the application performance
  • Working collaboratively with other developers, designers, and product managers
  • Often need to create or integrate APIs
  • Analyzing the code written by team members in the CI/CD process. 

As Flutter continues to gain traction in the tech community, the role of these developers becomes even more vital. They are the ones who bring user expectations and application performance together.

As you plan your budget for 2024, appreciating the crucial role these developers play can help you make more informed decisions about hiring and compensation.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Hiring Flutter Developers

When it comes to the cost of bringing Flutter developers on board, several elements come into play.  However, in India, the average cost of hiring Flutter developers is $25/ hr. This somewhere changes for the USA location. 

Developers in such developed countries usually charge a lot higher due to the cost of living and demand for skills. The average cost can be anywhere between $100 to $150 per hour.

In the same way, there are some other specific factors that bring the changes to the cost of hiring a Flutter developer. Let’s break them down one by one.

1. Level of Experience

For starters, the developer’s level of experience can significantly impact the cost. If you’re looking for fresh engineers with a novel perspective, junior developers might fit the bill. The reason is they ask for a salary.

Anyway, if you’re after experienced developers, then senior Flutter developers are a great bet. But they may cost higher bugs.

Expertise LevelHourly Rate (USD)Annual Salary (USD)Key Notes
Junior$30 – $60$60,000 – $120,0000-1 years of experience, limited project involvement
Mid-Level$40 – $80$80,000 – $160,0002-5 years of experience, solid understanding of Flutter, handles medium-complexity projects
Senior$50 – $100$100,000 – $200,000+5+ years of experience, expert-level Flutter skills, leads complex projects

2. Geographical Location:

It is another determining factor that impacts the cost. Generally, Flutter developers based in different regions may have diverse rate scales, largely driven by their local living costs. 

So, hiring developers based in Western nations is expensive compared to their Eastern counterparts. Several times, many companies hire remote developers to save money,

RegionHourly Rate (USD)
North America (US, Canada)$75 – $200
Western Europe (UK, Germany, France)$50 – $150
Eastern Europe (Poland, Ukraine)$30 – $80
South America (Brazil, Argentina)$25 – $60
Asia (India, China, Philippines)$15 – $50
Australia/New Zealand$80 – $150

3. The complexity of the project:

One can’t overlook the complexity of your project. Simply put, when your app concept is complex, it asks for more effort. Ultimately, there is a need for a higher level of expertise and, consequently, increased costs. 

So, whether you’re planning to create a simple, clean interface or a multi-featured, complex platform, the project’s intricacy will directly impact your budget.

Project ComplexityEstimated Cost Range (USD)
Simple: Single screen app, basic features, limited API integration$10,000 – $30,000
Moderate: Multiple screens, moderate complexity features, some API integration$30,000 – $80,000
Complex: High number of screens, advanced features, custom backend development, real-time functionality$80,000 – $200,000+
Enterprise-level: Scalable architecture, extensive data integration, high-security requirements, offline functionality$200,000+

4. Integration of Third-party Libraries:

Including third-party libraries in your app development process might save some development time, but it also comes with an additional cost. However, Flutter offers a huge selection of libraries, packages, and plugins that are either free or charge a reasonable price.

But the challenge comes in when these libraries need to be modified to fit specific app requirements, which might call for extra work from developers. 

The overall cost of hiring Flutter app developers also increases if any complications arise in integrating these libraries or if the needed plugin/library isn’t available, requiring custom development.

Having an idea of these figures, though, can serve as a solid starting point as you strategize your Flutter developer hiring budget for 2024.

Key Takeaways 

As we wrap up our discussion of the anticipated costs and considerations of hiring Flutter developers in 2024, remember to ensure you understand your project’s needs before hiring.

The exact cost will depend on various factors, but with its numerous benefits and rising popularity, investing in Flutter development will likely provide considerable value for many businesses.

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