Chatbot Testing- Balance Between Interpretation and Validation

Chatbot Testing- Balance Between Interpretation and Validation

Last updated on January 27th, 2021 at 09:27 am

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Chatbots have become a huge part of almost every online business. Apart from keeping the customers informed about new products and services, they aid in customer retention, giving customers a satisfying experience, and managing customer queries at the best! However, one thing chatbots can’t deal with is the group of hackers acting as customers and trying to get into the system. For this purpose, it is extremely necessary for the business to have a security testing company in the loop to get their systems and servers tested for cybersecurity twice a year. Even though a lot of companies are still reluctant to get their systems and software tested twice a year, the threat and danger of getting their systems hacked are still growing with every passing day. How can you optimize your chatbots to fight with these issues is the real question here

Chatbots Testing

If you look closely, chatbots are just the normal software merged with artificial intelligence and machine learning. They are as susceptible to bugs and errors as your normal software. So, it is evident that your chatbots need to be tested and made better too. Experts suggest that the use of chatbots is gonna get even trendier so there must be a few things all chatbot QA professionals must keep in mind. If you are having a hard time to balance the journey between interpretation and validation, we are here to help you out with the following tips:

Use Case Building

As we have already discussed that chatbots are software with the ability to mimic human interaction and have chats with humans, they must be tested in a similar way as any other software. So, the first step is to see what use cases can be made for it. You need to see the functions and features of it to define use cases. In this case, it can be done by listing questions and noticing the responses it gives to each one of them.

Test its Abilities

Two of the main features you need to test for the chatbot are its ability to hold up a good conversation with humans and its ability to learn new replies. Luckily, you can find a security testing company that can assess your chatbot on the basis of these features as well. All they have to do is make a list of questions a chatbot could answer before and after training and define KPI for the use cases.

Look Under the Skin

It is not enough to test chatbots just on their replies and learning abilities but QA professionals must look under their skin too. You need to understand and assess the architecture and see the power of the underlined technology as well. Every chatbot uses a certain combination of technology and tools so you must be aware of them as well.

Get Ready to Start Testing

Once you are done with all the steps mentioned above, you must be prepared to make test cases against all the identified use cases. Remember to follow the predefined input types and compare them against the expected outcomes. Also, ensure that you test the features more than once to know if there is something that might have left in the first or second phase. This is crucial as a lot of QA experts just test chatbots once and pass it with some bugs still undiscovered.

Make it a Routine

Plan a whole testing routine for your chatbots and test them every 6 months. This will help you judge the learning ability, answering ability, and ability to keep the customer engaged. Moreover, based on the continuous testing and the results, you can decide the changes you need to make in your chatbot, understand where you are going wrong, and identify steps you need to take to make your chatbot better to give your customers a pleasant experience.


While chatbots are placed last on the list of the items that need to be tested, they need testing as much as any other software. You already have information about all the steps you need to follow for testing a chatbot so it is best if you start preparing to test your chatbot. It is not a small activity so it might take from weeks to months so it is better for you to plan beforehand rather than be sorry later. Or you can give the project of testing your chatbot to some security testing company that can do this for you with good results promised.

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