Best Ways to Reduce EMF in the Home

Best Ways to Reduce EMF in the Home

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Our lives are increasingly getting surrounded by wireless devices and that has consequently increased our exposure to EMF radiation as well. While all living and non-living beings have their own electromagnetic fields, the increasing presence of technology has resulted in humans being surrounded by EMF radiations more than ever.

 Continuous research is being conducted to study the adverse effects of EMF on our bodies.  And while the scientists are yet to provide concrete evidence, studies have shown that EMF can get as harmful as carcinogenic elements.  We are the guinea pig generation that is going to face the impact of the rising EMF radiation in the environment.

Well, before you start losing your wits and start panicking, let us tell you that ditching your wireless gadgets is neither practical nor advisable. Your life will simply be deprived of the convenience that gets from these gadgets and that will do no good.

So check along this article to know what you can do to reduce the EMF exposure in your house.

Make your bedroom gadget-free

If you ever feel headache and dizziness right after you wake up then there are chances you are facing electromagnetic hypersensitivity from all the gadgets in your bedroom. Our bodies are very vulnerable to the harmful radiations from gadgets especially when we are sleeping. So make sure to remove all the gadgets from the bedroom. For alarm, you can use a traditional battery-run clock. This will not only let you have a sound sleep free from the notifications but also protect you from the EMF exposure during nights.

Use EMF blockers on gadgets

While it is not possible to stop using your gadgets altogether, you can use EMF shields on your gadgets to reduce your exposure to harmful radiation. Products like smartDOT are convenient patches that stick at the back of devices. It encounters the harmful radiations right at the source and lowers them down to safer frequencies. You can buy as many as you want and stick them behind the devices that you frequently use. If you’re not aware of this EMF blocker device, do read its complete smartDOT EMF review and clear your confusion such as do EMF blockers really work? How will it protect my home?

Be careful with the smartphones

Smartphones are the gadgets that we carry with us all the time. The exposure can increase multi-fold by carrying it inside our pockets. Therefore, make sure to keep the smartphones far away from your body especially at night. You can also switch the phones to airplane mode and switch to texting more than calling. If you absolutely have to talk on calls you can use the speaker mode instead of using wireless headphones or holding the phone close to your face and ears.

Use EMF Canopy

EMF canopies are used to block harmful radiations during sleep hours. They are made of a cloth of net with an allowance of plenty of air circulation. If you have babies in your home that are more susceptible to harmful radiations from the gadgets, you must get an RF blocking canopy for their beds. But make sure to not introduce any gadget inside the canopy as it will only entrap the radiations inside making it all the more harmful.

Use EMF blocking paints

While you are taking all the precautions inside your home, radiations can come from outside too. And if your house is near a tower the EMF blocking paints are the most effective method to ensure that your home is safe from harmful radiations. These paints are easily available in the market and you can apply them to both internal and external walls. You can also apply them on ceilings and floors before the hardwood is laid to ensure maximum safety.

Use EMF blocking films for windows

If your house is near a telecommunication tower then you are being exposed to the harmful radiations through the windows as well. Thus, apart from making your walls safe, you need to stop the radiation entry from the windows as well. You can use an EMF blocking film that is easily available in the market. You also get to choose between the transparent and the shaded ones. They are easy to apply and reduce EMF exposure massively.


Listening to music, watching television, and surfing through social media feeds on the smartphone has become a routine for many people. And if this sounds like you too, it is not advisable to be careless about that. While no one is asking you to ditch your precious gadgets and understandably so, you can at least protect your house from the constant electromagnetic field flowing around.

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