Building a Fort Knox Against Cybercrime

Building a Fort Knox Against Cybercrime

Last updated on April 2nd, 2022 at 06:29 am

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Many businesses today have a false sense of security when it comes to their cybersecurity and their governance approach, however, underneath this false shroud there are numerous ways for hackers to penetrate the system undetected. To make things worse, the sheer volume of cybersecurity threats that the companies face in this digitalized world makes it near impossible to unearth these security threats, let alone responding to them.

Without the support and engagement of a cybersecurity testing company, mitigating the cybercrime risk of organizations and planning for contingencies becomes relatively more complex and challenging. Supporting multiple devices, operating servers, systems, and applications with access to key data result in utter chaos, making the entire ecosystem security management harder to manage on their own.

Risks Posed by Cybercrime to Organizations

Cybercrime is one of the greatest threats to companies today; as per to research the cost of cybercrime globally exceeded $600 billion in 2017. Despite the efforts of the companies to secure their network, data breaches and malware attacks continue to plague the organizations, and these attacks not only weaken the system security but they also endanger the survival of the organizations. Usually, after a security breach takes place, the companies go into survival mode and it takes months for them to bounce back; from identifying the breach and recovering the data to re-establishing the trust and ensuring the smooth running of the business, many organizations fail to rise up to the mark again.

Access Points for Data Breach and Cyber Attacks

The most common access points used by hackers and threat actors to gain entry in the system and access the sensitive data comprise of;

Phishing careless employees – one of the simplest and the oldest technique in the book to trick the employees of the organization into downloading malicious software onto their devices or giving away their credentials. In fact, the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report shows that 94 percent of cyberattacks or malware activities are accomplished through a phishing email of some kind.

Endpoints that prove to be hacker vectors – the technological breakthroughs streamline the business and stimulate innovation and growth, however, it a double-edged sword since this is the very thing that puts organizational security at risk. Smart technology may be evolving at a breakneck speed however, devices like CCTV cameras, video conferences, and ATMs provide a perfect doorway for the hackers to gain entry into the infrastructure.

Using large servers as entrance points – more often than not, threat actors are not looking for key data to steal instead they are mostly looking for processing power to borrow from large organizations. Hence, this makes the large servers in the companies as the prime target to penetrate the network and system infrastructure.


Organizations may be able to protect themselves from the visible and obvious potential threats, however, they still require the support, skills, and resources of a cyber security testing company to safeguard themselves from undetected threats. After all, they can’t act against a security threat that they don’t even know exists.  

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